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Hi everyone,

We’ve been seeing your posts recently about issues with the LFG tool when queuing for dungeons and Battlegrounds, and we’d like to talk to you a bit about its current state and what our plans are moving forward.

Simply put, the LFG tool is not currently up to our standards and not working as you’d expect. We do want to note this isn’t a hardware issue, but is tied to server load; the more people that try to use it, the less stable it becomes, which is counterintuitive to how it should be functioning. This is causing the error messages you’ve been seeing that someone has declined the invite. While we know this has been an existing issue, it is certainly exacerbated by all the new and returning players we’ve seen with Elsweyr’s recent launch on PC.

Yesterday afternoon, we ran a command on the backend for PC that reduced the amount of people that can queue for a dungeon or Battleground. In doing this, you may have noticed an increase in the amount of times you see the message that you’re unable to queue. However, this allows players who are actually in the queue to get into their activity faster and more successfully. When you see the message that you’re unable to queue, please just keep trying until you enter the queue. We understand this situation is far from ideal, but it does at least cycle people through the queue faster and with more reliability.

We want to let you know are actively working on completely revamping the LFG tool to ensure it is more stable and easier to use. This requires a great deal of coding work and will take some time, but our goal is to publish it to everyone later this year. We’ll keep you updated on its progress.

Thank you for all your continued support, and we look forward to rolling out our new LFG system for dungeons and Battlegrounds.
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  • Wolfkeks
    Far from ideal but it tended to work better the last time the 'unable to qq at this time' was introduced.
    Hope we'll see a better revamped version of the group finder as soon as it is finished.
    Thx for the update @ZOS_GinaBruno :smile:
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  • MyKillv2.0
    Has anyone played this over the last 24 hours and can tell a noticeable difference in que times?

  • Jolipinator
    There's the communication we are looking for.

    PS4 EU.
  • Minno
    Sounds like the short/long term goal is to provide a better reward for people that group up in alternate means. For example, maybe you get a chance to earn the monster helm motifs on any difficulty if you bring 4 people without any hard modes or something.

    L4M zone chat is still a stable system and promotes friendliness.
  • FierceSam
    "To celebrate the imminent Launch of The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr, our first ESO Tavern of 2019 will occur on May 31 in Wiesbaden, Germany. Join us for a fun evening of food, drink, and conversation"

    That's TODAY.

    I wonder what the conversation will be about.

    Because they'll have a lot of time for it while they wait for the dungeons to pop.

    Let's hope the desire to improve this lasts longer than the previous desire to improve it from last year.

    Looking forward to it working again (at some indiscriminate point in the future)
  • Rerum
    @ZOS_GinaBruno does lags no hardware issue too lol? When my normal ping in overland became 130 instead of 80. You servers obviously can't handle the load. And remaking system won't help.
  • Sanguinor2
    We´ll see how this goes I guess, being unable to Queue for Dungeons or bgs from 7PM till 11PM kinda sucks for very many People, one Thing I´d like to ask of you is to Keep us updated during this process, ETA would be nice too but there probably isnt one yet. @ZOS_GinaBruno
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  • casparian
    While I'm not happy about the situation, I am happy for the update. Thank you for communicating with us about this.
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  • ArcaneFeathers
    Awesome, thank you for the update.
  • NupidStoob
    Ever since Morrowind and the introduction of Battlegrounds this has been a constant issue with multiple promises that you are working on this and fixing it. Not believing it until I am seeing it honestly and most likely will just be another half assed job like guild trader upgrade was (which is also incredibly laggy during primetime).
  • VaranisArano
    I hope the temporary fix helps and that its only temporary.

    And I hope that you've had enough coding time to work on the revamped Groupfinder, given that the Dungeon one hasn't been working properly since well before the last Undaunted Event.

    If its not fixed by the Witches Festival or the Undaunted Event in Q4, please, reevaluate gating rewards behind any sort of dungeon content. I know its not technically necessary to use Groupfinder for those, but it's exceptionally frustrating to attempt to use it during events.
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