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Champion System Clarification

Community Manager
Hi everyone,

As many of you know, the Champion System is designed to be a replacement for the Veteran System. Internally, we have been implementing and testing the Champion System for the last few months. During that iteration time we’ve learned a lot. This changed some of our intended launch goals for the system. Specifically of concern is the number of Champion Points earned before the system launches. Here are four of the most salient points with regards to the number of Champion Points earned when we launch phase 3 with Update 6 and the reasons for the change:

  1. The system needs to be integrated in phases, leaving the Veteran Ranks in place for phase 3.

    Because the Champion System is layered on top of the Veteran System, the power differential between players from Veteran Rank 1 to Veteran Rank 14 still exists. There are many reasons we haven’t fully eliminated Veteran Ranks, chiefly a sense of progression in character and itemization progression. In the current phase that progression still exists. Layering a second progression can exacerbate player separation issues, especially when there is a lot of variance in the Champion System introduction. This phased-in approach is good for the game, but with dual progression post-50, it means we have to be even more careful when making changes.

  2. The system should give more value for each point spent than originally conceived.

    A second thing we learned is that each Champion Point needs to have more impact on the stats it is altering than originally planned. This came up frequently in our internal feedback sessions. Responding to that feedback, we decreased the number of overall points in the system (14,400 to 3,600), but kept the range of what they could alter the same. Because each point is more valuable there are less points overall in the system. Thus we can’t give out as many points with the introduction of the system as originally believed.

  3. The system has to account for relative power values of the game.

    We had to start narrowing down on the variables for our content in the game. Because we are changing many of the abilities and base factors in the gameplay, we needed to start with less of a variance in player power to achieve a good introduction of the system. Or more simply, the more points we give out now, the harder it is to find a good place between various balance points: PvP, overland content, Veteran Content, Craglorn, Dungeons, Trials, etc…

  4. The system shouldn’t separate players more.

    This is pretty self-explanatory, and is related to the first point. While the system is meant to have built in safeguards against players pulling away from each other too dramatically – those systems aren’t in currently. A 1-to-1 XP conversion to Champion XP was too dramatic.

Also, when phase 3 of the Champion System goes live with Update 6, all accounts that have at least one Veteran Rank character on them will automatically receive 30 Champion Points. These 30 Champion Points, though applied to your account, are distributed in full to each individual character on your account, just as Champion Points you earn are. So, if you have 5 characters, at least one of which is Veteran Rank 1 or higher, all five of those characters will have 30 CP to spend. You will not be awarded more Champion Points for having five Veteran Characters versus just one. You will also be able to begin earning Champion Points on any Veteran Rank character from that point forward.

We feel confident that our current solution is better for the enjoyment of the game overall than our originally announced design. This comes from weeks of testing the system. While iterating on solutions and changing the design is a normal and necessary part of the game making process, we definitely understand how changes to a system like this can be frustrating and seem to come from nowhere.

That said, we’re going to continue to be open about our plans and designs for the future of ESO. While a change in development like this can be frustrating, it isn’t a reason for us to not communicate. We never intend to mislead, but sometimes even our best ideas just don’t work out once they get into the game. We feel the Champion System is still going to be a fun way for you to keep customizing your character to suit your tastes and specializing in ways that make you unique. We’re looking forward to you giving it a trial run on the PTS, and sending us your feedback.
Gina Bruno
Community Manager - The Elder Scrolls Online
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Staff Post
  • DDuke
    That said, we’re going to continue to be open about our plans and designs for the future of ESO.

    Could you then please let us know what your plans and designs are for the core gameplay in PvP?

    Currently damage shields and heals are everywhere in PvP and every competitive build has to use them to stay competitive, yet we learn from ESO Live that even more are coming (even to common activities, such as drinking potions or resurrecting people), and even stamina builds are getting a heal (because obviously you become a dual wielding assassin or 2H warrior to heal people...).

    Is this intentional design, that everyone should run around as a "healer tank dps" and use those means in PvP, and is anything being done to make other playstyles not revolving around healing or shielding viable?

    I have made a thread carefully explaining this on further detail under the general discussion category, it would be nice to atleast know people playing pure DPS characters aren't forgotten.

    Link to the thread:
    Decimus (European Megaserver)
  • lordrichter
    While it is possible that there will be compensation in Phase 4 for XP earned prior to Phase 3, it looks like the VRs got the shaft, at least for now. Totally unexpected.

    Ah, well, at least I don't have to do Cadwell anymore. I can put the VR1 back on the shelf and finish getting my other 2 up to Level 50.

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  • eventide03b14a_ESO
    I think it's worth asking what exactly is the goal at this point for my main? This is a problem that I encountered before with this game when I feel it's in a sort of limbo. This feeling is happening too frequently for a game that isn't even a year old yet. Essentially the only way I can see to improve my character right now is to run trials, but I can only run those a couple times a day before I'm burnt out. The Undaunted quests are usually just frustrating with PUG groups and the loot is never something I have been excited about. I am almost loathe to go back and do any quests that grant another trophy to clog my inventory up.

    Because of the horrible inventory management, terrible loot drops in PvE, and bad lag in PvP, I am starting to lose motivation to play. Playing the game means I often spend more time breaking stuff down and managing my bank and sales items or running around attempting to harvest enough flowers to craft potions with. Or debugging which of my addons is causing the problem of the day from the recent update.

    I have also accepted that the game is a hell of a lot easier to play than I initially would have wanted. This is indisputable. It essentially amounts to using light armor, a staff and the best AoE spell you can find along with a good ultimate and holding down block. I wish that I could be as successful with Bows or DW but the truth is that neither of those has the AoE output to be as effective. If the devs really want to improve the game they need to get rid of animation cancelling in all it's forms, remove block casting, and remove the AoE cap.

    I can't remember the last time I was excited to loot something. Anything worth while to loot requires a whole set and that means either repeatedly grinding the same content or if your lucky and have the patience track it down in the hopes that someone might be selling it for a reasonable price.

    Luckily I picked up Dragon Age Inquisition and while playing it, I can't help but wish that ESO was more more like it. I realize that as an MMO it has more limitations, but DAI is just stunning. The character animations alone even when running and jumping make it so immersive. There isn't any "floaty" feeling to the game when your character runs, jumps, slides down a hill or even uses their weapons. There is a distinct feeling like your character is part of and belongs to the environment. Sadly in ESO it doesn't feel that way.

    So for now I play DAI and log in once a day to collect my mats. At least I'll have enough mats for upgrades if I decide to actually commit to playing the game again.
  • WraithAzraiel
    Emencie wrote: »

    Wasn't the reward for finishing all that content the levels, gear and gold you got for running that content?

    Absolutely not, did you miss the part where I said ZOS hasn't mastered the whole "Risk vs Reward" concept yet?

    They've been making progress though; since launch they've increased the amount of gold you get for quests. But the item rewards are still abysmal.

    For instance, one of the quests on the Dominion starter island gives you a heavy armor chest piece. Which is great if you're playing a character that is using and will continue to use heavy armor. Not so much if you're playing a light armored mage or a medium armored thief or any such combination.

    They could be better, there could be options for quest rewards like other games in the past have had.

    "Congratulations, you completed "BLAH BLAH" quest! Please choose from reward X Y or Z, remember you can only choose 1 reward! Enjoy!"

    But no, it's "Here, take this thing you probably won't use and get out of here, I'm busy."

    This game is friggin AMAZING and still stands to be so much more than it is. It has all the potential to blow every other game out of the water. And I will forever be playing in hopes that I will one day see it rise to the position it deserves.

    But it's got some work to do along the way.
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