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PTS Patch Notes v3.0.1

  • alexkdd99
    Rykoth wrote: »
    So some of you people are whining because they didn't fix everything you've all been whining incessantly about when you wanted it right this instant?

    Good lord. You're like children that need to be sent to their room when not getting your way.

    Have some patience.

    I'll even spell it out for you.

    P A T I E N C E

    Learn it. Let the devs do what they're going to do. And if you don't get your way exactly, learn to deal with it or go away.

    Or you could continue to voice your concerns and opinions, ignoring those telling you not to.

    Maybe you didn't notice but the only way to get anything changed is to continually bring it up any chance you can.
  • mainarhont
    The door never fixed it or in 3.0.2 it stays in place?

    upload pictures
  • DPShiro
    Patch notes??
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  • mitchtheelder
    reconsider everything and stop this madness!!!!
    95% of the people don't like your changes!!!!

    I think it is enough to think about them again!!!!

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  • t3hdubzy
    reconsider everything and stop this madness!!!!
    95% of the people don't like your changes!!!!

    I think it is enough to think about them again!!!!

    92.6 percent of all statistics are made up
  • TheStealthDude
    reconsider everything and stop this madness!!!!
    95% of the people don't like your changes!!!!

    I think it is enough to think about them again!!!!

    [Citation Needed]
  • Auldjohn
    Waiting all day for 3.0.2 and​ Natch Posted! Progress? ETA?
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  • Cinbri
    Edited by Cinbri on May 2, 2017 8:01AM
  • PaigeEvenstar
    I seriously would like to know why they added those research scrolls... Like it really is a stab in the back to us master Crafters

    /agree ... about the time morrowind comes i will have finished all the research there is... aaaaaand gone is the feeling of achievement :(
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  • DerpyShadowz
    Guys keep in mind its 6AM for Gina if i remember correct, shes probably asleep =P
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  • mrdankles
    Garbage. Rip ESO
  • HoboSteveIrwin
    This is what I imagine the common ESO players day consists of;

    *wakes up*

    *checks ESO forums*

    *logs into ESO*

    *logs off ESO*
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  • Noruat
    Soul Shriven

    One of the main challenges that I see here is creating a healthy balance between PVE and PVP. Right now, it seems that the main focus of these changes are to affect PVP.

    Since one of these focuses is to have players complete "Heavy Attacks" in game, I might think that there are ways to ameliorate much of the disdain that has been vocalized from the player base: equalize heavy attacks across the board.

    I firmly believe that this is one of the largest hurdles that ZOS could face. Lightning heavy attacks are far superior to anything else in game. Perhaps changing it so that Sword and Shield Heavy attacks restore more resources; making Fire Staves into a single-target channeled ability (much like what you see trash mobs in round 8 of vMA do) while immobilizing the channeler because of the increased damage that they do because of passives; and making it so that Ice Staves have more utility.

    Lastly, STAMINA heavy attacks will need to get buffed - SNB users should receive more resource returns on heavy attacks, and Dual Wield users should get more resources and increased damage to heavy attacks.

    These changes would benefit both PVP, and PVE because of the increased time that it takes for players to actually use these abilities. One can simply dodge-roll to get out of a heavy attack far easier than they can dodge most class or weapon abilities in PVP. Yet, many of these changes will equalize PVE content into what I believe that ZOS is aiming for: less spamming of resource-consuming abilities, and weaving light/heavy attacks into most rotations.
  • Krotha
    Dragonknights will need a rebalance if the current patch notes are upheld. Stop gutting our classes and forcing plastic swipe wins. Seperate PvP and PVE balancing. Add more incremental patches. *flips table* Remember why these classes are awesome. Wrobel needs a vacation. Bring in more community leaders to discuss game content and future development. Bring back build spotlights. Make PvP great again.

  • xynode
    Stam dk Covered, 6mil target skele full sustain 100% solo with good dps.

    People need to try to adapt more to the changes rather than complain that they "dont like change"

    Hopefully this helps you guys out and relieves a lot of worry about some people's favourite class.

    Edited by xynode on May 4, 2017 11:21PM
  • LorDrek
    This test on target skeleton is iluzion. You dont need any block, sprint, roll-dodge, interupt, selfheal, any mechanik in fight. Apply this in vmol, or mantikora. Your test is nice, sustain ok on death target.
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  • xynode
    Target skeleton is used for every single person testing for dps and sustain. This is no different. Mechanics are separate and I would have to make 100+ videos to show how every mob/boss in the game affects because of mechanics. You are looking for an argument lol.

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