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Questions for the Bethesda Game Days Elsweyr Q&A Livestream

  • BrightOblivion
    A couple more questions:

    Why, if the faction lock is something you're "testing out" have you applied it to most of the campaigns? Personally, I'd have created a new campaign with a faction lock and seen whether or not people played it.

    Did this decision to faction lock take into account those who may be doing PvP on multiple toons for monthly transmute crystals, which has encouraged some people (like myself) who might not normally do so to dabble in PvP? Both of the 30 day campaigns are now faction-locked, meaning that if a player wants to get the 50 crystals, they're limited to two alliances (one on each 30 day campaign). If they favor no CP, it's only one alliance's toons.

    This also raises the concern that there is only one No CP campaign, and it's now faction-locked. Are there plans to address this?
  • Red_Feather
    Any plans for adding new role playing game systems, stuff like the justice system.
  • Reorx_Holybeard
    1. How does the achievement purchase work? What currency and how much?
    2. Will this be expanded to other areas (lore books, quest skill points, etc...)?
    3. Can any work be done with Finn and Brian in the same room?
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  • calicotiger
    Soul Shriven
    Skyshards question.

    How will this work? Is this per skyshard (please no, lol)? Per character? Or are they account unlocks? What currency? And how much?
  • reoskit
    How many new character slots (free and paid) are coming with Elsweyr?

    What happens if you blacklist a player who is already in your guild? Will they be autokicked?
  • honeybun
    Show us the Elsweyr house plz <3
  • Aeyvi
    Hi there!

    Thank you so far for all your hard work, I'm so excited for Elsweyr and the previews looked so wonderful!

    My question would be this:

    Will there ever be implementation of a system that gives you optional controls over how many spell effects show (or the intensity of them), for those with severe light sensitivity?

    This is one main reason why I can't do much of the dungeon content due to heavy lightning attacks/strobing/flashing, and many others have asked me about this. The feature exists in other MMO's and it would allow greater accessibility for players (in the same way there is colourblind options).

    I'm very thankful for the content I CAN do, and I know this is a question for the minority, but I'd love to be able to participate in more within ESO. Thanks!
  • skyhawk002

    In lieu of the physical collectors edition this year, what items (statues, memorabilia) will be available for purchase from the Bethesda store and when will these items go on sale?
  • SaucyMcSauceface
    Pretty, pretty, please @ZOS_GinaBruno can you ask for a response to the lag caused to Oceanic gameplay specifically by the use of Akamai rather than just lag in general?
  • Morgul667
    How do you plan to improve the poor game performance in PVP environment ?

  • TheRealPotoroo
    Is the Q&A live stream going up on YouTube any time soon?

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  • Aliyavana
    guys, the stream passed already. its pointless to ask questions now
  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager
    Is the Q&A live stream going up on YouTube any time soon?


    Until it gets to YouTube, you can catch it here around the 2 hour mark:
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  • Zephiran23
    Can everyone be adjusted to average Australian lag for PVP activities?
  • Jaraal
    What sort of stealthed items / NPCs will be introduced with Elsweyr for Bosmer PvE players to detect?

    And since Hunter's Eye alerts stealthed players in PvP that they are being detected by Bosmer players from further away, will Bosmer be given a reduced stealth detection radius to compensate for their position being given away before that of players of other races?

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  • Cundu_Ertur
    Davor wrote: »
    I never did get an answer from Jessica if she would marry me. :p

    Pretty sure that's a hard "no." Just guessin'.
    Taking stealth away from the Bosmer is like taking magic away from the Altmer, making Nords allergic to mead, or making Orcs pretty.
  • Davor
    Davor wrote: »
    I never did get an answer from Jessica if she would marry me. :p

    Pretty sure that's a hard "no." Just guessin'.

    But, but, at least I want to hear if she was at least considering it. Without hearing an official answer how will I ever know she may have said yes? Now I will travel the lands of Tamreil never knowing. :( At least with a "I will think about it" it will give me strength knowing at least of how small the possibility of a "yes" can be and I can slay many mud crabs and dire wolves. (I can't say dragons, because I am not really good at this game.)

    All I am doing is just trying to put a smile on Gina's and Jessica's face. Not serious at all. Well Ok, seriously Jessica is a hotty (as well as Gina), but I am doing this just for fun. If a smile was put on their face to make their work day a little better then it's worth it for me to look foolish.

    If they thought I was serious, then I apologize and didn't want to make any of them uncomfortable and apologize for that. My intent was to just make their day better.
    Not my quote but I love this saying

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  • aetherial_heavenn
    Has anyone even read this 20 page thread on the effect Akamai routing is having on Oceanic and SE Asian players?
    Is there are reason we cannot be routed directly to the US Akamai scrubber instead of halfway around the planet the wrong way first? (Melbourne Tokyo Netherlands US in my case)
    Are there plans to take the excessive delay caused by this contract to Akamai into account in pricing for SE ASian/Oceanic players? We bought a playable game 18 months ago (or longer in my case) and now it's unplayable by most gamers' standards.
    Is a thread with 20 pages of evidence songs and haiku but with no moderation at all, a record?
    Is *crickets* the best we get?
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  • IlCanis_LupuslI
    Will we get a spammable for stamsorc and Stam dk since rendering as a spammable is getting nerfed?
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