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Update 27 Combat Preview

Community Manager
Hi everyone! Today, we’d like to present what we’re focusing on regarding combat changes for Update 27. As always, be aware these are just the current proposed adjustments and are subject to change during the upcoming PTS cycle. With the ongoing focus on overall server/client performance for combat, we are continuing the audit on item sets. For this round, we are continuing the item set adjustments we started in Update 26, and as you’ve come to expect with DLCs, there will also be several new sets to acquire from the new dungeons.

We are also doing some class adjustments from long standing player requests and outliers. As a reminder, we are currently addressing class abilities on a singular basis and not as a whole package just yet. This means larger Class reworks are not in the cards in this update, but other adjustments will be made to help with server/client performance and functionality that may be missing in various class kits.


Last year, we started the process of adjusting abilities to be more performant on the server/client and ensuring they follow standards to eliminate over or under performing situations. In U26, we applied standards and these performance adjustments to Monster Helms and Arena Weapons. In U27, we are continuingthat long process by conforming most of the remaining item sets. As an example of performance adjustments, many “proc chances” are being removed and will now apply on specific triggers with a timer. As such, to have the ability conform to standards, the effect of that proc will be adjusted to be stronger or weaker depending on the timer and trigger condition.
Below are a couple examples of some item sets we plan to adjust with these goals in mind:
  • Performance-related example
    • Trial By Fire: This set will no longer grant Resistances to a unique type of damage category, such as Flame or Poison, for a short duration after being hit. Instead, it will grant your Armor while under the effects of any Elemental Status Effect, such as Burning or Poisoned.
  • Standardization-related example
    • Armor of the Veiled Heritance: This set will grant 516 Weapon Damage after interrupting a target, up from 400. This set will also permanently increase the damage of your Bash attacks by 516.
These types of changes will be retroactive, and you won’t need to re-farm gear for these adjustments.

Classes & Skills:

Each Class will be receiving some minor adjustments based on the need for performance adjustments, feedback received, or emergent concerns over the past year. This includes adjustments to active abilities and passives, in certain cases. Again, these are not whole sale changes to an entire skill line when it comes to Class adjustments, only individual abilities.
A good example of this is the adjustments being made to the Necromancer skill Grave Grasp. Currently, this skill shot isn’t seen as very useful and is the least used ability in the Necromancer kit. We are adjusting the ability to be more performant with a slight change in functionality so it will still use 3 areas, but each area will have escalating values of crowd control starting from snare to stun.

Additionally, we are moving Vigor to the first slot in the skill line to help players acquire a highly desired ability much sooner. With this change, simply completing the introduction to Cyrodiil quest will award you enough Alliance points and Rank in the skill lines to unlock Vigor.

Thank you all for reading this preview, and again, the combat team is continuing our focus on performance adjustments, continuing the audit process, and making individual ability adjustments to address long-standing player concerns. We look forward to having everyone playtest these changes and on the PTS next week, and reading your feedback when it launches!

Gina Bruno
Senior Community Manager
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Staff Post
  • actosh
    @ZOS_GinaBruno Can ustart working on the PAtchnotes over the weekend so we can read them while downloading the pts? <3
  • Bloodraven187
    I'd like to know what we might see a better tests of the light/heavy attack change. from a practicality standpoint in the test last time the light attacks need a much smaller nerf but heavy attacks found a good spot to make HA rotations much more viable and allowed a lot more versatility in gear options. many of us are still pigeon holed into specific gear sets just to keep up. From a logical standpoiint it makes 0 sense to make and attack you put an extra amount of effort into (heavy attacks) restore your stamina or magika. Boxers use jab to conserve and recoup their stamina in real life and expend more doing the much heavier hits. Light attacks are basically the same thing as jabs in boxing. And from a resource standpoint anyone using LA rotations now wouldn't have to change anything, except since they would have literally infinite resources you would be able to dispense with sustain sets altogether and go for a second damage set, effectively giving you an even higher damage potential while taking away the need to do heavy attacks at all. Or use potions for that matter.
  • ImmortalDawn
    Navarril wrote: »
    But.... lack of Rapids can be mitigated by the purchase of speed boosts from the Crown Store! Just get your wallets out and quit your bit.... uh "complaining."

    Might as well just buy the whole Alliance War skill line then ^^
  • BigBragg
    Navarril wrote: »
    But.... lack of Rapids can be mitigated by the purchase of speed boosts from the Crown Store! Just get your wallets out and quit your bit.... uh "complaining."

    It wouldn't surprise me, but I really hope that an accountants spreadsheet and looking for better revenue in a certain catagory isn't behind these types of choices. "We really think that this is a good product, and it's numbers need to come up to reflect that. Get it where we think it should be."
  • KageNin
    Moar cast-times please!
    Its always a pleasant surprise when your abilities don't go off or your DB vanishes into oblivion :D
    Edited by KageNin on July 8, 2020 10:54PM
  • Izanagi.Xiiib16_ESO
    I guess incoming stam whip and sorc spammable then.

    "We are also doing some class adjustments from long standing player requests and outliers"
    NA ~ Izanerys: Dracarys (Videos | Dracast Podcast)
    EU ~ Izanagi: Roleplay Circle (AOE Rats/ Zerg Squad / Banana Squad)
  • FrancisCrawford
    Rake wrote: »
    Just move vigor to support since its healing ability anyways.
    That way rapids could remain assault 2 and vigor could be support 2

    While I agree with this to a degree vigor is also used for pve as well as pvp and that is a much bigger portion of the player base than the dedicated pvp'ers. They are primarily looking at the largest amount of impact, so if 80% of the base will benefit, that is the change they will make. However moving it to support is a perfectly legit workaround, so long as they move siege shield. Purge is support 2 and that is a standard support skill you need early on for both pvp and pve. Siege shield taking vigor's place makes a lot more sense as it only affects siege engines and those really only exist in pvp. So it makes more sense in assault than it does in support.

    "Early on"? I've been playing since open beta and I still haven't used Purge.
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