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Upcoming Racial Balance Changes for Update 21

  • jlb1705
    Khydan wrote: »
    Can someone please translate this for me? Who got nerfed and who got buffed? How is my boy Breton doing?


    My Breton magplar is feeling the love - losing a little bit of magicka resistance for a decent amount of sustain.
  • JobooAGS
    grannas211 wrote: »
    Aliyavana wrote: »
    The only racial that matters for bosmer is being bis for cuteness

    The passives look very good as well

    What's good in there? :D redguards got exactly the same stamina and recovery, but on top of that 8% stamina cost decrease.
    Bosmers will be bow-rolling rofling jokers now, nothing more.

    With these regen modifiers for pve stambalde (7 med (.28) .15 nb passive .15 cp .1 relentless .2 potion) a bosmer's 258 regen becomes 485 regen. Redguard gets only 380 from adrenline rush while still having the same stam modifiers, having poison resists, and movement speed bonuses

    In a pvp perspective, we will assume nb with vampire, 5 medium, and 13% from cp. This will give you the same numbers. You can also add stealth detection too and movement speed is more prominent

    Seems like passive regen is better than active regen.

  • Brutusmax1mus
    Excited about a bow roll dodge on my bosmer.
  • LaurenIsAwkward
    I'm glad my magic cats are gonna finally be viable, so excited.
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  • Recremen
    While I can't speak to the actual impact yet (will require thorough testing), I can definitely get behind the motivation for these changes from a gameplay perspective, and love the direction you've gone in reducing the delta by going with flat bonuses.

    From a lore perspective, however, I'm still completely bewildered that racial bonuses, as a concept, have even survived in the TES universe for this long. It's a fairly ridiculous notion that all these tool-using cultures somehow have an inherent race-wide advantage over each other, especially when we see that their environments confer no selective pressure for such. Farmers and mages seem equally capable of attracting mates in all the societies we've seen, which leads one to wonder how such alleged racial differences could even survive within the species.

    It's nice that many of the races are getting less shoehorned into magicka vs. stamina, as that closer reflects what we'd expect in reality (the ability to diversify within the race), but it still seems off that these haven't been transformed into something like a background passive to reflect a character's upbringing, over the nebulous and unrealistic racial passive angle. I think you had the right of it when you started describing half the races as some variation of "known for their adaptability".
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  • LiquidPony
    Orc looks interesting. Redguard still looks meta for stam DPS in PvE but Orc might be a close second.

    Unflinching is basically guaranteed 100% uptime on +95 stam/health per second. And +258 weapon damage is really strong, with Major/Minor Brutality that's effectively 335 weapon damage, which is the equivalent of ~3520 max stam in a damage calculation.
  • Malacthulhu
    The argonian bonus for drinking a potion should be a % return on health/magic/stam instead of a flat value, (even if it had something to gain as a flat value that would be op) otherwise as the game progresses you will just have to buff it again or ignore it. The rest of the bonuses are a huge buff, should be interesting.
    Xbox One Na
  • WrathOfInnos
    These look pretty cool. Thanks for posting them.

    We'll have to do some testing on PTS to see how everything looks, possibly some minor adjustments will be needed, but at first glance they look relatively balanced.
  • Darthbell
    I really like the changes. This really opens up choice and variety. This does bring a lot more balance to our choices. Well done!
  • LurgidBean
    Read on with the Khajiit, they get a 5m reduction to their detection radius in the next passive. So they end up with better stealth than they had before (by 2m). However, they do lose the 10% bonus to damage from stealth. Pity the Bosmer who lose stealth and damage from stealth to get a better detection range (which is useless outside of Cyrodil) and a replication of a Bow skill tree passive.

    Bosmer effectively have one fewer racial passive than every other race.

    As a new player from Summerset this bums me out for my Bosmer main on both the NA/EU servers because I don't pvp.

    Also, I haven't done the math, but as a casual player I felt having access to an "easy mode race/class" aka Argonian Templar with the race bonuses for increased healing done/received plus class bonus for healing was nice. I felt like the daily reward potions with the potions passive also encouraged this choice for new/inexperienced/lazy players. I hope it is still viable for this purpose.
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  • Zer0oo
    overall they look quite nice. I am positively surprised.
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  • Lord_Eomer
    LLawlietW wrote: »
    Why was redguard buffed? how does that make sense when they are already considered the best race for stamina dps. and then the second best option khajiit gets nerfed. i just dont understand how that is supposed to make sense at all. now khajiit has more health recovery than stam... but yea lets buff adrenaline rush

    6% cost reductions only applied to weapon skill lime not class skills so i think there is nothing wrong with new change.
  • Corpier
    Halke wrote: »
    FakeFox wrote: »
    Once again percentage scaling gets replaced with fixed stats, dumbing down builds even further. Most of these changes are straight up 30% nerfs for any reasonable build. So where are the "this is a buff if you run under 20k of your primary resource" developer comments?

    Can you even run under 20k of your primary resource? Naked I am still over 20k with a split HP/Mag attribute loadout >.>

    Make no mistake it is a nerf, but not as much of one as you think. Try doing a skill respect and removing the racial passive you have now, then adding 2k or so for the new one to see what it would be with the changes. Due to how racial passive %s enter the equation, its going to be close to a 1-2k stam or mag loss for most.
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  • NyassaV
    jlb1705 wrote: »
    Minno wrote: »
    jlb1705 wrote: »
    Only one I'm worried about is the Redguard. Given how hard that race is pushed as "The Choice for StamDPS," buffing Adrenaline Rush feels like a mistake.

    Is it not balanced by this part though?:
    Exhilaration: 9% Stamina Recovery → Martial Training: Reduces the cost of your Weapon abilities by 8%.

    This line is definitely a nerf - not just the difference between 9% and 8%, but the difference between passive recovery and cost reduction to only weapon skills. It sounds like the cost reduction wouldn't apply to things like Surprise Attack, Killer's Blade, Relentless Focus, Razor Caltrops, Resolving Vigor, Rearming Trap, etc.

    You forget weapon abilities could also include ultimates.

    Ultimate abilities consume ultimate and not stamina, therefore the Redguard passives didn't affect them either before or after these changes.

    But they will afterwards since it doesn't say anything about stamina
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  • Alpheu5
    The argonian bonus for drinking a potion should be a % return on health/magic/stam instead of a flat value, (even if it had something to gain as a flat value that would be op) otherwise as the game progresses you will just have to buff it again or ignore it. The rest of the bonuses are a huge buff, should be interesting.

    It was a percentage before and it was absolute garbage.
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