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Hi everyone,

We’re so excited to be bringing The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind to you a little later this year, and hope Matt’s article that was published a couple days ago cleared up some questions you had about our future plans for Chapters and DLC game packs. In addition to bringing new Chapters to you during the second quarter of each year, we do plan to continue offering DLC game packs during the other three quarters which will still be available to ESO Plus members as part of your subscription.

We're currently exploring new ways to add even more benefits to the ESO Plus membership in addition to what we currently offer, and would love to hear any ideas you have in this thread. We look forward to hearing what you suggest, and thank you for your feedback and continued support!
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  • Paha_Vaatturi
    Hide UI button for screenshots. ;D

    Jokes aside, I personally would value anything that reduces the amount of grind. More Mage's Guild level per book? Currently the book finding is by far the most annoying thing in the game.

    Extra key if you do all 3 pledges per day. Normal or Vet Hard.

    Some costumes or other cosmetic things that cannot be obtained in any other way.

    Mmm... Way to get married and give full rights to your partner to your house. And chance to share BoE items with the partner.

    Extra dailies? Soloing a normal or Vet dungeon for some hard-to-obtain rewards.

    A way to flag items with something else than lock. Like giving bunch of items a custom group. The items would then stack under that headline.

    Wardrobe were you can store all your slotted items, CP settings and slotted abilities.

    An access to in-game lottery. A small chance to become a millionaire.

    Monthly supply of a random survey.

    Some absolutely bonkers events/quests that can be accessed for very limited time. You get a rewards box that has a secret content. The box can only be opened after the event.

    Oh yeah, and everyone, be gentle. This is just brainstorming without having any self criticism.
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