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Official Discussion Thread for "ESO Welcomes Crown Crates"

Community Manager
This is the official discussion thread for the blog article ESO Welcomes Crown Crates. This Thursday, we'll be introducing the first season of Crown Crates to the ESO Crown Store. Check out the article for all the details.
Gina Bruno
Community Manager - The Elder Scrolls Online
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Staff Post
  • olsborg
    Still no chance for the pit wolf. !!
    Altmer Sorceror, magicka
    Bosmer Nightblade, stamina.
    Imperial Templar, stamina
    Redguard Warden, stamina

    Aldmeri Dominion!
    PC EU
    PvP only
  • Jazbay_Grape
    I will buy a local state lottery ticket and if I win the mega millions , I'll buy a crown crate .

    Just kidding , I'll spend it wisely :D

    Can I have like $5.00 if you do win?
  • Rouven
    Can I convert any crown store consumables? Like the ones that come in bundles?
    Real stupidity beats artificial intelligence every time. ~ Terry Pratchett
  • Darkonflare15
    MissBizz wrote: »
    This is literally no new information.

    Are the non-themed items that have not been previously in the crown store exclusive to crates as well? (such as the purple daggerback pet we saw on the PTS)

    How many gems can you get for trading in consumables?

    Is the gem conversion rate still *just under* 1/3 of the gem cost to actually get that item?

    Actually there is new info here. You can now buy crown crates in bundles and you can now convert potions and other utility into crown store gems. Other then that the details are light.
  • TheWhiteDarkness
    So... nothing we don't already know... great.
    PAWS - Positively Against (W)rip-off Stuff - Say No to Crown Crates!
    PC/EU DC
    A laugh a day keeps the Crown Crates away! :
    A Khajiit and a Wood Elf Walk up to a market stall.

    The Khajiit whisks three rabbit pasties into his pocket with lightning speed.
    The baker doesn't notice.

    The Khajiit says to the Wood Elf:
    "You see how clever this one is? You will never beat that!"

    The Wood Elf says to the Khajiit:
    "Watch this, a Wood Elf is always cleverer than a Khajiit."

    He then says to the baker,
    "Give me a rabbit pasty, I can show you a magic trick!"

    The baker gives him the pasty which the Wood Elf promptly eats.
    Then he says to the baker:
    "Give me another pasty for my magic trick."

    The baker is getting suspicious but he gives it to him. He eats this one too.

    Then he says again:
    "Give me one more pasty... "

    The baker is getting angry now but gives him one anyway. The Wood Elf eats this one too.

    Now the baker is really mad, and he yells:
    "And where is your famous magic trick?"

    The Wood Elf says:
    "Look in the Khajiit's pocket!"
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