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Cyrodiil, Cheating/Exploiting, & You

Community Manager
Lately, we’ve seen a lot of questions about what we consider cheating and/or exploiting in ESO. The amount of people using exploits, especially in Cyrodiil, has also been on the rise. Due to this, and our recent efforts to take a stronger stance against exploiting and cheating in ESO, this has become a hotly debated topic within our community. We’d like to help shed some light on what we consider cheating and exploiting and how you can help us curb this behavior.

We would generally frown upon (and potentially take action as a result of) using third party tools or taking an advantage of an in-game mechanic that is not currently working as designed to in any way provide an advantage to your playing abilities. In plain English: if it looks or feels like cheating, then try it out at your own risk. Or better yet, don’t try it at all.

We have a zero tolerance policy for cheating/exploiting/using unapproved third party tools (such as Cheat Engine), so you should also know that even a single instance can lead to a 72-hour suspension, or even a permanent ban, depending on the offense. And in the specific case of Cheat Engine, even the first offense will result in a permanent ban.

There are certain things we’re working on fixing on our end to make this behavior no longer possible, but that does not mean it’s okay to exploit these issues in the meantime.

To summarize, if you are using abilities such as gap closers to do things that are not within the realm of intended design and/or bypassing core game mechanics, such as entering keeps without downing doors and/or walls and getting under the environment (ground, water, etc.), you are exploiting. In short: don’t do it. If we catch you exploiting and/or cheating, even once, it is grounds for disciplinary action up to and including a permanent ban of your game account. If in doubt about whether or not certain actions or activity are considered exploiting, you are welcome to ask us here on the forums.

Thank you all for your cooperation in helping us keep ESO free of cheating and exploiting, and a fun, fair environment for all.
Jessica Folsom
Senior Community Manager (English) - The Elder Scrolls Online
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Staff Post
  • Sandman929
    Is Malubeth considered to be "working as intended" after the last update? I've had mine in the bank for awhile until it was officially fixed.
    Daggerfall Covenant - Xbox One NA
  • film
    Introduce grappling hooks to get in keeps like in DFC going for shrines, make it so you can unhook them as a defense like in DFC -- it's fun when someone gap closes to get in so make something similar to keep the fun from it and cancel out the use of the exploit.

    @ZOS_MattFiror use more ideas from DFC which still has the best RvR of all time. Take these exploits and make them to be embraced as I really don't think you guys will be able to make gap closers work perfectly -- maybe you will but gap closers have been bugged for so long I just don't believe it.

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  • MoreDino
    You can't be serious with this. Going underground, gap closing into loading screens, those are all accidental occurences and are never intentional. Citing these as bannable offenses is just offensive. Your combat team made these changes and we gave them feedback on the PTS, yet it's our fault when we use basic mechanics that we can't avoid?

    I'm pretty sure it's a matter of intentionally using said skills to provide unintended benefits. It does suck if you try to gap close only to get a load screen or end up underground. I know, I've experienced it. Pretty simple to /stuck and move on. I've ended up stuck underneath stairs before, did that mean I was now free to use it as an exploit and and kill anyone I was still capable of damaging? No. I stopped and waited to leave combat so I could /stuck my way out. It sucks, yeah, but it's only a minor inconvenience.

    Nowhere in the statement does it say that using gap closers will net you a perma ban 100% of the time. What I read is that using it improperly is doing so at your own risk. You're perfectly able to continue to use gap closers to get into keeps all you want. Other people are also capable of capturing video and sending reports of you doing so and let ZoS handle the rest. Regardless of how you or I feel about this system, it is the system.
  • Dexter411
    I wanted to write here long and boring comment but I do not think it will change anything in what You(Zenimax) are doing.

    Using cheat engine will result in permaban? You unbanned those people, 3 days does not sound like permanent.

    Improvement materials exploiters also got few days off from ESO and what is the best, they COULD keep what they get by cheating. I do not even know why should I report someone I mean, what is the point, someone was selling over x800 tempering alloys in zone chat on Pc/Eu last month. Farmed in legit way, I do not think so...

    After that You banned people for moving from point A to B too fast? Now You want to ban people for your damn mess that was ignored on PTS?

    Then tell me exactly what I should do while I play your game. Lets say I want to create new character and get Vigor, I need to PvP but I can not PvP because I can by accident lock on guy on top of keep wall and press one button to get banned(or warning) and then what? My subscription will be gone or at least I will lose couple of days from it?

    What will be next? Will you ban people for too high dps or by taking(or mitigating) too much damage and not dying(tanking)?

    I am sure something like this will happen since I heard that people got banned for using their ultimates too often(emperors).

    Right now I will not even open ESO with my subrsciption passing by because I do not know what I can do in a damn video game.

    P.S. I do not want to "kill the messenger" here, it is Your job to communicate with us and I feel sorry for it.
  • Sandman929
    Sallington wrote: »
    If I accidentally misclick my gap-close button and charge onto a keep wall (it's really that easy to do), does that mean I'm at risk of being banned if someone reports me?

    Should we all unslot Critical Charge until this mess is fixed?

    "Falling" into a pool with a no swimming sign in your bathing suit will get the benefit of the doubt. Possible it was accidental? Sure...

    "Falling" into a pool with a no swimming sign in your bathing suit 3 times in row, you are a troll.

    ZOS just put up a sign.

    If you gap close top the top by accident you can use circumstances like you mention above to explain yourself. If you do it 5 times in ten minutes without any targets in your field of vision at your height/elevation (only targets above you) then you have to explain why you are repeatedly making the same "mistake". Also, if you go up there and immediately retreat back down, it looks like a "whoops!" as opposed to getting up there and fighting & advancing.

    If the "mistake" got you insta-killed, you would figure out pretty quickly how to stop causing it. They're working on the issue, NBs can't Teleport up there anymore. Consider it a work in progress.

    Every Nightblade has jumped through a door chasing someone....some Nightblades take that "mistake" and run with it killing as many as they can. That "mistake" is not a mistake, and any video capturing the incident will show that.
    Daggerfall Covenant - Xbox One NA
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  • Arthg
    Not that anyone cares or remembers, but regarding those issues:

    I've been vocal.
    I've been modded.
    I've been rude and aggressive.

    I hereby acknowledge you guys are changing things, you guys are doing something.
    You ain't off the hook, but you get the silent nod.
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  • nimander99
    I'm concerned about how my Sword and Shield gap closer is working and that I'm going to get flagged because it seems to be broken. My character has jumped straight up in the air 3 times in a row like Super Mario when I try to use it. He has also literally flown up in the air then shot towards an enemy on a cliff. I've reported this in sever /bug reports but it is still concerning.

    Which is why I'm staying away from Cyrodiil for the time being...

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