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Questions for the Bethesda Game Days Elsweyr Q&A Livestream

  • Robo_Hobo
    1) Will we see Ohmes or Ohmes-raht Khajiit in the Elsweyr Chapter?

    2) Will digitigrade bipedal Khajiit like in TES3 Morrowind ever be seen in ESO? Perhaps as one of the furstocks?

    3) Are there plans to eventually include all of the Khajiit furstocks in ESO, if not as playable characters, then at least NPCs?

    Elsweyr and the Khajiit are my favorite part of TES lore, so I'm very excited to get to finally explore deep into Anequina and learn more about Khajiit culture :smile:
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  • Billdor
    When can we lay siege to High/Wood Elven areas? Just a bomb or two on their cities will do. Thanks.
  • Bfish22090
    any plans to nerf warden?
  • BrightOblivion
    Will eidetic memory books without post-quest locations receive them, and new broken ones not be introduced? My main character is a compulsive lore hunter, and having books that are broken for a year or more makes me reticent to quest and explore in new areas until I'm sure that the books have all been found and marked and I won't miss that one book off in a corner of an area inaccessible after the quest, or that page that's put in my inventory without any notification, then removed once I talk to the next person.

    Also, what information is best to include when I report them? Whom should I tag?

    Some of these books have been in this state since Thieves' Guild was introduced. Isn't it time they were fixed?
    Edited by BrightOblivion on March 30, 2019 5:00PM
  • Strider__Roshin
    Can you talk about the stamina morphs for the necromancer?
  • Argonianwerecroc212

    1. Will we get werelions with elsweyr considering it will fit lore wise?Also I'm sure people would love a werelion form for werewolf strictly cosmetic.
  • PandaPalace

    With emphasis on light attacks are for dealing dmg and heavy attacks for resource gain, will we see changes to sets that proc off of heavy attacks to deal dmg with? Ex: Spawn of Mephala, Storm Master, Destructive Mage, Sergeant's Mail.

    Will dungeons hard modes get more rewards? Pointless to do hard modes besides some dlc for motifs and regular dungeons when they are not undaunted dailies.

    Will we see more synergies in game? Pref class ones. It will help with group dps/support and provide sustain through undaunted command passive.

    Will alchemy get little rework to give more potion/poisons options?
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  • ezio45
    - What are you doing with cp
    - Would zos consider making necromancers justice system feature able to be turned off (similar to attacking innocents)
    - Can Non pet magsorc expect some sustain improvements
    - Can we get an overhauled vamp line to go with necro? I want a highelf magcro thats a vamp
    - Are the refab motifs ever going to be released
    - are you going to make jc base game upon release of elsweyr
    - how is the new artifact weapon (a melee weapon) going to be equally helpful to mag toons
    - is the indrik pet going to be staying in the impresso shop
    - why does zos refuse to give us bird non combat pets
    - please tell me Resurrection (previewed necro ult) is not a mass res. Thats would be so broken in pvp
    - are you guys keeping the same drop format for the new trial as cr (please say no)
    - when can we expect dungeon finder to be overhauled
    - is there going to be an even more efficient place to do writs than alinor in elsewyr
    - will dressed up cat non combat pets be a thing
    - are housing slots going to be increased
    - any plans to make it so console can rebind keys
    - can console get lorebooks and skyshards added to map with elsewyr
    - can we get a reply to sender option for mail
    - is craft bag going base game anytime soon
    - yall getting rid of the outdated mount speed upgrade system soon or at least overhauling it
    - when are you guys gunna make eyeva a relevant place
    - what have you done to make this desert more interesting than previous desert zones in eso
    - can we kill tharn yet? causing 2 apocalyptic events is generally my limit for letting nps's live
    - what other features are we getting? probably found out yesterday but at the time of writing this i only now about necro, a trial and a zone
    - thats about it for now, ill get back to you
  • Shadow_Akula
    Question 1: Weapon and Armor Furnishings, when can we have them if we can have them at all? The assets already exist for most items such as a sword rack and armor mannequin, also single pick-up-able weapons exist just remove the pick-up interaction.

    Question 2: If we see the Mane from the reapers March quest, will they still reflect our Reapers March choices (e.g. if we choose khali over Shazah, will it still be khali as mane and is she still saddened about Shazah’s Fate or vice versa with Shazah)

    Question 3: Why dragon’s now and in Elsewyr? (Note not complaining, just curious to know)

    This is all I would like to know


  • Fiktius
    Some questions:

    1) If we get more Daedric artifacts, can we get "Ebony Blade", which would enable "one versus all" mode? o:)

    2) Is there a chance in the future that more weapon skill lines would be added? Personally I'm looking forwards to Unarmed combat type.

    3) When Imperial city gets own campaign, are we allowed to select second quest/home campaign, without having to drop one of primary Cyrodiil campaigns?
    For example: Having Vivec as home campaign, Shor as quest campaign and one additional quest/home IC campaign?
  • StormChaser3000
    Are there any plans to make vampire DLC and/or redo vamp skill line?
    Edited by StormChaser3000 on March 23, 2019 10:40PM
  • Sheezabeast
    Have the racial changes to Nords met your expectations, when you chose not to further adjust them on the PTS for Wraithstone? Do you think Nord racials are performing well in PVE and PVP? At this point they feel more pidgeon-holed into the tank role than ever, at least some of us think so.
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  • Kajuratus
    1. How many of the Khajiit furstocks are we likely to see?
    2. If there are Pahmar featured in ESO:Elsweyr, will they be walking on all fours, as previously described?
    So the Dark Elves have weird alien architecture, where people live in mushroom towers and the shell of a giant crab, but the High Elves, the pinnacle of technology, the most magically advanced race in Tamriel, are still stuck in slightly pretty, fairly tall stone buildings? Not even a hint of a glass city? Are stainless glass windows really enough to claim that a city is made of glass?
  • Mathius_Mordred
    Great questions guys, looking forward to this Livestream immensely.
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  • SaucyMcSauceface
    Could we please get comment on the impact that Akamai is having on Oceanic gameplay?
  • Cireous
    Those dragons. Will they be static encounters like world, dungeon, and trial bosses or will there also be some flying around the zone just wreaking havoc everywhere? Because that would be fun. :relieved:
  • LonePirate
    Will the stuck in combat bug in Cyrodiil finally be fixed with the Elsweyr release?
  • Argonianwerecroc212

    Will we ever get crocodile mounts on eso? I know people would buy it.
  • GlorphNoldorin
    When will you address the ridiculous state of performance in pvp, single and 4 man arenas like vma and BRP?

    When will you fix long standing bugs in most of the dlc dungeons?

    When will you stop treating oceanic players like second class gaming citizens?

    Its hard to care about new zones and such when there is so much poorly implemented in this game
  • shalalaA7X
    How many character slots are going to be added? I may have missed this somewhere. I know they mentioned one free and then some added to purchase but haven’t seen it updated yet.
  • OgreShlong
    Are there any plans to make crafting potions and opening alchemy satchels faster and more convenient? Also any plans for improving frame rates on console?
  • idk
    Cinbri wrote: »
    Any plans of how CP system will be overhauled?

    Certainly a good question. However, they just announced they were reviewing CP a couple months ago. Zos tends to not move that fast and they have been burnt when they have shown their cards early so they tend to remain quiet until they actually have something worthy to day.
  • wishlist14
    Can we please meet our new lore master? Thank you kindly 😊😊😊
  • Zer0oo
    • will we get changes on what we can do if we are in combat? (The changes done with murkmire were really bad)
    • will there be changes to discourage capping the whole map in cyro while the other factions have lower population?
    • any plans to make player play less tanky setups? Right now it feels like everyone in cyro has 35k+ hp with little to no damage but good tankynes and healing. While they can not kill you, you can not kill them either and after some time a lot of them just pill up on you and kill you.
    • planned performance improvements?
    • will open world cyro get meaningful objectives for small grps(1-4 players)?
    • will we get a snare and root rework?
    • will small grps get a skillful was to deal with outnumbered situations?
    • can we get more simple QoL improvements regularly? e.g. bulk potion and food crafting, better ways to manage gear setups, ...
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  • FleetwoodSmack

    ~Cyrodiil Zone Chat.
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  • Peekachu99
    @ZOS_GinaBruno First, thanks to you and the team and all you do. It’s been a rollercoaster of a ride, but I’m a five year vet and have no plans on migrating to another live service game, so that says something. Three questions:

    1.) Any plans to further enhance the social tools and grouping experience? Trial Finder? LFG interface? Bungie style app?

    2.) Will ESO be on the next generation of consoles? I’m assuming so, since you guys were first in line for the upgraded consoles this gen, but anything you can share on this matter would be greatly appreciated for us console plebes :)

    3.) Any plans for a widescale item set overhaul? A vast majority of sets are outdated, outclassed and completely unused. Particularly crafted sets.

    Those are all my questions. Thanks and have a great day!
    Edited by Peekachu99 on March 24, 2019 11:56AM
  • VerboseQuips
    1) Will we meet Akaviri men and remnants of the Kamal army in Rimmen or its surroundings? Does their presence in Rimmen have anything to do with the presence of Dragons nearby?

    2) Will we hear again about Clavicus Vile through the Jovial Lambasters?

    3) Will we meet sphinxes? Will we learn something about Agamannus, Sphinx of Gazia and Igon, Sphinx of Canus? Is there a link between sphinxes and sphinxmoths?

    4) Will we learn more about the Rohjiiti? Were they involved in the Dragon Cult? What was their place in the Lunar Lattice? Are they related to something called "silent moons"? Did they have something to do with the Lunar Forge in Skyrim?

    5) What other furstocks will we see?

    6) Are we going t see werelions in the Southeastern parts of the Province?

    My characters:
    Main and crafter: A Breton magicka templar named Erwann Sorril
    Alt 1: A Bosmer sorcerer named Tuuneleg
    Alt 2: An Imperial dragonknight named Gaius Tullius Hastifer
    Alt 3: An Argonian vampire/nightblade named Observe-le-Xanmeer
    Alt 4: A Nord werewolf/dragonknight named Sigurd Hurlevent
    Alt 5: A Breton sorcerer named Gilian Sorril (he's Erwann's younger brother)
    Alt 6: A Khajiit nightblade named Jolan-dar
    Alt 7: A Nord warden named Sigurmar Hurlevent (he's Sigurd's younger brother)
    Alt 8: An Altmer templar named Oioriel
    Alt 9: An Argonian stamina Warden named Danse-avec-les-Rainettes
    Alt 10: A Redguard templar named Neemokh af-Corelanya
    Alt 11: A Nord stamina sorcerer named Olga Écoute-Vent
    Alt 12: A Breton magicka Warden named Ian Sorril
    Alt 13: A Dunmer magicka necromancer named Ilmoran Dren
    Alt 14: An Orc stamina necromancer named Norgol gro-Borziel
    Alt 15: A Nord magicka necromancer named Thorgen Givresang
    Alt 16: An Imperial magicka dragonknight named Publius Valeirus Hastifer (Just call him "Valerio" - he's Gaius younger troublemaker of a brother)
    Main in NA (For collaborative events): A Breton magicka nightblade named Titouan Sorril (long-lost brother of Erwann and Gilian)
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