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Questions for the Bethesda Game Days Elsweyr Q&A Livestream

Community Manager
Hi everyone! Next Saturday, March 30 from 3:30-4:30pm EDT, we’ll be hosting a special livestreamed Q&A straight from Bethesda Game Days in Boston; this will follow the first livestream we have on Friday, March 29 from 6:30-7:30pm EDT where we’ll be showing live gameplay. Our focus for the Q&A will be on Elsweyr, the Necromancer, Sunspire Trial, and features coming to Update 22. If you have any questions that you’d like us to consider for the Q&A, please post them in this thread. Thanks!
Gina Bruno
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  • Jabbs_Giggity
    @ZOS_GinaBruno What media platform will this livestream be held?
  • Jabbs_Giggity
    SaltySudd wrote: »
    1) Other than the improvements coming to how things are loaded into memory, are there any other significant performance related improvements in the works? What about in regards to ping/Akamai? This ended when ZOS terminated lease on additional servers for Midyear Mayhem

    2) What are the plans for CP? Not increase, but not change

    3) When will we get an update on the "improved communication" that was mentioned back in November?"When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east"
  • Aliyavana
    Will @ZOS_LeamonTuttle be having a Lore QA for Elsweyr like the ones our former loremaster had?
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  • HappyLittleTree
    Will there be notable Argonian in elsweyr?
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  • Axmalexia
    A few questions:

    Given that we've seen Rimmen, will Riverhold and Orcrest be major hubs too? As in they'll be regular cities like Abah's Landing, Alinor or Shimmerene for example, not like Sunhold or Cloudrest.

    What was the idea to choose Elsweyr as the next Chapter location?

    Will we be seeing the Quin'rawl Peninsula and the rest of Elsweyr possibly in the future?

    How are DLC and Chapter locations chosen? Is it by the developers choice to choose the next area?

  • Neoauspex
    Are you still considering adjustments to siege based on the performance increase caused by the siege glitch?
  • Nexerous
    @ZOS_GinaBruno Will the Jovial Lambasters mentioned in the in-game Persistence of Daedric Veneration make an appearance? If so, will we receive more insight on their organization and how they work?

  • JamieAubrey
    Will @ZOS_RichLambert Be wearing Pants or his usual shorts ?

    Also not really Elsweyr related but when will we be having a Border Collie pet, I asked a long time ago on an ESO live and Gina said it would be passed on
    Edited by JamieAubrey on March 24, 2019 5:07PM
  • asuzab16_ESO

    Any chance we finally see TXAA implemented?

    ESO is a beautiful game but it really suffers from flickering and crawling in motion. TXAA would easily fix these issues and make the game much more pleasing to play. Here is a video that perfectly shows the issue (Neverwinter Online was suffering from the same problem) and how much TXAA improved the game visually :

    Thank you.
    Edited by asuzab16_ESO on March 22, 2019 10:28PM
  • Pyr0xyrecuprotite
    Will Rolis (writ voucher merchant) have any new items for sale when Elsweyr is released?

    Are there any plans to provide new stories for the craft hireling emails?
  • Sleep724
    Does season of the dragon mean that DKs will see some improvements?
  • WhiteCoatSyndrome
    Should we expect any appearances by the Dragonguard?

    Are we going to get any lore on Rimmen and its ties to the Akaviri?

    Will the Knahaten Flu play a part in any quests?
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  • Anhedonie
    Is there a chance that CP system will be removed and replaced with something less drastic?
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  • Izanagi.Xiiib16_ESO
    1) can we realistically expect more space in housing this year?
    2) what measures will be in place to balance the strength of stacking player numbers in cyrodiil especially with single point of interest spawn mechanics that the Daedric weapons might bring?
    3) are there any plans for weekly lockout raiding in ESO?
    4) what will be done with undaunted shoulders?
    5) What further combat changes are planned this year?
    6) Any changes to IC planned to refresh it upon its decoupling?
    7) any further cyrodiil plans or pvp DLCs?
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  • Savos_Saren
    Can we get more 3 piece sets?

    Can we get more frost/lightning/disease oriented Monster Helms?

    Can we get magicka-based DW weapons? Or a magicka-based weapon execute? Or a magicka-based bleed?

    Can we get crossbow/spear options?

    Can we get an Undaunted Ultimate?

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  • ArchMikem
    Is the city of Rimmen really currently occupied by the Empire, and if so will the player and or the Dominion have any role in that?
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  • ShadowHvo
    We know that the Justice System will react to certain Necromancer abilities in Update 22. But I am wondering if we'll see similar reactions to other abilities and curseforms that would, by lore of TES, be viewed as highly illegal in Tamriel.

    I'm thinking of the obvious nominees like Vampire and Werewolf abilities, and perhaps other class abilities like a Sorcerer's daedra pets and the Nightblades' shadow cloak ability.

    Society in Tamriel often sees both Daedra Summoners and a Vanishing Rogues to be up to no good, so why should the guards give them a pass?

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  • templesus
    Will snipe finally be getting nerfed?
  • VanNoodles
    When are we going to get stability in the dungeon queue system? Every update breaks it again.

    As a solo player people in my guild are sometimes in the queue for an hour or more. Regular queue times are over 30 mins.

    The dungeon *** is frustrating. Your dungeon is ready press 'F'. Someone declined the invitation. Your dungeon is ready press 'F'. Someone declined the invitation. Your dungeon is ready press 'F'. Someone declined the invitation. Your dungeon is ready press 'F'. Someone declined the invitation.

    Rinse and repeat about 10 to 15 times before you actually enter the dungeon. No-one is declining the invitation when you're a 4 party group ready to go.

    The dungeons are a huge part of the PvE game. Investment needs to be made in real development time to permanently fix the well known and long running issues.
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