Dive needs to be dodgeable

Medium armor is the weakest armor class currently and having this move be undodgeable is a gross disregard towards balance.
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  • akray21
    Most OP ability in the game right now.
  • Rebornlogic
    clarification light armour is the weakest but because of dmg shields it becomes tanky

    medium armour is tanky to a point as long as you have your crit resist needs and dont run clever alch because its very squishy unless you run impen.

    theres no need for crying over a single skill.
    i personally have 0 issue killing warden in medium while there dive spamming.

    it does NOT pull you out of stealth your prob gettig maglighted while diving as theres a delay between dives
  • Rebornlogic
    just a thougt try running cowards gear and running out of range before stealthing or roll dodging
  • Turelus
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    It's not so bad if there's just one warden.........
    That's possible? I thought they only came in packs. :tongue:
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  • IzakiBrotherSs
    Its also unblockable i believe. Died quiet a few times on my medium nightblade while being denied cloak and forced to roll dodge while Wardens just spam this ability. Its like another radiant d.

    It is blockable.
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  • Biro123
    Gonna start by saying that I think it IS too strong - but then I'm gonna say that I like the way Zos is going in that they are adding more abilities that are hard-counters to a specific defence - forcing you to build with multiple kinds of defence in mind..

    Its like sorc shields.. I see a lot of stuff that ignores shields now.. and the sustain changes means my build now has weaker shields - so I've had to invest in more dodge-rolls, and a reliable heal behind those shields. I can't JUST spam shields and survive anymore (although they are a big part of it) - and I like that.
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  • SelfTherapy
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    Lmaoo in battlegrounds last night, kept rolling and rolling and I'm just thinking how the hell does this keep hitting me.
  • Takes-No-Prisoner

    How much was Dive hitting you for? I know you don't really play CP, but were you in BG? non-CP or CP campaign?

    Dive on CP hits for wet noodles in my Hardend Ward. So I am not seeing what you are seeing, yet. I do plan on dusting off my StamBlade tonight.
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  • GreenSoup2HoT
    akray21 wrote: »
    Vaoh wrote: »
    If it was so strong then we'd be seeing Wardens everywhere, not just the odd people who want to play a new class. It is undodgeable, but then again what else will a Warden do to you? They have like two attacks in PvP and no execute....

    I have only seen a handful of Magicka Wardens (practically all of which were easy kills) and some strong Stam Wardens who didn't use the cliff racer. If the undodgeable part of Dive is removed them Mag Warden will be bad in both PvP and PvE.

    Also this skill is blockable @GreenSoup2HoT

    It hits like a ranged version of surprise attack, but even MORE powerful. The damage should be much lower than surprise attack due to it having the advantage of range, but instead it's damage is instead roughly 18% more at max range. Who ever made this ability was not thinking straight.


    What your saying is true though.
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  • Takes-No-Prisoner
    So you specifically said Dive but not what morph it was; Was it Cutting Dive or Screaming cliff racer? Cause me thinks with Screaming you could at least get into CQC range and they won't get any bonus damage from range.

    Does flashing cloak do anything?
  • Lieblingsjunge
    It's like the new beam. Except it'll hit you for 5k(on my Templar in heavy armour with ~23k resistances...) no matter if you're in execute or at 100%. Find 2 wardens spamming that on you and you'll curse the heavens.
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  • OdinForge
    It's funny to see warden bads desperately casting dive back to back, especially when you fall to low health.
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  • GreenSoup2HoT
    Mfw i spam absorb magic now and its proven to be quiet effective. B) Plague Doctor stamblade ftw.

    Glad ive switched to more of a none meta approached build. Im bored lol.
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  • CTSCold
    As a stam warden it does currently hit to hard. You can perfectly line up a sub assault, crit rush, cliff racer into la/execute spam easy add in proc sets for extra lols.
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