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PTS Patch Notes v2.7.0 (Homestead)

  • JinmeiRobeitsu
    Are you guys going to work on sliders or on/ off options for the HUD on consoles? I would love to play without the crosshair on Xbox, thanks
    Edited by JinmeiRobeitsu on January 3, 2017 9:59PM
  • Lukums1
    So basically no major class balancing, what a surprise there.

    Addressed SOME PVP issues.

    Added Housing.

    That's about it.

    Oh I forgot... you also changed the order of some skills.

    Was this supposed to be the big February patch notes... because personally I'm concerned.

    OH and the nerf to DK... what were you thinking changing colag blood? zzz.
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  • White wabbit
    White wabbit
    No stam nightblade nerf guess still be wearing heavy then
  • reoskit
    Someone check my math: 25,737,000g altogether (minus 11-13k for your freebie). Yes?
  • MercTheMage
    Are you *** serious?? How many people actually have 4m gold
    You just going to stand there like a lemon?
  • Lexxypwns
    I thought this was the balancing patch
  • Dracane
    Awesome buffs/fixes to Pets and awesome destruction staff buffs !
    These are the best patchnotes I've seen so far.
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  • Tryxus
    So Frost Staves now cost Magicka to block? Interesting...
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  • WeylandLabs
    RiP Templars lol
  • Abeille
    I'm pretty happy with it. Can't wait to jump in the game and see everything!

    I especially like the pricing of the houses. I think they look fair while being a good gold sink.
    Just so that everyone knows, my Altmer still can't have black hair. About a dozen of Altmer NPCs in the game have black hair. Just saying.

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    Sings-Many-Songs, Argonian fisher: Sure, I'll do the thing... Eventually. Maybe.
    Aerindel, Altmer stormcaller: After extensive research, I've come to the conclusion that doing the thing would be a waste of resources.
    Liliel, Dunmer pyromancer: Aerindel said I shouldn't do the thing. Something about "resources".
    Gyda Snowcaller, Nord cryomancer: I will find a way to do it that won't waste resources and make Aerindel proud of me.
    Beatrice Leoriane, Breton vampire: I persuaded someone else into doing the thing. You are welcome, dear.
    Sahima, Redguard performer: Doing the thing sounds awfully unpleasant and really not my problem.
    Ellaria Valerius, Imperial priestess: I'll pray to the Eight for the thing to be done, if it is Their will.
  • Atreyix
    O Snap, Talk about nerfs to templars lol. Anyways, Good job ZOS.
    Edited by Atreyix on January 3, 2017 10:09PM
  • Kulaan_Doskad_Hadroz
    Are you *** serious?? How many people actually have 4m gold

    That's the point. It's supposed to be a great house that only few will have. I mean hell I have 100k gold and that's it.
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  • Rataroto
    no changes to flurry? or cruel flurry enchant? or to surprise attack? or to bitting jabs?


    i mean, for reals? its just boring right now
  • Kulaan_Doskad_Hadroz
    Just wondering what time you think the patch will launch?

    Though war may tear us apart, love for each other will bring us back together as an overwhelming force. ~Kulaan Doskad-Hadroz, Loredas , the 12th of Evening Star, 2E 582
  • Tandor
    Lexxypwns wrote: »
    I thought this was the balancing patch

    I'm not affected by balancing issues so don't know the ins and outs, but do the "Combat and Gameplay" changes not address them?
  • olsborg
    No ajustments to heavy armor vs medium armor vs light armor? Sadtimes.

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    PvP only
  • TheHsN
    you really called it A BALANCE... OMG reallly omg....

    Velocious Curse (Daedric Curse morph):

    Renamed this morph to Haunting Curse.
    This morph no longer shortens the duration of the curse to 3.5 seconds from 6 seconds; instead, it causes the curse to echo and trigger one additional time 6 seconds after the first explosion.
    and pls somebody explain this...

    if it is nerf or something FY ZOS and i guess it is really stupid thing... LEAVE IT how it WASSSS NONONONO leave all HOW IT WAS REALLY... DAMN YOUUUUUUUUU

    and what the hell u make sorcerer all nacromencer!!!???

    DAMN always same dissapointment... i waited 14 hours for this *** so called BALANCEEE... u just buffed MAG DK damn you ZOS AGAIN
    Edited by TheHsN on January 3, 2017 10:15PM
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  • Lady_Rosabella

    @ZOS_GinaBruno I wanted the home in Stros M'kai that is on it's own island. Is it not available? Is that the one that will be released in the Crown store later? If so when do you expect it to be released? Please respond, as that is the home I want. Thanks so much Gina!
  • Flak
    If this goes live im out here.
    You cannot expect PvE'rs to do the same old content slower and just go along with it, the nerf is ridicoulus.

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  • Jeremiah87
    I'm gonna have an aneurysm from being too happy about this <3:'(:D
  • Leandor

    So their idea to fix dragon blood, where the issue was not enough healing when needed, is to not increase the healing but also separate the size of the heal from the importance of it?

    You either are crap on resource management but have a half decent heal even if you don't need it or you are good on the resources but still rely on embers only since dragonblood will do nothing. Well, or you use GDB. That's at least the same thing as before.

    Yeah, they buffed mDK. Massively. By 5%. On one ability. Well, almost. Apart from the standart nerf.
    Edited by Leandor on January 3, 2017 11:49PM
  • Vythri
    This is the balancing patch we waited how many months for? What were you guys doing all this time?
  • Joshua_McCoy
    Soul Shriven
    Not sure how I feel about dragon's blood. I do not think it will be a viable heal. What happens if you are getting ganked with full magicka and you need to heal. Also I have a lot less magicka on my back bar because I do not double slot Inner Light, It would really mess up my rotation putting a heal on my front bar. Dragon's blood would be really nice as a HOT like vigor or if it worked the same way as rally, but then Mag Dk's would be even more op. I was hoping to do away with running a restoration staff on my back bar but It looks like I will be keeping it, which is not a bad thing. However I am very happy with many other adjustments and will not take anything away from Zenimax just because I was overly hyped for an OP Dragon's Blood.
  • ketroc
    How about Heavy Armor balance in PvP. It needs toning down if there is to be variety of armor types in Cyrodiil.
  • apocalipsys_rgsub17_ESO
    Awwww right!!

    Guild Latina de PVE/PVP
  • Floliroy
    RIP Magplar and Stamsorc in PvE ...

    WHY ? :'(
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  • redTechInc
    Lava Whip: Increased the damage from this ability and its morphs by 5%.

    Standard of Might (Dragonknight Standard morph): This morph now increases your damage done and decreases your damage taken by 12/13/14/15% while standing inside the standard, down from 17/18/19/20%.

    mag dk nerfed
    Item Set procs which deal damage or healing can no longer Critically Strike.

    proc builds "slightly" nerfed, won't have any positive effect on pvp though ; pve nerf.

    Are the people responsible for this complete nonsense even thinking it through, before they promise DK buffs and changes on proc-sets that should only affect pvp? Really, the gameplay changes are mostly ***.
  • Etaniel
    Sooooo, their idea for buffing dragonblood was to make the morph that eveyone uses.... useless?
    Thanks I guess?
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  • mdylan2013
    RiP Templars lol

    Where do you get that from? The only real change is to radiant and that's still only a minor one.

    Total Dark/eclipse changes more than make up for it in my opinion.
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  • Taonnor
    Combat & Gameplay
    • Soul Magic
      • Soul Strike: Removed 350 milliseconds of empty channeling time without another tick of damage occurring from this ability and its morphs. Total damage dealt with these abilities remains unchanged.
    • Vampire
      • Clouding Swarm (Bat Swarm morph): This morph no longer causes your character to pulse invisibility every second it is active. Instead, activating the swarm now allows you use the ability again to instantly teleport to an enemy up to 22 meters away and deal high damage. This teleport can be used as many times as possible within the swarm’s duration.
    • Werewolf
      • Pursuit: Fixed an issue where this passive ability was being removed when your character died.
      • Rousing Roar: Increased the duration of the Major Brutality buff provided by this morph to 20/21/22/23 seconds from 4/4.3/4.7/5 seconds.

    I marked the ability i mean. @Wrobel i hope there is a cooldown of 1s to this ability. All other it seems an "instant kill" ability in 1v1.

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