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Questions for the Bethesda Game Days Elsweyr Q&A Livestream

  • Snowfaeriewings
    When can we expect to see more Housing Decor Slots and more house storage?
  • Vehlir
    Appreciate you guys hovering OVER the Elsweyr house but maaaaybe actually show it to us in tomorrow's stream? ;)

    Otherwise, the stream today was great, can't wait to see more tomorrow!
    Edited by Vehlir on March 29, 2019 11:32PM
  • me_ming
    Can someone from the same alliance as the Emperor have the special item in Cyrodiil?
  • Lelldorano
    Are there any plans to address the latency issues in oceanic regions ?
  • TheRealPotoroo
    When will ZOS address the Akamai routing problem that has made the game almost unplayable in Oceania?

    How will the Skyshard transfer thingy be purchased?

    Will the Special Collections limit in houses be raised? What's the point of having all these pets and mounts when we can't show them in our own homes?
    Edited by TheRealPotoroo on March 29, 2019 11:36PM
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  • Izanagi.Xiiib16_ESO
    1) can we realistically expect more space in housing this year?
    2) what measures will be in place to balance the strength of stacking player numbers in cyrodiil (for example multiple raids going to the same location) especially with single point of interest spawn mechanics that the Daedric weapons might bring?
    3) are there any plans for weekly lockout raiding in ESO?
    4) what will be done with undaunted shoulders?
    5) What further combat changes are planned this year?
    6) Any changes to IC planned to refresh it upon its decoupling?
    7) any further cyrodiil plans or pvp content DLCs this year?

    In Addition to the above questions which would still be

    8) You mentioned that campaigns would be faction locked but yet people no longer need to guest to campaigns and can just enter them. Is the way this will work that you can only have one faction "homed" to a campaign but can still enter on other characters (and not receive rewards?) or it is a complete lock? If it is the latter how will players who play with different guilds on one campaign be able to make use of their characters?

    9) Can you comment on how you expect the necromancer res ability to affect Cyrodiil fights, specifically long drawn out keep sieges which generate lag on the map?

    Edited by Izanagi.Xiiib16_ESO on March 29, 2019 11:38PM
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  • Glaiceana
    With regards to the Guild Finder, as a guild master can we set up a default application for people to fill in when applying? For instance, can we ask a simple question or two, and the player can answer yes or no, or type their answer, and this is sent along with their application.

    (This is quite a big deal to my own guild, as we need to know if they have a werewolf character already, and if they will be selling their bites or not. If this option isn't added, and we just get people applying to join, we would still have to continue the routine of contacting them asking these questions, so it would not be any easier for us.)
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  • Zer0oo
    • Can we get more guild spots? With how are guild are setup it is quite hard to have enough guild spots for friend, casual, progression pve and or pvp guilds while also being in trading guilds
    • With locked alliance campaigns does this mean i can not play with all my chars in a 30 day campaign and are even partially forced to play no cp?
    • Any progress on improving/fixing the dungeon finder/bg queue tool?
    • Will we ever be able to use mementos in cyro again?
    • How will the necro class impact the server performance? We could no longer use mementobut a necro class seems to generate quite a lot of objects.
    • Will the res ultimate of the necro class work different in pvp?
    • With even more sets in the game will we get more space?
    • Will we get more QoL updates more frequently? bulk potion crafting, better inventory management, gear setups..
    • Are there any plans to expand the battleground tool to include costume matches, random lobbies with friends...?
    • Will we see some changes to the battle spirit to improve performance? limit the hots to group members or aoe caps on hots(especial on big aoe ones like the templer ritual)
    • Will there be something done about nightcapping the whole map in cyro and pvdoor the whole map while having a way higher population than the opposing faction?
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  • DeathStalker
    In regards to the skyshard change for alts.

    Do you have to buy it once and it applies to every Alt or buy it for every alt you make?

    Will, it only be for skyshards to start with or will there be other things for alts like horse speed, stamina and carry capacity for sale as well?
    Edited by DeathStalker on March 29, 2019 11:50PM
  • MoonPile
    1. Will the new crafting area have an open-air bank nearby (like Vivec City's)? If not, is it too late to add/move it?
    2. Like many others, I'd love Alfiq banker/merchant skins. But they'd have to be at a reasonable price point for those of us who've already spent 100K crowns on the basic banker and merchant.
    3. Hope to see new, high-res Khajiit-themed costumes, armor, and furniture!

    4. I'd love a version of the Drifting Sand Tunic with shoes or boots instead of open-toe sandals. Similar to the Pirate Sash and Bandolier Garb but with every part of the costume dye-able.
    5. On that note, please please allow previewing of Crown Crate items on the PTS! Personally I've held out on buying Crown Gem costumes and mounts because I couldn't test how they dye or the running animation and sounds, respectively.
  • Mix
    1. How many player houses are there and are they gold or crown bought? (or both)
    2. Will the skyshard skill point booster thing be available for gold as well as crowns? (important because adding crown only boosters for tasks the players find too time-consuming or tedious isn't a fix for them, but if available with gold as well this is acceptable.)
    3. Could you show us an example or two of Elsweyr furniture items?
  • asnd
    Would you consider adding trial-comparative rewards for good performances in Battlegrounds?
    For example, maybe a skin unlocked after 500 wins? Or maybe increased loot via mail?
    As of right now there is no real incentive for players to play battlegrounds after they complete their random daily.
  • Zer0oo
    would not skyshard and guild unlocks be nice on the monthly rewards?
    Ice Furnace: This item set now grants Spell Damage, rather than Weapon Damage for the 4 piece bonus
    - Update 23
  • waigorrun
    Since Necromancers will be attacked by guards when displaying necromantic abilities, what about werewolves and vampires? Has thought been given to Werewolves running around towns and/or Vampires at stage 4 receiving the same "Welcome" by town guards?
  • Rylisin
    Any chance you'll address or explain the oceanic latency issues that have been plaguing us since October (and so far, you've been ignoring) or will this be another thing you decided to try sweep under the rug?
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  • Valamist
    1. Has there been any thought about going back and re-recording some of the dialogue from the Main Story, so that characters (Such as Naryu) you encounter before recognize you?

    2. Any chance new quests could be added to DLC zones? I miss interacting with my DB/TG family...

  • Glass

    ~Cyrodiil Zone Chat.

  • Holly_Matchet
    Soul Shriven
    Are the skyshards for alts. unlockable in-game with gold, like the skill and attribute resets? From what was implied during the stream (as far it being a quality of life improvement) one would assume it would be an in-game interaction. That would be preferable to a crown store purchase.

    I just recently leveled my only alt. character to level 50 and the main things holding me back from playing more alt. characters are mount training, cadwell's silver/gold and to a lesser extent skyshards. It would be great if something similar was implemented for mount training.

    Thanks and looking forward to the update.
  • Bhaal5
    Question is,

    1: is there any plans in update 22 to be more inclusive for sea and ocx regions (like new zealand, Australia etc). To help these countries play eso at an acceptable level?
    Considering every major "chapter" has only increased our ping, is zos considering to help lower it with update 22?

    2: is there going to be any "new" content out side of the recycled content before? Guild based content? Over land meta events?

    3 tied up to the first question, when is pvp going to be fixed, its been broken for over three years. Its stale, unplayable... When is this fix coming? Update 22?
  • Lindsey
    Question : What will be the currency for buying skyshards?

    I hope it is in game gold. It gives people a reason to farm for gold.
  • MLGProPlayer
    You mentioned today that you learned a lot from the mistakes you made during warden development and have applied those lessons to the necromancer. Can we expect those mistakes to be corrected on the warden too though? The class remains one of the most underrepresented in endgame PvE.
    Edited by MLGProPlayer on March 30, 2019 5:16AM
  • Taz
    Are there any plans to add an in-game, text-based RNG (for example, a /roll 1-20 to get a random number out of 20 that party members can see)? Always helpful for giving away loot multiple people want, or running in-game D&D-like sessions!
  • Nebthet78
    With the updates to Guilds UI, with the addition of a Guild search option, will we be able to have more than 5 Guilds?

    Will Housing see an increase in item limits, or at least separating the limits available for inside the home and outside the home?

    Something that was changed in December greatly affected PVE game performance. When are you going to fix the performance issues?
    Far too many characters to list any more.
  • TrinityBreaker
    Only question; Can DK have more than 2 stamina morphs and passives that are up to date with the rest of the game please?
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  • Quantorn
    Any Plans to Buff MagWarden in PvE (for example buff the swarm dot or winters revenge dot both arent a must have in PvP and arent used by the stamwarden, maybe give the Eternal Guardian ulti more of an execute, like instead of 100% execute dmg maybe 450% or sth like that) At the Moment Magwarden IS THE WEAKEST OF ALL magicka dds with dealing about 10%~15% less DPS then any other magicka dd.
    Edited by Quantorn on March 30, 2019 11:01AM
  • Edwin
    Since faction locking will be introduced with Update 22, will we see faction change tokens?

    I know it has been mentioned by Rich that faction doesn't play a big role anymore since One Tamriel.

    But since you will be locked out of content if you have some characters on different factions, it would make sense to be able to change those characters to your main faction.
  • playfull_kitten
    Will you show us more of the houses and housing items (craftable and not craftable) of Elsweyr?
    Will it be possible to expand the amount of mounts/pets etc we can place in our houses?
    Will there ever be npc's for our houses other than the banker/merchant/smuggler?
    This one likes to play.....
  • ayrennrwb17_ESO
    The actions of Abnur Tharn were done to end the Three Banners War, as explained in the prologue. Will we ever have the chance to see the reactions of the three faction leaders to this? Will we ever see them again? It has been five years, with no new content for any of them.
  • anadandy
    Another housing question:

    Are there plans to allow visitors to visit any homes other than primary residence? Similar to the functionality of the Port to a Friends house addon for PC?
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