PC/Mac Natch Potes v4.1.0

  • Astanphaeus
    The thing is I could see ZOS actually making some of these changes. Also, it is Scroll of Icarian Flight, not Icarian Sight.
  • Avidspark
    I literally fell off my chair.

    I heard you like epic epicness, so I epiced your epic for you with extra epicly epic epiclaity, for the epic of it :p
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  • Icy
    "We’ve added a new consumable, the Scroll of Icarian Sight. It increases you jump height by 5000% for a single leap straight up for the next 10 seconds.

    Scrolls of Icarian Sight also come with a free filled Grand Soul gem.
    Scrolls of Icarian Sight grant no protection against fall damage.
    *mwua* Exquisite. Thank you from a Morrowind player.
    Kittehs are the new META :P
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  • Xelrick
    >_> unlisted changes

    Proximity Detonation was change to Proximity Water Bucket
    - all damage was drop and only hits those infront of you. Proximity Water Bucket now causes those within range to be affected by a new debuff called "Drenched". This effect will differ on the type of armor the enemy is wearing.
    - Only way to remove the debuff is to remove the current armor and allow the yourself to dry...

    Wrecking Blow has a new affect called Lift off
    -this now if used again within 2 seconds of using Wrecking Blow , you will be shot high in the air and slam in the ground.

    and... New world boss that spawns anywhere in the world... it a very vicious beast.
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  • Thevampirenight
    I really want the underwater content =(
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    Please add Fangs to Vampires.
  • Tryxus
    No necromancer class? :trollface:
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  • eserras7b16_ESO
    Argonian love.

    Never gona happen.


    Funny thou x) /clap
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  • Shimmer
    Darnit, thought they were going to announce Goats as a playable race :(

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  • Ungrateful_Munchkin
    Soul Shriven
    Love it! Thanks for the giggles :D
  • antmck2011rwb17_ESO
    Yes, finally - bring on the Argonian love!
  • Aetherderius
    I know it's a joke, but Cadwell's Platinum sounds like fun.
  • mumbling-midget
    Too funny :D
    Bet you had great fun concocting this !
  • Vifen
    Nice April's fool click pic XD
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  • Stickleback
    [*]The White Gold Tower is now the Black Blue Tower.

    Love it :)

    Thanks guys at ZOS for some great april foolsnotes
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  • NateAssassin
    I actually wish this was a real patch.
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  • Enodoc
    MissBizz wrote: »
    Enodoc wrote: »
    Gidorick wrote: »
    Enodoc wrote: »
    This is hilarious!! Thank you, Gina^^

    One thing actually sounds like an awesome idea, though:

    "Combat & Gameplay
    We’ve introduced Master Ranks, a 16-tiered system that allows players to acquire the skill lines of other classes. To advance in the Master Ranks, your character will have complete Cadwell’s Platinum by playing through the content of your alliance again with increased monster levels."

    I totally would play through the home zones again with a maxed character, definitely! ("Cadwell's Platinum" sounds funny, though lol)
    Agreed, would like to see that. Gidorick / tinythinker this wasn't one of your suggestions, was it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
    lol. Not quite... at least not from me Enodoc . I have suggested the idea of visiting "Masters" of each class to change your class... and I've suggested "Master Leveling" where you get leveled down to the level of a player that you are grouped with as a sort of "mentor".

    Perhaps you're thinking of TheShadowScout 's Class Morph idea where, after completing Gold, you are given the option to choose a class morph (a new class) to add on top of your current class.
    There has definitely been someone who mentioned "Cadwell's Platinum" as a Veteran-scaled version of your home alliance... I definitely do like the class-morph idea, but this time that wasn't what I was thinking of :stuck_out_tongue:
    Enodoc Your pitiful forum search-fu is saddening for a Community Ambassador ;)

    Cadwell Platinum
    @MissBizz I did :stuck_out_tongue: I found so many of them (over 20) that I couldn't be bothered to go through and find which was the actual one that I remembered.

    It wasn't that one, though, it was this one (August 2014):
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  • Cogo
    Added a new Synergy Synergy system.
    • We heard you like Synergies, so Synergy Synergies are Synergies that synergize with Synergies.
    • Synergizing with a Synergy has small chance to trigger a Synergy Synergy event, which, if synergized with, will activate a Synergy Synergy.
    • Abilities with Synergies can trigger Synergy Synergy events, provided you have synergized with a Synergy Synergy recently.
    • Note: Synergy Synergy Synergies will be introduced in a future patch, to prepare for Synergy Synergy Synergy Synergies.

    This is so freakishly good that you just have to make it!
    Edited by Cogo on April 2, 2016 6:38PM
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  • Shimmer
    Are there only a certain amount of synergies that a synergy synergy can synergy while synergising with a synergy synergy event?
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  • Weberda
    An even bigger joke would have been the one-liner "We fixed the lag".
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  • Moonshadow66
    Sylance9 wrote: »
    Are there only a certain amount of synergies that a synergy synergy can synergy while synergising with a synergy synergy event?

    It's capped at 100 synergies in a row^^
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  • pjwb16_ESO
    Would buy this over ESO at least it would be funny
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  • Shimmer
    Sylance9 wrote: »
    Are there only a certain amount of synergies that a synergy synergy can synergy while synergising with a synergy synergy event?

    It's capped at 100 synergies in a row^^

    So what you're saying is, caps on synergy synergy event means that they will cause lag in Cyrodiil?
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  • Covokson
    thats good i need a good laugh
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  • kendellking_chaosb14_ESO
    You know the General changes to PvP are actually pretty good it would be a fun change never going to happen cause that would mean found something proactive for PvP and the last time that happened was never.
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  • alenae1b14_ESO
    Well Done. Enjoyed :)
  • Kwivur
    • Added a new Crown Store item category, Weapons of Eternal Praise.
      • This item will praise the incredible skills of its owner and the unbelievable size of certain body parts whenever he (or she) kills a PvP opponent, all while calling the loser of a battle a noob who has to learn to play.

  • Serenityx
    code65536 wrote: »
    I actually wouldn't mind a Cadwell's Platinum with increased monster difficulties. Would certainly make the game less boring...

    Two kinds of people in ESO.
  • OutLaw_Nynx
    Where is this years natch potes?!
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