Update on LFG System

  • Mathius_Mordred
    Well thanks for communicating with us, that is often one of the complaints here, however as this has been going on now for more than 5 years it's really down to seeing some results now. Whilst you are rebuilding the Dungeon finder tool can you add Trials to it as well, or is that just asking for trouble?
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  • twev
    Ankael07 wrote: »
    2014 Hey guys we know our game is broken and we're working on a fix

    2015 Hey guys we know our game is broken and we're working on a fix

    2016 Hey guys we know our game is broken and we're working on a fix

    2017 Hey guys we know our game is broken and we're working on a fix

    2018 Hey guys we know our game is broken and we're working on a fix

    2019 Hey guys we know our game is broken and we're working on a fix

    2020 Hey guys we actually fixed our game! Guys..? Is anyone there?

    Your timeline is overly optimistic.
    chexor wrote: »
    I am not sure if you know how unprofessional this sounds?
    took out stuff you can read in post # 31

    This game has so much potential, it's sad that unqualified people are making terrible decisions..

    tbh, I'm not sure that it'd be better/worse if you'd said '... qualified people are making terrible decisions.'


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  • Mojmir
    Raising floors and lower ceilings by zos standards has created an iron maiden.
    No matter how well you played,when the game is over,the king and pawn go back in the same box.
    Be careful what you ask for from zo$, you always get punished.
    Call me toxic,your the one being slowly poisoned by greed.
  • maboleth
    Not sure what everyone is dissing here, but GF works in non-prime time. I have no problems with it, BGs, Dungeon finder...
    It's the prime time that's causing trouble and false declines. GF was bugged long time ago when you couldn't make groups at any given time. But that was fixed since then.

    So kudos to Gina & Co. for future revamping GF.
  • Dark_Lord_Kuro
    Cool thanks gor the heads up
  • James-Wayne
    Can we get a system with a list of playerss in the queue showing CP gear etc to make forming groups for different content easier like arenas etc

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  • Mago
    As healer I can't queue now. In my case it just got worse.
    I wonder how many dps will be waiting in the queue for a healer/tank that will never show up
  • Mago
    Ignore this post, wrong thread
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  • Imza
    guild wars 2 has an interesting LFG system where you can create your own listing with a description and everyone can see it...

    Is it possible to incorporate something along those lines?

    where everyone can see it... and anyone can join it

    this would give/make the possibility of an lfg that could also be used for trials
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  • Radiance
    "Later this year"

    What a great Christmas present that will make...

    I've been getting at least 2 or 3 declines before finally Q-ing in even since before this Elsweyr update.
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  • Peekachu99
    @ZOS_GinaBruno I think that revamping the tools to include an LFG panel, where people can create and post custom groups, would alleviate some of the server strain, too. That would be more “message board” than time spent in the queue and any number of games—WoW, FFXIV—have implemented such tools with success.

    I love this game, but it’s social tools are objectively among the worst in the industry.
  • richo262
    I'm not going to pretend to know the cause, but my guess would be the queue finder is being bogged down by the 1000s of DPS waiting in the queue, ZOS really needs to make switching a stam dps to a viable tank easier.

    Half of my stam dps have a tanking set on them now and if I want to do a dungeon I swap them to tank, my DK and necro can tank all vet dungeons now easily, and I'm working on my NB, Warden and Templar too.

    If we could collect overworld sets (Plague Dr for example) and have them racked up in an armory that acts like a collections tab, and when we complete master writs we have them unlocked as well, this would drastically improve the dungeon finder times as people can use their over world / crafted (which are generally not BIS) sets on the fly. If Dungeon finder is taking too long as DPS, swap out to tank, a real tank, and away they go.
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