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PTS Patch Notes v2.7.0 (Homestead)

  • WillhelmBlack
    I'm absolutely gobsmacked. GG ZOS! Buffs across the board, nerfs where needed!


    Varen's Legacy... Oh my!
    Willhelm Black / Breton Templar.
    Wyllum Black / Dunmer Magicka Dragonknight.
    Liddy Black / Breton Magicka Sorcerer.
    Unfortunate Orc / Orc Stamina Nightblade.
    Scales-of-Black / Argonian Nightblade Healer.
    Karl Black / Redguard Stamina Dragonknight.
    Lios Black / Bosmer Stamina Templar.
    Edward Black / Imperial Sorcerer.
    From Obsidian / Dunmer Fire Blade.

    High Council of The Black.(EU/DC PvE & PvP Guild).
    Some hmmmm...

    ice Furnace set still has weapon damage bonus for a magica staff?

    No change for crafting mats or sets really other than convenience and the master writs.

    ice staves become the tanking option? taunt, block, maim etc? OK, not what i expected but hey... interesting.

    All in all, a good start and will be very interesting to see where this ends up.

    however, did not see any "make health great again" style changes so maybe thats later?

    Proudly skooma free while talks-when-drunk is in mandatory public housing.
    YFMV Your Fun May Vary.

    First Law of Nerf-o-Dynamics
    "The way I used to get kills was good but the way others kill me now is bad."

    Things I Wish Were Different or Added for Housing, Sorcerer, Equipment Crafting and Trait Balance.
    My Housing Wish List (Functionals)
    Mannequin/Armor-Rack that "stores" a full gear set plus 8 stacks of quickslots for instant swap. Does not need to provide additional storage.
    Storage Containers that help segregate our storage by adding customizad tabs to our inventory lists. Does not need to provide extra storage.
    Mailboxes/Couriers tied to guilds that handle back-n-forth for dailies including writs.
    Gardens, Ore Veins, Trees, Springs etc that serve as the housing based nodes similar to hirelings - providing a daily harvest.
    Minions - "Hired" singers, cooks stableboys etc that liven up the place and may also have some function - "cook or brewer could be a "daily node." Stableboy could be a free daily riding lesson.
    Stairs that work - spiral, cornering and straight. ramps from orcish platforms and planks and bars are Ok but...
    Ledger that allows you to "log" your inventory items character by character with a quick-click and that then you can review with sort tools or output to a file the inventory items listed by character.
    Guest Book: Auto-logs visitors in and out.

    My Sorcerer Wish List
    What I would look forward to on my sorcerer moving past Update 13:
    1. TOGGLES-PERSISTANCE REPLACED WITH OVERTIME: Change the Persistence passive to give toggles a brief "overtime" of say 3s/6s where if you swap off the toggle bar the toggle can continue for that overtime without cancel. if you swap back before overtime expires, the toggle continues. This would allow a "risky" setup where your pets and such are only on the attack bar but you can swap-rebuff quickly and come back without losing the pets and armor - but if you get stunned or delayed you can lose them and have to recast.
    2. TOGGLES: leave pets as toggles. if you dont do Overtime, Bound armor and morphs could be not toggles but buffs for maybe 30s. mageguikld inner light needs to be buff with 30s on the crit bonus and the current 5s-ish on the spotlight anti-stealth stuff.
    3. SHIELDS: i am ok with them as they are now.
    4. PETS: Hoping for minor group buff added to them - different for each morph - on top of the U13 changes but might be fine with them as U13.
    5. COLD DISCOMFORT: Enable "ice mages" with cold vs shock morph changes for Overload, liq lightning, Endless fury, Bound Armor/Aegis and maybe the atronarch as well. Replace crystal blast with icy blast which works like Cfrag but instead of the empower option it applies maim or snare after the hit. Passives should include cold where they include shock/physical.
    6. DAEDRIC PREY: give it the 12s double tap and duration you gave to VelociCurse as well as make it a pet magnet.
    7. DAEDRIC TOMB: Cut down to ONE mine but drastically lower the cost creating a "spammable" quick pop--n-heal (via drak magic) and giving miners a solid tough choice between the spammable and the five mine denial.
    8. EXPLOITATION: Should be like dark magic triggered by not activation but damaging or affecting enemies - specificallt taking dark deal/conversion off the group buff 20s trigger free.

    My Equip Crafting Improvements Package
    To include some or all of:
    1. Ability to craft all crafted sets as 4pc sets by sacrificing one of the 2-3-4pc bonuses. (Adds felxibility in builds setting crafted apart from drops, this may be limited to 9 traits capability)
    2. Ability to up-scale pieces to higher level keeping quality. (new drops scale to you)
    3. Ability to craft lower gear with higher mat, losing the lower cap on met levels. (Fits with scaled nodes)
    4. Drop the 10x mats cost for CP160 over Cp150. (CP 160 drops everywhere now... its no longer s special threshold thing anymore. if you are cp160 every drop set is cp 160 not nine 150 and one 160. So the need for cp160 crafting to be 10x is no longer relevant.)
    5. Trait research times changed to one day each but remove the three at once passives (optional but the current time vs benefit is not in sync with other crafts.)

    While i think all of these are worthwhile, i think 1-2-3 are critically important.
    1T started the process for gear system overhaul with its massive changes to drop sets, but now this needs to be carried through fully into crafted equipment.

    My Circumstantial Traits Suggestion
    Traits for armor and weapons need complete redesign to achieve one goal:
    Make it so that no trait is "best" everywhere and so that every trait is "best" somewhere and it is obvious where those are.
    • Sample Armor Traits:
    • Reinforced: Increase armor value by XYZ (flat or percentage, whatever)
    • Insulated: Increase spell and elemental resistances by 2*XYZ
    • Hardened: increase physical and poison/disease resistance by 2*XYZ
    • Infused: increase damage shields strength by 2*XYZ
    • Sealed: increase resistance vs AOE by 2*XYZ
    • etc for DOT, crits, and other such possibilities including a healing received option.
    • Sample Weapon Traits:
    • Powerful: Increase damage by XYZ
    • Piercing: increase damage by 2*XYZ vs damage shields
    • Slayer: increase damage by 2*XYZ vs daedra
    • Divines: increase damage by 2*XYZ vs undead
    • Silvered: increase damage by 2*XYZ vs werewolves.
    • etc etc fort things like elementals, vs 5pc hvy, vs 5 pc light, and so on as long as the "counts when" is determined by the target affected not the attacker stats.
  • Moglijuana
    DKsUnite wrote: »
    Actually not scared shitless from this!

    rejoice however! DKs need to be out of magicka and health to be viable at healing now instead of just out of the health!

    Red Wings- Ps4 - PSN:jdmaya
    Elmoe (AD- Dunmer Mag DK) Praetorian
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  • Ankael07
    redTechInc wrote: »
    Lava Whip: Increased the damage from this ability and its morphs by 5%.

    Standard of Might (Dragonknight Standard morph): This morph now increases your damage done and decreases your damage taken by 12/13/14/15% while standing inside the standard, down from 17/18/19/20%.

    mag dk nerfed
    Item Set procs which deal damage or healing can no longer Critically Strike.

    proc builds "slightly" nerfed, won't have any positive effect on pvp though ; pve nerf.

    Are the people responsible for this complete nonsense even thinking it through, before they promise DK buffs and changes on proc-sets that should only affect pvp? Really, the gameplay changes are mostly ***.

    You forgot the flame damage buff for mdks. Its a great change
  • Kharnis
    "In addition to furnishing items, you can also place assistants, mounts, non-combat pets, and a new category of furnishing collectibles called Trophies that includes Undaunted Busts."

    So, seeing as the items we very selflessly have relieved the citizens of Tamriel of the burden of carrying (since they need to run quickly in the event of daedric invasion, or bandit attack, or random duels) are also called trophies, am I correct in coming to the conclusion that these items can now be placed within our homes?
    "Technology today is a race between engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof devices, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning."

    - Rich Cook
  • The_Saint
    i cant see a fix of (again) mundus exploit... did you fix it? there are few plp around with (again) 5 and mundus activ

    or it now just can exploit by mag dks?
    Samuel Crow - Magicka Nachtklinge
    Aquila Raiders

  • ordraveeb17_ESO
    lol ))) elemental storm morfs reduce only 5% )))) lol ))) it's will change something??? meaby you reduce better area 2 times)))
    P.S. sometimes i think that destro ulty make some1 from bomb sqauds. lol ... was funny nerf proxy and give them destro ulty )))
  • Khaos_Bane
    Tryxus wrote: »
    So Frost Staves now cost Magicka to block? Interesting...

    A heavy attack causes them to taunt !
  • Pirhana7_ESO
    I was really excited for these balance notes, ...was waiting along time.....

    For the role player.. yah housing is cool and everything along with it, trophies, crafting and even fishing has more reason.

    But for the competitor in me ..... nothing changed that needed to be changed. Yah, some cool changes like ice staff, and vamp ult. But the real problems that needed attention got nothing.

    Alot of us were excited for these balance changes but now it looks like alot of us will be moving to the Uthgard relaunch on Friday and playing that instead while we wait for Camelot Unchained to be finished.
    Edited by Pirhana7_ESO on January 3, 2017 10:27PM
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