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FULL!!! East Empire Trading CO., trader hired each week, very active guild, contests..

  • Psych32
    PSN PSYCHO_STORM32 I have glyphs, weapon and armor with traits, and mats to sell to other players who need them.
  • qingshang
    Looking for a guild with trader to sell on
  • Devve777
    i use to be in your guild but seem to have been kicked due to inactivity. i am back to the game now though and would like an invite if/when you have a spot available.

  • LariahHunding
    Maxed crafters with stuff to sell

    psn: gougef
    "Give a man a sweet roll, he only has one to steal. Give him a sweet roll recipe, he have bunches to steal."

  • SSlarg
    Lots to Sell
    have One guild spot open!

    PSN - SSlarg
    Edited by SSlarg on February 6, 2016 7:26PM
    PS4 NA PSN - SSlarg
    Currently Looking To Buy:
    Telvanni organic lighting plans (azure)

    also see my xmas wish list
    page 18 of the 2017 gift exchange
  • btabin
    Soul Shriven
    I have all my crafting skills maxed out, loads of provisioning recipes learned (green, blue, purple - all the way up to V15). All racials motifs learned (apart from Akaviri and half the Ancient Orc). I have loads of items to sell in the guild store, and I am constantly farming crafting materials. I'm also very active in PvP and PvE.

    PSN: bt4b1n
    Edited by btabin on February 2, 2016 10:49AM
  • Oasurii
    Im interested psn Oasuric
  • messiah88
    Psn is Led4U69... I play a lot, I'm not new to trading guilds.. I'm just trying to find one that consistently has a trader as I am constantly trying to sell. I have no problem donating to the guild for a trader or participating in guild events.
  • jyerian06
    psn: jyerian06
  • xionicc
    Psn xionicc
  • ElderPolls
    Trying to make some cash is hard with all the *** guilds around nowadays. Motifs and crafting materials to sell.

    PSN: RottenTomato433
    PSN: hrgo0ok Please invite
  • Woyb
    My PSN is Woyb.
    I focus on PVP and have experience leading large and small groups through Cyrodil. I'm proud of my prowess on the battlefield when it comes to tactics and would love to be in a guild where there are a good sized group players who could do a PVP event every few days.
  • Eshelmen
    psn: Mscoolmusic

    Looking for a structured trading guild to become my main source of income. As a 15 year MMO vet, my understanding of paying dues to keep things going is expected by me. The more income I can acquire, the more I can give back to the guild.
    I'm a master cloth and wood(VR 16 Rank Captain) and have no desire to over charge players. My main goal is to acquire a regular income while progressing and helping others. I've had some issues since the launch of ESO PS4, in finding a guild vendor that has regular and consistent customers. My items are priced competitively to get the quickest sale.
    This is my small summary.

    Thanks for your time.
    -PS4 NA E.P-
  • reyreyjr97
    Soul Shriven
    I've been looking for a good trading guild for a while and i always have plenty to sell; rare motifs, materials, armor with rare traits, etc. I also am a master craftsman with mostly all traits researched, I also have max enchanting and alchemy and can make psyjic embrosia. I'm a very active player in all aspects, pvp and pve, I'd be really grateful for an inv to the guild, my psn is REYREY97
  • qiqiqiliyu
    Please invite me





    Each week 5K
  • XKOSxMaahesX
    Soul Shriven
    PSN: XKOSxMaahesX

    Why you should consider me:
    - Trades quality merchandise such as armor sets and raw material
    - Played ES since oblivion.
    - Dedicated since buying it about 3 weeks ago
    - Veteran at online games
    - Mature (23yrs)
    - Active Daily
  • bondbpb14_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    Id love to join if an opening happens. Active and leveling through vet content and crafting/trading daily. PSN BondZer07
  • Synfidie
    Is this guild even active? The guild leader who posted this hasn't posted/edited since the summer.
  • courtney1191
    PSN jdcush03
    active trader
    master provisioner
    working on alchemy and blacksmithing
  • kurtbreeze
    Psn: kurborg
  • kalimar44
    Hi my ps name is Black-n-Gold42.

    I'm a very active player that is always looking to sell and donate. I use to play Everquest for years,and I'm very experienced with MMOs. So I'm looking for a very active Trade Guild,and your guild sounds like the perfect one. So I would appreciate a invite please and thank you. :)
    Edited by kalimar44 on February 27, 2016 2:37PM
  • pursuethechaserub17_ESO
    PSN: DjentRx. Would love an invite!
  • davidjamaal
    Soul Shriven
    Please add me!
    PSN: davidjamaal

    Pretty much all I do is craft.
  • Dober
    Guild still active! If you guys need a inv. Send Skissy a PSN

    Weekly Wayrest Trader since day one
    Follow us on Facebook - The Syndicate ESO
    Join us on the PSN Community Group - The Syndicate ESO
    Add me on Facebook "Karl Doberman" for Auction inv and much more
  • HollowSaudade
    I noticed that you haven't posted on this thread or edited the main post since August, so I'm not even sure if you still check this, but I hope you do and will consider inviting me when you have the extra space.

    I was a veteran on the PC version of the game and fairly recently joined on the PS4. My main character is only about lvl 40 because I joined with a group of friends and have been trying not to level too fast. But I've already gotten to work leveling all the crafting lines, and have been focusing on getting my rank up so I can start using the rare motifs. I'm at rank 7, and have the entire mercenary and dwemer motif sets and daedric waiting until I can use them. I've also made sure that all my research slots stay full so that I can build special armor sets.
    I love crafting, like ridiculously so. Even the gathering aspect of it. I also have three characters with max Trafficker in the Legerdemain line so I can make as much gold thieving everyday as I can.

    At the very least, I'm probably on 25 out of every 30 days. And I always keep 30/30 in the store because I always just have too much stuff to sell. I also try not to overcharge for things. I obviously want to make a profit off of everything I sell, but I think overcharging is not only unfair to the poor person who buys from you, but it also makes your guild look bad and a lot of people will move on and not come back.

    It's EXTREMELY difficult to find a good, active, sturdy trading guild these days, especially on the console. So I don't plan to squander the good ones that I can be apart of. I'm very loyal, and even though weekly fees aren't required, I'd certainly still donate what I can. I know how much work it takes to maintain a quality guild, and I seriously think you're awesome for having kept it going for so long.

    My PSN is HollowSaudade
    If there's anything else you need to know before you'd consider adding me to your guild, please message me.
    Edited by HollowSaudade on March 2, 2016 9:16PM
  • Strange_uncle
    I like to collect resources, I like sales. Please invite, thank you.
    PSN account
  • AltmerFTW
    Soul Shriven
    Is the guild closed as of 2016?
  • fbmattibbotteb17_ESO
  • Sycropt
    Psn: fares940
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