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FULL!!! East Empire Trading CO., trader hired each week, very active guild, contests..

At this point I'm being selective with who I invite to the guild. So please tell me below why I should invite you. We need active members who understand the work that goes into the guild and who are serious sellers. At this point we don't need quantity just quality. Just posting your psn will not get you in. We are also now part of Tamriel Traders Alliance, an alliance of some of the top trade guilds on ps4.

I spend hours each day logging in donations, making room for new members, keeping up with the motd, and so on. It's all to make the guild better. This is a serious sellers guild. We have network of people assuring we get our trader each week, I am proud to say I started this guild on launch day and I have never not had a guild trader. Only lost a bid once early on but I have hired help that logs in every Monday at reset to find an open trader to hire, that week we lost my help logged on and found a trader. I also have active pvp members who have secured forts in Cryodiil which opens another guild store for us to sell more. I've added new ranks for members who go above and beyond, elite ranks. There are now trade guilds that charge weekly fees,
I've seen up to 7k week per member, I do everything I can on my end to prevent east empire becoming a guild that charged fees. Soon we will be holding high roller contests. Much more is to come.
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