PVP Update, June 2015

  • SturgeHammer
    @ZOS_BrianWheeler will the Campaigns have different end of campaign reward structures corresponding to the new scoring systems? For example, will Thornblade (Keeps matter) have different end of campaign rewards than Chillrend (scrolls matter)?
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  • BigTone
    So much
    I can't wait
    You do care about PvPers
    /Haith Battlemaster Voice: "This is going to be so much fun"

    I came very close to unsubbing yesterday after crashing three times from recipes. VERY CLOSE. This announcement will keep me subbing for now.

    Thank you
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  • Soulac

    Everytime it starts lagging you can see the following skills everywhere:
    - Caltrops
    - Meteor (+ ground effect)
    - Healing Springs
    - banner
    - nova
    - other ground AoEs but are used much less compared to caltrops etc.

    as soon as one group dies and no enemys are standing in the aoes anymore the lag disappears instantly.
    If you have many people at one place but no one is using ground aoes it doesn´t or barely lag.

    That´s what i noticed over the past months at least, but changing something is worth a try in my opinion..

    Edited by Soulac on June 16, 2015 3:34PM
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  • Quantine
    Many AE abilities have 2 LOS checks at the beginning and end of casting by default. Since many of these are instant cast, there's no need for one of those checks, which halves the amount of messages sent back and forth between the client and server. The LOS checks are still needed to ensure you can't PBAE through walls and physics objects that would block the effects from going "through them".

    Oh, I see what you mean. Thanks a lot for the quick response. That sounds really good then :) Hope it will reduce the lag! Keep it up!

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  • Junipus
    I'm actually impressed and heartened by the bumph released, although implementation is always the fall down point for ZOS so hopefully the changes both proposed and unknown will be put into the game properly so that PvP can bloom again
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  • venomsky
    so instead of punishing players who was farming former emp you are removing former emp buff?how this will stop zerg? now big guilds will sit in 1 campaign or tower farm newbies
  • Ley
    It's not new pvp content but it's a start in the right direction. Changes look good to me, I think it'll get a lot more people into pvp.
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  • Bfish22090
    This is all great stuff

    ...but when?

  • Takllin
    Wow I really like all these changes, thank you!
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  • Komma
    Very pleased with all of this. Absolutely love the former emp change especially. Would there be a way for all campaigns to count towards an overall victory? This would make all campaigns important.
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  • Soulac
    You can actually use multiple ultimates in a lag which shouldn´t be possible.. you looking over it as well?
    Example: Ping >999 -> Meteor Spam by pressing the button a few times and all of these meteors will deal dmg.
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  • Ley
    Bfish22090 wrote: »
    This is all great stuff

    ...but when?

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  • ThatNeonZebraAgain
    Bfish22090 wrote: »
    This is all great stuff

    ...but when?

    He says in the next major update, as well as possibly some smaller patches before then.
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  • Ghostbane

    Thank you for the meaty proposal! Several thank yous actually.

    Just to question further on a tid-bit regarding Battle Leveling. With the wording presented, can you confirm if I can activate Battle Leveling on say, a VR5 character. This will increase their stats to a 'moderate VR14' ?
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  • EgoRush
    Please tell me you plan on wiping the PvE leaderboards if this is the case. All of the top scores at the moment have only been obtained with the full advantages that PvP buffs provide between massive crit chance amps, base damage amps, and former emp buffs. If you do not wipe the leaderboards, many of those scores will remain unbeatable until players have an absurd amount of champion points to outscale the differences.

    Not all of them. All the EU EP scores at the minute for 12-man trials are with zero buffs. Though the scores are not exactly top place haha. Arena scores of >11.8K were being obtained with zero buffs now though.

    @ZOS_BrianWheeler You beauts for removing PvP buffs from PvE though! EVEN PLAYING FIELD HERE WE COME! That change alone has infused me with so much spirit for the game again. The alterations to campaigns is also exciting! I'm already trying to decide which campaign theme suits me best :D

    Thrilling changes, really.

    Former Emp passives I'm not bothered about. I don't think they make or break a build. But if it stops Emp farming then maybe that's a good thing. I know of raid groups that will crown an emperor, then purposely lose keeps just so someone else can be crowned as emperor after...kinda defeats the point of PvP.
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  • Observant
    Ok, this is going to take some time to process.

    Holy sheep!


    Holy jumping black jezuz. I can't believe my eyes right now.

    I still think we need to nerf one of the campaigns though, we don't have enough players to keep all of those sufficiently populated. Try it for a couple of weeks, if it doesn't work add it back.
    Edited by Observant on June 16, 2015 4:02PM
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    If only ZOS moderated their game like they did their forums...
  • Tavore1138
    Ley wrote: »
    Erwen wrote: »
    dont agree with the former emp removal. simple, there is no reason to take this off, NO REASON!

    Reason: To discourage emperor swapping.

    1% to this and that was hardly game changing so on one hand I won't miss them in any practical way, on the other hand the removal of something I worked hard for many campaign cycles before finally getting really cheeses me off. There should be some small recognition even if it was just a single token passive...

    P.S. Not 100% sure how these changes will pan out but kudos for trying to fix things, nomad prevention is one area I think will be an important change.
    Edited by Tavore1138 on June 16, 2015 4:03PM
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