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AddOn: RdK Group Tool

Hi guys,

I’ve published another AddOn and I’d like to introduce it here to you.

RdK Group Tool is an AddOn which has been developed for PvP. The goal of it was to reduce the amount of AddOns used to one (for our group). Therefore, the AddOn contains both, already known functionality and new functionality.

I began developing almost 2 years ago. At the beginning it was a relatively small AddOn, but with time more modules have been added. The last few months I’ve spent to make the AddOn ready for release. At this point I’d like to thank the guilds which were beta testing. They’ve provided valuable feedback.

Another goal was that the provided modules have a decent default configuration, provide a good degree of configurability and that synergies between the modules are used well (in case the distance has to be calculated between players, it will only be calculated once and the different modules are working with that value).

In addition, deactivated modules shouldn’t run any code. If a deactivated module is running code, this will be considered as a bug.

Note that the AddOn is using Map Pins and isn’t compatible with other AddOns which are using Map Pins. Using multiple such AddOns may kick you from the server.

As modules get updated frequently and new modules will come, I won’t describe here all configuration possibilities in detail. Instead I’ll provide a short summary for each currently available module (at the time of creating this post).

It is possible to create multiple profiles which can be used across characters. Changing the profile doesn’t require a /reloadui.
This module allows you to add a bigger crown / graphic above the group leader.
Auto Invite:
This module allows to automatically add group’s members to the group, who are writing a certain keyword into the chat.
Follow the Crown:
There are four Follow the Crown modules. The allow setting an arrow directing to the crown, to show a display warning when a certain distance is reached, to play a sound if a distance is reached (you don’t want that :P ) and allows to add a beam on the group leader.
Debuff Overview:
Shows the amount of debuffs on the group members. Be careful with this feature as due to API restrictions (or bugs) this doesn’t seem to work properly. In a small group or when you are far away from the group, this feature might work. In bigger groups this doesn’t seem to be the case.
Rapid Overview:
This module shows which rapid morphs are up, including the minor expedition buff given by one of the morphs.
Resource Overview:
Shares and displays information about the ultimate, magicka and stamina. There are plenty of different configuration possibilities including the assignment of ultimate groups.
Healing Damage Meter:
Shares and shows the amount of healing and damage done by the group members.
Potion Overview:
This module shows which group member is on potion cooldown and for how long. Furthermore, you see which kind of potion (crafted, crown store and so on) has been used. In case of an immovability pot, the duration of that buff is shown as well.
Detonation Tracker:
This module shows the active detonations of the group’s members.
Group Beams:
Depending on the role (not tank, healer and dd) it is possible to show additional beams on certain group members.
I See Dead People:
Dead group members will have a beam. The color of the beam will depend on the resurrection status.
Yet Another Compass:
Another AddOn I’ve developed previously.
Simple Compass:
An alternative compass.
Siege Merchant:
Allows automatically buying siege weapons on the merchant. The module attempts to first buy the minimum amount. Afterwards it will buy equipment up to the maximum value.
Automatically recharges your weapons.
Buff Food Tracker:
Displays a warning before the buff food runs out.
Cyrodiil Log:
This module shows information regarding Cyrodiil in your chat window.
Cyrodiil Status:
Shows the current state of active objectives. It includes the state of the flags, amount of deployed siege weapons and a counter, which tells you when the objective will flip the faction.
Change settings related to the quest tracker, default compass, warnings and the respawn timer (camp).
Allows the set a key binding for resurrection at a camp or a keep. There are different key bindings for the camp and the keep.
Camp Preview:
If a camp is active on the quick slot, you’ll see the camp radius on your map. This doesn’t work with all MiniMaps.
Role Assignment:
Let’s you assign a default role to your character.
Synergy Prevention:
You can define a list of synergies which you won’t be able to use. Furthermore, it is possible to configure that list in a way that you are able to use a certain synergy as soon as all players flagged as “Synergy Role” are on cool down for this particular synergy.
Synergy Overview:
Shows you which player has used which synergy including the current cooldown of that player.
Campaign Auto Join:
Accepts the campaign invite automatically after 10 seconds. This module might be useful if you’re in queue and want to grab a new cup of coffee. :)
AvA Messages:
Allows you to enable / disable certain messages that appear in the middle of your screen while being in Cyrodiil (e.g. Depose Emperor Messages).
Group Share:
This module allows guild administrators (rank 1 to 3) to query certain information from the group members. That information may (depending on the configuration) include game settings, AddOn settings, stats, mundus stones, skills, equipment and CPs. Note that this feature is DISABLED by default.
In addition there are further AddOn settings and modules, which aren’t final and there for testing (e.g. Templar).

The following Slash-Commands are implemented:
/ai <keyword> -> Activates auto invite on the given <keyword>. /ai will deactivate auto invite.
/rdk menu -> Opens the AddOn’s configuration menu
/rdk config -> Opens the configuration menu. You can export and import profiles in this menu.
/rdk admin -> Opens the admin menu for guild masters and guild officers (rank 1-3 is required)

Download available through Minion or directly from esoui:

Hope you enjoy it. ;)
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RdK Group Tool: esoui DE EN FR
Port to Friend's House: esoui DE EN FR
Yet another Compass: esoui DE EN FR
Group Buffs: esoui DE EN FR
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