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Upcoming Racial Balance Changes for Update 21

  • Perwulf
    50% race change token pls or bundle sale!
    "Monsters doesn't exist, we create them"
  • Tonturri
    zyk wrote: »
    I think ZOS is going to really regret disrupting characters players have played for years to such a high degree.

    'To such a high degree'

    Either the racial passives were so important that this change is toning them down and that's good...or they aren't actually as important as you make them out to be and, well. Follow the train of thought, see where it goes.
  • JobooAGS
    LLawlietW wrote: »
    Why was redguard buffed? how does that make sense when they are already considered the best race for stamina dps. and then the second best option khajiit gets nerfed. i just dont understand how that is supposed to make sense at all. now khajiit has more health recovery than stam... but yea lets buff adrenaline rush

    They nerfed the passive recovery
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