The Lost Depths DLC and Update 35 base game patch are now available to test on the PTS! Read the full patch notes here:
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PATCH NOTES V.1.1 Inc. Craglorn - From PTS

From the PTS forum for all to view here (No NDA in place)


Edit: Update was added to clarify AOE changes. Post on this copied here and updated in notes.
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We have made one small amendment to these notes. We added a couple lines to the note below, to make it more clear. (The bolded part is what we added.)
Fixed an issue with several area-of-effect abilities where they could erroneously hit an unlimited number of targets. Please note, this fix does not introduce new target caps on every area-of-effect ability. It simply fixes the very small handful that didn't have them, as all the rest did. (All area-of-effect abilities in ESO have some sort of cap.)

See the State Of The Game Address post by Matt Firor for details of how and when these will be implemented, notably;
We are in process of putting up our first major update to the game on our Play Test Server (PTS), which includes many updates to the game, including class and weapon ability tweaks, content fixes, and updates to almost all game systems. It also contains our new end-game Adventure Zone, Craglorn, with Veteran content aimed at 4 and 12-man groups. So stay tuned for PTS patch notes for all the other fixes that we’ve been working on. This is a major update to the game, so it will be on PTS for at least a week or 10 days for testing before we take it live.
Edit: PTS Patch Notes 1.1.1 posted by @Morhawk.

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Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online v1.1. This version contains our first major content update: the Adventure Zone Craglorn, as well as many other fixes and refinements.

You’ll need allies to take on the new challenges—Craglorn’s quests and exploration are designed for groups of four Veteran Rank 10+ characters.

We’ve also added our first Trials in Craglorn, 12-player adventures meant to test even the strongest heroes. In Trials, your team will have a limited number of resurrections to use as you attempt to reach the final boss. If you finish the Trial quickly, you might earn a place on the leaderboards and receive extra rewards!

Alongside the new content, we’re deploying tons of bug fixes and improvements to make your adventures in Tamriel even better. You’ll see fixes for quests and skill line abilities, updates to systems and quests in Cyrodiil (including bonuses for outnumbered alliances), and much more.

We’re looking forward to your feedback and bug reports, so get in, group up, and enjoy Craglorn and the rest of the update!


PTS Templates
Because Craglorn is intended for Veteran Rank characters, we’re providing character templates to PTS testers. To use the template, select it from the drop-down menu in the top left of the character creation screen, and then create a new character normally. When you log in, you’ll be placed in Belkarth at level 50 with the appropriate Veteran Rank, skill points to spend, and starting gear.

An Adventure Zone designed for groups of four Veteran Rank characters to explore, located between Cyrodiil and Skyrim. A new quest available in Mournhold, Wayrest, and Elden Root will lead you to the zone.

Hel Ra Citadel and the Aetherian Archive are open! Groups of 12 players can take on these difficult challenges to earn new loot and a place on the leaderboards. You can use the group finder tool to locate others for your Trial group, but be warned: you’ll need excellent coordination and skill to take on the Trials.
Groups begin a Trial with 60 Soul Reservoirs. This counter decreases when a group member resurrects, and a Soul is consumed.
The Trial fails if no Soul Reservoirs remain, and no group members are left in the Trial.
You can view this to the right of your Ultimate ability, and it only appears when you are on an in-progress Trial. You can control this in the Settings the same way you can control the Action Bar.
Trial quests give special rewards the first time they are completed each week.
When entering a Trail via means other than a door, you will be sent to the Wayshrine. This includes logging out and logging back in.
This will not affect players in the Trial staging area.
Combat with any monster in a Trial will block resurrection for group members until combat ends.

Trial Leaderboards
Trials will trigger a timer that will end when the Trial can no longer continue or is complete. This timer is used for leaderboard scoring.
Leaderboards are updated periodically (approximately every five minutes), so they may not be 100% current when viewed.
You can see your best times for all Trials via the Trial Leaderboards.
You can see the Trial Leaderboard of the top 100 times for each Trial, and the current Trial of the Week.
Friends and Guild Members will be notified via the Notification window when you improve your best time in a Trial.

Trial of the Week
The Trial of the Week starts and ends at specific times, which will be different for the North American and European megaservers.
North American Trial of the Week
Starts on Tuesdays at 2:00pm EDT
Ends on the following Tuesday at 8:00am EDT
European Trial of the Week
Starts on Tuesday at 6:00am EDT
Ends on the following Tuesday at 12:00am EDT
If you are on the Trial Leaderboard, you will be rewarded when the Trial of the Week ends and can expect your item in the mail.
A new Trial of the Week is selected at the Trial of the Week start time.
The Trial of the Week leaderboard is cleared when the new Trial of the Week begins.

Veteran Rank Updates
You can earn up to Veteran Rank 12 as you continue your adventures in Craglorn. Additionally, the veteran XP earned from killing enemies has more than doubled.

Dungeon Chest Changes
Chests within instances have undergone two changes:
Shared Chests – Each player in the group who is within 50 meters of the chest when it is unlocked will get an individual roll on the chest.
Reduced Number of Chests – Since each chest yields rewards for all group members, we have reduced the number of chests in instances to two total. Each instance will always have two chests in then, but the location of these two chests will be random within the dungeon.
These changes do not affect chests that appear in public spaces, only those within instances.

Death Recap
Death Recap has been added to the game. When your character dies, a Death Recap window will now appear. It includes vital information about what contributed to your character’s death, including the most recent damage inflicted on your character and helpful hints to avoid death in the future based on how your character just perished.

Alliance War Changes
A new population underdog bonus has been added. When your alliance is outnumbered in a campaign (determined over several days of population samples), it will receive a bonus to potential scoring and alliance points. You’ll see an indication of this bonus in the scoring UI if it is active.
The XP awarded for killing enemy player characters has been doubled.
XP rewards for completing the quest to kill 20 enemy player characters have also been increased.

High Resolution Enemy Textures
New, higher-resolution textures for all non-humanoid enemies are now available! These are viewed automatically.


Alliance War
The new Battle Level option in the gameplay settings menu allows you to choose whether you want your stats to be automatically adjusted in Cyrodiil or if you’d prefer to use the raw values of your stats.
Note: This option can only be toggled outside of Cyrodiil and its caves.
Stats that you receive through battle level bolstering in Cyrodiil and its delves have been increased.
The threshold for triggering overcharge on stats has been increased in Cyrodiil.
NPC enemies in caves and overland in Cyrodiil have been adjusted to Veteran Rank five difficulty.
Known Issue: Siege weapons are currently stackable in your inventory, but this will be reverted back to stacks of one in a future patch.

Guard NPCs
Several guards within keeps have been repositioned.
All guards in keep interiors respawn more quickly.
Keeps now contain archer-type guards.
Melee guards now throw oil that archer and mage guards can set aflame.
Honor Guards have new abilities to assist them in fending off attackers.
The keeps surrounding the Imperial City have additional guards stationed by their second-floor quartermasters.

Art & Animation
Fixed various issues of the camera popping out to third-person view while interacting with the world in first-person view.
Improved the combat interrupt animation with one-handed weapons.
Fixed various issues with the bow combat animation.
Fixed an issue where dual wielding in first-person view could cause your weapons to appear in the wrong position.
Fixed an issue where your arms could clip into your weapon or shield while stunned.
Fixed an issue with the camera shaking in first-person view while swimming.
Improved the look and feel of landing after you jump.
Improved the “closing portal” animation while your weapons are drawn.
Fixed various issues with your weapons clipping during animations.
Added /torch and /kick emotes.
Edited the following current emotes:
/eatbread is now /eat2
/apple is now /eat3

Fixed an issue with some helmets so they fit properly on Khajiit and Argonian heads.
Fixed an issue with helmets that have face masks; they will no longer clip through your character.

Fixed an issue where Abnur Tharn’s staff effects would stop functioning.
Revised the appearance of the boss’s effects in Blackheart Haven to match the radius and size of his attacks.
Improved the effects for the Elden Hollow boss.
Fixed various issues with staff effects on NPCs that would appear on incorrect locations.
Fixed an issue with the quest “Questionable Contract” in Willogrove where trails from the wisp would not appear.

Environmental Objects
Fixed an issue where you could get stuck in Shornhelm between the bellows and the wall.
Fixed an issue where you could get stuck in the wall of Brea Knodel’s house in Shornhelm.
Fixed an issue where you could encounter collision on various architecture sets.
Fixed an issue where you could get stuck falling after jumping on a ship wheel.
Fixed an issue where some rocks in Alik’r could cause you to float after running into them.

Improved the visuals of the wispmother model.
Added directional-appropriate combat animations for many monsters.
Fixed an issue on some monsters that would cause them to appear as though they were shaking.
Fixed some issues with Teethnasher’s animations at Direfrost Keep.
Fixed an issue where some monsters would not appear on screen when near the edge of your screen view.

Fixed voiceover dialog and text mismatches, missing voiceover, and typos.
Fixed issues with VO and text mismatches.
Fixed audio issues with UI, monsters, abilities, and ambience.
Added improved sounds to go along with visual effects, UI and abilities.
Corrected many issues that allowed sounds meant to be played only in an enclosed area to be heard from outside that space.
Added appropriate sounds where your screen shakes.

Combat & Gameplay
Fixed an issue where an erroneous “being resurrected” error message would sometimes appear when trying to revive a fallen ally.
Reduced the amount of item durability loss while in group combat situations (such as dungeons.)
Self-revive will now properly return you at full health, rather than 40%.
Fixed an issue where a number of abilities were not properly able to cause critical strikes.
Fixed an issue with several area-of-effect abilities where they could erroneously hit an unlimited number of targets. Please note, this fix does not introduce new target caps on every area-of-effect ability. It simply fixes the very small handful that didn't have them, as all the rest did. (All area-of-effect abilities in ESO have some sort of cap.)
Fixed an issue where a number of abilities (especially area-of-effect abilities) were not properly obeying line-of-sight rules.
Fixed an issue where taunts from separate players would not overwrite each other as they should.
Fixed an issue where the Thief Mundus Stone buff was not properly applying spell critical strike chance.
When shock damage applies a Concussion debuff to your enemy target, it also now properly reduces their damage.
Fixed several issues where recasting an ability would incorrectly stack visuals on top of each other.
Fixed an issue where monsters in the third and fourth zone of your third alliance’s content were incorrectly set to veteran rank levels 7 and 8 instead of veteran rank levels 6 and 7.
Fixed an issue where certain Mundus Stones weren’t properly applying their bonuses until you logged out and back in.
Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented abilities on your skill bar from being used after attacking a critter.
Fixed an issue where you could become unable to attack or move after attempting to resurrect another player who revives mid-way through your resurrection cast.
Fixed an issue where characters would incorrectly retain battle leveled stats until they logged out, if they leveled up to 50 in Cyrodiil.
Updated tooltips for many abilities to improve grammar, spelling, and clarity.
Monsters will no longer try to flee if they are hit with a knockback while immobilized.
Fixed an issue with battlemage monsters where they could cause you to be silenced for a long period of time, even after logging out.

Burning Breath (Fiery Breath morph): Fixed an issue where this ability was doing less damage than intended.
Burning Embers: This ability now heals you if your enemy target dies while affected by it.
Dark Talons:
This ability can now damage monsters with snare immunity.
Fixed an issue where allies were not able to activate the synergy from Dark Talons.
Inhale (and morphs): This ability’s initial life drain morphs can now hit a maximum of three targets. This also applies to Inhale’s morphs.
Petrify (and morphs): The enemy target’s health regeneration bonus while they were affected by Petrify and its morphs has been removed.
Razor Armor: Fixed an issue where this ability wasn’t granting bonus armor for the first 3.5 seconds.
Spiked Armor (and morphs): The damage return for this ability and its morphs has been increased.
Catalyst: Fixed an issue with the Catalyst passive ability. It will now properly increase the effect of speed potions.
Dark Shades (Summon Shade morph): This ability now deals more damage as the ability ranks up.
Focused Attacks: Fixed an issue where ranks II – IV of Focused Attacks were not restoring stamina.
Sap Essence (Drain Power morph): Fixed an issue where this ability where wasn’t granting the initial Weapon Damage bonus you should receive when no target is hit.
Endless Fury: This ability now restores magicka if the secondary explosion kills an enemy, in addition to the initial bolt.
Persistence: Fixed an issue this passive ability. It now properly increases the duration of the Rune Prison ability.
Rebate: Fixed an issue with this ability. It will now properly recover magicka when your summoned Winged Twilight is killed.
Summon Charged Atronach: The storm atronach summoned by this ability now increases in damage as the ability ranks up.
Aurora Javelin: Fixed an issue where Aurora Javelin was adding less damage than the intended additional 40%.
Channeled Focus: Fixed an issue where Channeled Focus was not giving the intended amount of magicka.
Cleansing Ritual: This ability’s Purify synergy will now only appear to allies that have a negative debuff that can be removed.
Master Ritualist:
Decreased this ability’s resurrection cast speed bonus.
Those who have spent Skill Points in the Master Ritualist passive will have those points returned to their overall skill point pool. You may place those Skill Points back in this ability if you wish, or invest them elsewhere.
Radiant Ward: Fixed an issue where this ability wasn’t properly progressing as it ranked up. This results in a slight increase to its damage.
Rite of Passage:
Slightly increased in healing done.
The Remembrance morph now gives allies 20% damage reduction at all ranks, rather than scaling from 16% up to 20%.
Ritual of Rebirth (Healing Ritual morph): Increased the self-healing on this Healing Ritual morph.
Spear Shards: Fixed a visual issue with this ability where the spear was falling horizontally.

Scorched Earth (Volley morph): Changed this ability’s visual FX to help it stand out better from enemy fire area-effects.
Destruction Staff
Destructive Touch (flame, frost, and shock): Increased this ability’s damage and magicka cost.
Elemental Drain:
This passive ability’s magicka restore will no longer erroneously trigger on damage-over-time ticks, or multiple times for a single ability cast.
Force Shock: Increased the damage for this ability and its morphs.
Tri Focus: Increased the amount of splash damage from shock effects that this passive ability gives.
Wall of Fire: Changed this ability’s visual FX to help it stand out better from enemy fire area-effects.
Dual Wield
Dual Wield Expert:
Updated the tooltip for this passive to display how Weapon Damage it actually increases Weapon Damage
Slightly increased the bonus damage granted by rank II of Dual Wield Expert.
Flying Blade (morph of Hidden Blade)
Increased the cost of Flying Blade. It now has the same cost as Hidden Blade.
Those who have spent Skill Points in the Flying Blade passive will have those points returned to their overall skill point pool. You may place those Skill Points back in this ability if you wish, or invest them elsewhere.
One Hand and Shield
Deadly Bash
Fixed an issue where the damage bonus coupled with a "bashing" jewelry enchant was doing too much damage.
Slightly decreased this ability’s stamina cost reduction.
Those who have spent Skill Points in the Deadly Bash passive will have those points returned to their overall skill point pool. You may place those Skill Points back in this ability if you wish, or invest them elsewhere.
Reverberating Bash (morph of Power Bash)
Fixed an issue where the Reverberating Bash morph was not properly reducing Spell Damage.
Fixed an issue where Reverberating bash was reducing Spell and Weapon Damage before the disorient effect ended.
Restoration staff
Mutagen (Regeneration morph): Fixed an issue where this ability’s heal was not applying to targets under 20% health.
Two Handed
Battle Rush: Increased the duration of this ability’s stamina recovery and decreased the recovery amount. The total amount of stamina recovered will generally be slighter higher than before, and less prone to being reduced by hitting diminishing returns.
Cleave: Fixed an issue where this ability’s damage wasn’t scaling evenly across ranks.
Rally (Momentum morph): Increased the self-healing amount granted at the end of this ability.

Light Armor
Annulment: This Ultimate ability’s damage shield now absorbs 100% of incoming Spell Damage rather than 50%. This damage shield value remains the same.

Soul Magic
Consuming Trap: This ability can no longer be used on critters to restore Health, Magicka, and Stamina.
Bat Swarm: Fixed an issue that was allowing this ability to erroneously deal damage through walls.
Vampire passive abilities will no longer stop working when your character dies.
Savage Strength I: The stamina bonus this ability provides from kills has been decreased. Savage Strength II’s bonus is unchanged.

Fighters Guild
Concentration: Fixed an error in this ability’s tooltip that incorrectly showed it as giving slightly more Spell Penetration than it was actually giving. The actual effect is unchanged.
Dawnbreaker of Smiting: Slightly decreased the damage that this ability’s higher ranks were doing.
Silver Leash:
Significantly decreased the resource cost needed to pull an enemy target after hitting it with Silver Leash.
Fixed an issue with Silver Leash where the pull effect was not working against vampire player characters.
Mages Guild
Entropy (and morphs): Significantly decreased the cost and increased the damage for this ability and its morphs.
Increased the area-of-effect damage for this ability’s Ice Comet and Shooting Star morphs.
Fixed an issue where Meteor wasn’t properly applying a crowd-control immunity to after knocking back the enemy target.
Spell Symmetry (Equilibrium morph): Increased the minimum health threshold required to use this ability.
Blood Altar: The Blood Altar morphs Overflowing Altar and Sanguine Altar now increase the Blood Feast Synergy’s healing done, rather than allowing multiple allies to channel simultaneously (Blood Feast Synergy no longer has a channeled effect.)
Blood Funnel & Blood Feast Synergy
The Blood Feast synergy will only become available to allies who are below 60% health.
Blood Funnel no longer decreases the duration of the Blood Altar when used.
This ability now heals you instantly, rather than requiring a channel time.
Spiked Bone Shield (Bone Shield morph): This ability’s damage return has been slightly increased.

Alliance War
Charging Maneuver: This ability now properly adds Weapon Damage.
Reach I: Fixed an issue where Reach I was granting slightly more range than was intended. Rank II remains unchanged.
Battle Resurrection
Fixed an issue where the Battle Resurrection was improperly usable outside of Cyrodiil.
Reduced Battle Resurrection’s Cast Speed Reduction passive.
Those who have spent Skill Points in the Battle Resurrection passive will have those points returned to their overall skill point pool. You may place those Skill Points back in this ability if you wish, or invest them elsewhere.

Item Sets
Adroitness Set: This set now properly grants magicka recovery.
Crest of Cyrodiil Set: This set now reduces your enemy target’s healing taken on melee hit by 33%.
Curse Eater Set: This set will now properly reduce the duration negative effects.
Death’s Wind Set: This set’s knockback effect will no longer apply irregularly.
Hist Bark Set: This set’s dodge effect will now properly apply while blocking.
Hunding’s Rage: Fixed an issue where this set was not increasing weapon damage by the intended amount.
Kyne’s Kiss Set: This set’s snare effect will now properly triggering with the Arrow Spray and Volley abilities.
Nightshade Set: This set will now correctly reduce the stamina cost of sneaking.
Nikulas’ Heavy Armor Set: This set will now properly reflect spell projectiles.
Oblivion’s Edge Set: This set will now properly returning soul gems on resurrect.
Prayer Shawl Set: This set’s damage shield now has the correct value, instead of zero.
Ranger’s Gait Set: This set will now properly reduce the effectiveness of incoming snares.
Robes of Onslaught Set: This set will now properly reduce the duration of snare effects.
Soulshine Set: This set’s bonus will now correctly apply to projectile spells that have a cast time.
Spectre’s Eye Set: Fixed an issue with the Spectre’s Eye item set where it was giving a greater dodge chance than stated in the tooltip.
Torug’s Pact Set: Fixed an issue with Torug’s Pact item set where it was reducing the cooldown of light and heavy attacks instead of enchantment procs.
Whitestrake’s Retribution Set: Slightly reduced the set bonus duration.

You will no longer see horses moving around without their riders.
Horses will no longer slide on occasion after landing on the ground.
You can no longer chop wood while mounted.

Crafting & Economy
Windhelm now has a Brewer, Cook, Cooking Fire, Messenger, Alchemist, Alchemy Table, Armor Smithing Table, and Shalidor.
Numerous vendors have had their wares adjusted. They now sell veteran-appropriate items while you’re in veteran zones, and do not sell veteran gear while you’re not in a veteran zone.
Extraction passive tooltips have been re-worded to better explain the benefits of upgrading the skills. Affects Blacksmith, Clothier, and Woodworker.
Reduced the fee for listing items on the guild store.

Veteran Rank 1 and Veteran Rank 5 potions now have different prefixes in their name.
Fixed an issue where Nirnroot harvest nodes would sometimes not yield any materials.

It’s now possible to craft Veteran Rank 3 heavy chest pieces.
The research icons and order in the Blacksmithing UI now match the creation list.

Fixed an issue with multiple leather types dropping from the same monsters in Veteran content.
It is now possible to craft level 44 leather chest pieces.

Added additional runestone harvest nodes to all zones in the game.
We have reduced the variety of available essence runes in lower-level zones in order to improve chances of making a usable glyphs.
We have adjusted Essence runestones so the rate at which they appear is in the world is more in line with other types of runestones.
Slightly reduced the chance to receive a negative potency runestone while harvesting.
Fixed an issue where some Veteran Rank enchantment glyphs of different tiers shared the same name.
Fixed an issue where multiple ranks of enchantment glyphs had the same level range, but different power levels.
Updated the icons for Enchanting passive skills Aspect Improvement and Potency Improvement to more closely match their associated runestone shapes.
The Absorb Stamina enchantment now correctly absorbs stamina when it’s triggered.
Fixed an issue where potency runestone harvest nodes would sometimes give the incorrect level runestone.
Fixed an issue where enchantments that increase potion effectiveness were not correctly stacking.
The value of the potion effectiveness enchants has been doubled.
Fixed issues where potion effectiveness enchants were incorrectly increasing the effect of non-restoration potions.

Recipe Improvement: Corrected a minor issue with this passive skill’s icon.
Grape Brandy now properly functions as a drink instead of a food item.
The number of usable cooking fires has been dramatically increased across all of Tamriel. No longer will you go hungry when traveling far from home.

Improved the overall level progression for crafted shields between levels 14-26.

Dungeons & Group Content
Fixed an issue where some monsters dropped no loot.

Bad Man’s Hallows
Mother Snake is now slightly easier to defeat.
Season of Harvest: Fixed an issue that could cause grouped players who were not on the correct quest step to have to fight their way back to the beginning of the area instead of being portaled back to the start by Eveline Vette.
Elden Hollow
Added an interruptible telegraph to boss abilities that can be interrupted.
Direfrost Keep
Fixed an issue where Drodda’s Apprentice would still draw health from you, despite the ability being blocked.
Fixed an issue where Drodda's Apprentice would occasionally spam the ability Dampen Magic.
Crypt of Hearts
The Skeletal Fire Mage now has the intended difficulty.
Blessed Crucible
Fixed an issue where the ability Nusana’s Shed Flames would deal damage in an area larger than the telegraph.
Fixed an issue where the Incineration Beetle would not turn to face its victim when casting the ability Mandible Bite.
Fixed an issue where the Guardian Centurions would not always reset after your group died.

Veteran Dungeons
Veteran Fungal Grotto
Fixed an issue where you could break the portal if you used /stuck as you were getting pulled in.
Fixed an issue where a boss ability was missing its icon.
Fixed issue where the boss would reset if the taunting player is pulled into the Shadow Realm.
Veteran Spindleclutch
Fixed an issue where Vorenor Winterbourne was partially visible when he should not have been.
Fixed an issue where Praxin Douare's adds did not have the intended difficulty.
Veteran Banished Cells
The boss, Maw of the Infernal, now requires you to be within melee range to hit him with melee attacks.
Veteran Elden Hollow
Fixed an issue where Kargand was not visible for those that weren’t on the quest.
Fixed an issue where there was no portal out of the Daedric Realm until you killed Murklight.
Veteran Darkshade Caverns
Fixed an issue where you would get stuck in the engine room after killing The Engine Guardian.
Fixed an issue if you got locked out of the Engine Room as the fight starts, and were killed through the door. The boss will now properly reset if everyone inside the room is dead.
Fixed an issue where the quest 'What Was Lost' could break if whoever Shatasha is following logs out.

Exploration & Itemization
Some Treasure Maps have had their images adjusted to better match their in-game locations, which include:
Grahtwood III
GreenShade V
Reaper’s March III
Stros M’Kai II

Fixed several issues with Fishing Achievements, including text errors, duplicate fish, tooltip information, and making unattainable Fishing Achievements achievable.
Fish no longer have a level requirement.
Fish now have category icons based on their type and water source.
High level cloth harvest nodes can now drop bugs for bait, similar to lower level nodes.
You will no longer lose your fishing rod after you’re done fishing.

Interactable World Objects
[*] Interactable bookshelves will all now have a book in them, as expected.
[*] Interacting with any food item (bowl, plate, dish, etc.) only causes the food item to disappear, not the item it was in.
[*] Interacting with any empty bottle will now properly display text that shows the bottle is empty.
[*] Trunks in Coldharbour will now appear in an open state when they’re empty.
[*] Fixed some resource nodes that were previously floating or in an odd position.[/list]

The rate at which you can earn racial motifs and provisioning recipes from lootable containers and furniture has been slightly reduced.
Enchantment drops have been adjusted so that Veteran-ranked enchantments drop from Veteran-ranked monsters.
Many crates, barrels, etc. will now yield Provisioning materials, regardless of your level.
Heavy Sacks will now properly always drop some kind of crafting material.
Heavy Crates in Coldharbour will now always yield some kind of reward.
Fixed a few typos in items’ flavor text, including the following:
Various raw materials and ingredients
Hefty Bonestrewn Gauntlets
Kwama Shepherd’s Charm
The “Draught of Intoxicating Strength” has been removed from the game.
Fixed an issue where some group bosses, and bosses in delves had incorrect qualities and/or Veteran ranks while in Silver or Gold content.
Veteran-rank monsters will now correctly drop Veteran-rank potions.

Safeguards have been added to many quest steps to help prevent you from being blocked if you log out, abandon the quest, or die during theatre scenes.
Fixed issues to add or correct quest markers and compass pins.
Fixed many places where you could get stuck on buildings, rocks, or other assets; fall through the world; allowed you to reach what is intended to be unplayable areas; and floating bushes, trees, and other objects.

Main Quest
Fixed an issue if you had a summoned pet, it could potentially be grabbed by an invisible Molag-Bal and get stuck in a floating posture.
The Dangerous Past: Monsters will now drop loot when you kill them.
God of Schemes: The doors now work if you die while in Heart’s Grief Vestibule.
Castle of the Worm: Lyris will now reappear if you die before going into the cistern.
Castle of the Worm: The difficulty of the monsters has been reduced.
Shadow of Sancre Tor: The theatre scene at the end will now complete, and the quest will advance appropriately.
Heart’s Grief: The difficulty of the Skeletal Battlemages has been reduced.
Valley of the Blades: Added a map for The Ancestral Cave.

Alik’r Desert
The Oldest Orc: Gurlak no longer disappears when you free him.
Left at the Altar: Narrows-His-Eyes now attacks you when Uncle Thakh tells him to.
Lizard Race: Updated the conversations to highlight your ability to trade for a different lizard.
Master of Leki’s Blade: Apprentice Smith Roccan now properly remains in the realm of the living instead of appearing in the dream realm.
Morwha’s Curse: You’ll now get all your quest items back when you return to Talia after leaving the area early.
Trouble at the Rain Catchers: You must now wait for Overseer Jahi to reach his destination to speak to him and in order to advance the quest.
Trouble at the Rain Catchers: Naserian now remains on the ground when you kill him - it was not a flesh wound.
Temple’s Treasures: Unique quest items are now removed from your inventory at the right time.
Kingdom in Mourning: The portal to Evermore no longer disappears until you’ve completed that phase of the quest.
Tears of the Dishonored: Islaif, Thadret, and Hillid are now armed with weapons when they attack you.
Past in Ruins: The Ancient Blade will not appear in your inventory until you actually pick it up.
Whose Wedding?: This quest will now advance properly when you force Wildur the Ungodly to flee from combat.
The Impervious Vault: Gabrielle Beneles will now properly resume the ritual if you die during her first attempt.

The Serpent’s Beacon: After completing the quest, you will be able to re-enter the lighthouse.
Harsh Lesson: You can now use the door in Saltspray Cave without finishing the quest.
Harsh Lesson: Increased the XP and gold rewards.
Silsailen Rescue: You will no longer take damage from extinguished fires.
The Veil Falls: Ondicantar and Neraronald will now consistently attack you.
Depths of Madness: Fixed several areas that would cause you to accidentally exit the zone and fail the quests.
Depths of Madness: Fixed various issues with Sanessalmo speaking at incorrect times throughout all three quest steps.
Errinorne Isle: Fixed several cooking fires that you could not interact with.
College of Aldmeri Propriety : Fixed several issues where NPCs were either blocking or using crafting tables, and interfering with your ability to use them.
Through the Ashes: Fixed several issues with broken or missing quest pins.
Del’s Claim: Fixed an issue that would make the journal quest bestower difficult to target.
The Unveiling: Fixed several issues with broken theater scenes and incorrect greetings from NPCs.
Phaer: Fixed several issues with quest items missing their descriptions or tool tips, and missing or incorrect VO.
Shattered Grove: Fixed an issue where the bear would not transform into the lead daedra when knocked down, knocked back, or stunned after he drops below 50% health on “Kill the Daedra leader.”
The Veil Falls: Fixed an issue where upon quest completion, a conversation could be had with Razum-dar that grants a quest that shouldn’t actually happen until after Dawnbreak is completed.
South Beacon: The Serpent’s Beacon: Fixed an issue where the rescued Legionnaire’s dialogue would not match the situation of the quest.
A Hostile Situation: Fixed an issue where the first two Heritance soldiers would stay focused on Battlereeve Urcelmo, completely ignoring you.
The Mallari-Mora: Fixed an issue where the student’s dialogue window would close before you could make a choice on how to proceed.

Bal Foyen
Unorthodox Tactics: Fixed an issue if you used Treated Netch Eggs from a distance on a group of foes, the Bull Netch wouldn’t attack the Covenant but would follow you instead.

A Marriage in Ruins: The door exiting Nilata Ruins will now actually allow you to exit.
Leading the Stand: The quest giving Strange Crow will now properly reappear if you abandon the quest before speaking to the Queen.
Beyond the Call: Hatmi will now properly go away if you abandon the quest before talking to her.
The Shifting Sands of Fate: Grandeya Nuwarrah will now properly restart her speech if you leave or log while she’s speaking.
Conflicted Emotions: Zaag will no longer vanish when you approach him to start the quest.
The Covenant Infiltrator: Spymaster Geta now appears properly during this quest.
Viridian Hideaway: You can now properly interact with the clothing and woodworking stations.
The Will of the Woods: You will now fail the quest if Princess Elara dies.
Summoner’s Camp: Defeating Caecilia Attius and the Watcher Tyrant will now properly credit the achievement.
A City in Black: Fixed an issue where Bjoulsae Queen’s door would be useable before you had the key for it.
The Heart of the Beast: Fixed various issues with broken theater scenes during the ritual.
The Heart of the Beast: Fixed an issue where the Wyresses would take a long time to arrive at the shrine, potentially leading you to believe the quest was blocked.
The Charge of Evermore: Fixed an issue where you could activate the Grisly Totem from far away.
A Marriage in Ruins: Fixed an issue where you could enter Nilata before having the appropriate quest step.
A Marriage in Ruins: Fixed an issue where you could skip past Unbind the Sacrifices and run straight to Adeena, yet neither Adeena nor Izzara would acknowledge this.
The Waking Darkness: Fixed an issue where Preinrha would take an excessively long time to spawn.

Prove Your Worth: Fixed an issue that made it relatively easy for you to be accidentally killed during the duel.
Unearthing the Past: Fixed an issue if you had already completed the quest and group teleported, you could end up in the wrong layer of Carzog’s Demise.
Unearthing the Past: Fixed an issue where you would be unaware that you had to learn the King’s plans to summon an undead army prior to attempting to open the sanctuary door, giving you the impression that you were stuck.

Tracking the Game: Fixed an issue where the quest steps to track Hoknir’s belongings and to use meat to lure Deathclaw were listed out of order, potentially causing some confusion.
Hozzin’s Folly: Fixed an issue with the fire traps where you would either take no damage when standing on them, or would take damage when standing a distance away. You will now be burned appropriately.

Crossing the Chasm: Destroying the Focus Stones is now group shared.
The Endless War: Heritance Chillrender and Cutthroat will now give quest credit.
The Citadel Must Fall: Hints have been added and the compass now shows the correct location for Lyranth.
The Citadel Must Fall: Fixed an issue if you died in this location, you would be taken to the Shrouded Plains Wayshrine instead of the Reaver Citadel Wayshrine
Reaver Citadel: Fixed an issue where you would be unable to exit this area once starting the quest step “Enter the Pyramid.”
Tower of Lies: Fixed an issue where you could run through the barrier at the end of the tower.

The Seal of Three: You can now leave the Temple if you don’t talk to Almalexia.
Honor Bound: Fixed an issue where you would have to wait 5 minutes or more for Commoners and Monks to respawn .
Cold-Blooded Vengeance: Fixed an issue where you could burn the same boat repeatedly.
Onward to Shadowfen: Fixed an issue where the quest would not advance properly if you entered Shadowfen via wayshrine or group fast travel mechanics.

In Search of Kireth Vanos: You can now complete the quest after logging out and back in while in Mzulft.
Merriment and Mystery: You can now find Ralduf.
Our Poor Town: This quest will no longer be blocked if Torchbug Wings are collected prior to killing Asmalah.
Best of the Best: Fixed an issue if you died while killing the rabbits, your quest counter would stop working and you’d be unable to complete the quest.

The Lost Patrol: Fixed an issue where a quest was indicated, but you could not interact with the dead Lion Guard Officer. You can now obtain a quest from the officer.
Angof the Gravesinger: Gabrielle Benele will now properly assist you in fighting Angof.
Pride of the Lion Guard: Fixed an issue where the quest indicator did not include the area where Recruit Gorak could be found.
Mastering the Talisman: Fixed an issue where you would sometimes be unable to interact with the revelation pool.

Enemies at the Gate: Fixed an issue where some Brigands were not giving quest credit when killed.
The Grip of Madness: Daraneth will no longer turn invisible after transforming the scout.

Thodundor’s View: Thodundor will properly respawn if he is knocked off the ledge.

Malabal Tor
The Summer Site: If you’re in a small group, you will no longer have your progress blocked when a group member talks to Farandare.
Restore the Silvenar: You can now help others defeat the bosses without causing your own quest to fail.
Restore the Silvenar: Reduced the difficulty of the fight with Silvenar Past.
Abamath: Fixed an issue if you knocked Cassia Varo into the water, and quest progression would be blocked.

Mages Guild
Firsthold: Fixed an issue where Lothdush could be attacked if you were a member of the Aldmeri Dominion.

Reaper’s March
Stonefire Machinations: Killing the enemies before all group members have interacted with the quest objects will no longer prevent the quest from advancing.
Stonefire Machinations: Adjusted the Mane Akkhuz-ri boss fight so it’s not nearly impossible once he summons the Shade and Infernal.
S’ren-ja: Added graveyards to Rakhad’s Hideout, Ezzak’s Bandits Cave, and Skooma Lab.
To Moonmont: This quest is now set to the correct level.
Down the Skeever Hole: Talking to Herdor will now advance the quest.
Motes in the Moonlight: Fixed an issue where Dark Mane would reset after summoning his dogs.
Pa’alat: Fixed an issue that would cause a giant scorpion to move within agro range and attack you mid-conversation.
Haunting of Kalari: Fixed an issue where you would be given prompts to interact with Cub Tales and Distribution Notes even when you were not on the quest.

Shornhelm Divided: You can now free Skordo the Knife and progress through the quest.
Shornhelm Divided: Count Verandis Ravenwatch will now close the portal when he says he does.
Shornhelm Divided: Verandis will now reappear if you die while inside Fevered Mews.
The Lightless Remnan : Moving too close to the door will no longer cause Verandis and Gwendis to reset and begin their conversation over.
Dream-walk into Darkness: There is now a door to exit the dream.
Rusty Daggers: The pond attack will now reset correctly if you run away, die and resurrect at a wayshrine, or log out.
A Traitor’s Tale: The Scholar will now reappear if you die before reaching the central tower.
Hope Lost: You can now find Adusa.
Archaic Relics: Edweg will appear appropriately for everyone in a group that’s on the step “Talk to Edweg.”
Hope Lost: The quest no longer advances when you log out, die, or leave the area with a follower.
Shrouded Pass: Fixed an issue where you could not interact with the Shrouded Pass wayshrine.

A Final Release: If you’ve completed White Rose Prison, you are now able to complete this quest.
Vigil’s End: You can no longer interrupt the theatre scene between the Enchanter and the Ayleid Knight.
Riches Beyond Measure: Increased the quest level and monster level to be appropriate for the region.
Deep Graves: Fixed an issue where some monsters were under-leveled.

Rending Flames: Mavos Siloreth will now teleport you to Ash Mountain when you ask to be sent back.
The Death of Balreth: Updated the quest pins when fighting Malreth.
The Wizard's Tome: Updated the quest pin to more accurately guide you to the spellbook.

Curse of Skulls: Skulls will no longer disappear if someone else activates them.
The Perfect Burial: Fixed an issue where there were far too few mudcrabs to support everyone on this quest.

Stros M’Kai
The Grave: Fixed an issue that caused enemy NPCs to respawn at a faster rate than intended.
Innocent Scoundrel: Fixed an issue where Irien would not spawn during the quest step “Meet Jakarn at the Inn,” making it impossible to complete the hint step “Talk to Irien.”
The Grave: If you play with fire, you’ll get burned! The fire traps will now consistently damage you.

The Rift
Pinepeak Caverns: You can now properly complete the quest with Deekonus in all situations.
Returning Winter’s Bite: This quest will now advance properly if you already have Winter’s Bite in your inventory.
Returning Winter’s Bite: Fixed an issue where the boss Thorfa could potentially not respawn for several minutes.
Breaking the Coven: Eyeballs will no longer duplicate themselves within your inventory.
A Walk Above the Clouds: If you die to the boss, you will be able to use the kindling and light fires again.
Yngrel the Bloody: Fixed an issue where the boss Yngrel could potentially not spawn for several minutes.

You will no longer see horses moving around without their riders.
Horses will no longer slide on occasion when landing.
You can no longer chop wood while mounted.

Revised the messaging when you use /stuck so the text gives you clearer feedback.
Fixed an issue when you turned in a quest to an NPC and leveled up, and the experience bar would still appear to be full.
Fixed an issue when launching the game in full screen, and occasionally you would be using the incorrect resolution.
If you lose focus of the game (due to clicking outside of the game window), clicking back on the game window will now take into account if you clicked something on the HUD. It will use this to determine whether you should be put into the mouse cursor mode or targeting mode.
For example, clicking on the chat window while the game is out of focus, will bring the game back into focus with the cursor. Clicking on the world while the game is out of focus, will bring the game back into focus with the target reticle.

Alliance War
Fixed an issue if you took all the resources of a keep in Cyrodiil around the same time, the icons would not update in real time.
Fixed an issue after setting a home campaign, and the Overview UI would overlay on top of the screen.

All chat messages are now limited to 350 characters.

Fixed an issue where veteran-rank stat increases were not displaying in the UI.
Fixed an issue where some Mundus Stone buffs were appearing incorrectly in the UI.
Note: This did not affect your stats.
Fixed an issue where you would occasionally have the prompt to resurrect an ally, even if you were significantly out of range.
The player-to-player prompt now indicates when a target is being resurrected, and when they have already received a resurrection.

Added a new overhead icon for group leaders.

Fixed an issue where some light chest armor and shields that were combined with gold quality magicka enchantments appeared incorrectly in the UI
Note: This did not affect your stats.

Fixed an issue where items with no sell value would still display a value in the item tooltip.
Addressed minor text issues in trait tooltips on clothing stations.
  • Moonraker
    Holy patch notes.
    Yep, they are really substantial with many fixes, changes and development with the new content.
  • driosketch
    And this isn't even everything they are working on.
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  • Orchish
    No fix for Battlefield Mobility yet? :| Hoping this isn't just broken on my character alone.
  • Rhoric
    They didn't mention Fulfilling One's Fate quest in Malabal Tor and that has been broken for sometime now.
  • XDem
    Looking good. Thanks for reporting!
  • felixgamingx1
    And what about the bots?
  • Maarek
    Nothing about adding more guild ranks or bank permissions though :( Oh well, maybe next time...
  • Coolits
    Impressive patch indeed :o
  • drakuel1ub17_ESO
    Nice... Finally a real patch up to PTS... Even if half of this gets through successful I am a happy customer.. This is what we need real underlying fixes.. I hope the PTS testers really test and give the development team even more to chew on during this test..

    I want to see a ton more testing and fixing done on Nightblade/Vampire/Werewolf skill lines and passives.. Please use Mods with your feedback to show them what is happening in real time.

  • joanjett
    Nice! B) Keep it coming!
    When some wild-eyed, eight-foot-tall maniac grabs your neck, taps the back of your favorite head up against the barroom wall, and he looks you crooked in the eye and he asks you if ya paid your dues, you just stare that big sucker right back in the eye, and you remember what ol' Jack Burton always says at a time like that: "Have ya paid your dues, Jack?" "Yessir, the check is in the mail."
  • RedTalon
    =Just drools at the changes...=

    Think I should stop being lazy and look for a guild.
  • LazerusKI
    so many bugfixes
    im so happy <3
  • Ixinho
    niec patch but damn, cant you fix those achievements problems with daggerfall lands
  • ilyth
    Added additional runestone harvest nodes to all zones in the game.
    We have reduced the variety of available essence runes in lower-level zones in order to improve chances of making a usable glyphs.
    We have adjusted Essence runestones so the rate at which they appear is in the world is more in line with other types of runestones."

    I really hope this means we get to have more Aspect runes.
  • Swampster
    I'm still waiting for a patch notes that says:

    Fixed issue where some players are unable to recall to or to enter dungeons due to incorrect veteran status being applied (or not appled).

    I mean it's only been like 9 days since I've been able to play my main character! :(
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  • davidetombab16_ESO
    where is the patch for balance in pvp? Forget my money, I do not care anything about pve.
  • Ragnar_Lodbrok
    I love how there are no nerfs to abilities that certain pvpers have been crying over. I guess those abilities (with exception of some fix(not nerf) to bash) are working as intended.
  • maholi
    Alliance War Changes
    A new population underdog bonus has been added. When your alliance is outnumbered in a campaign (determined over several days of population samples), it will receive a bonus to potential scoring and alliance points.

    I am skeptical of this. As it stands now on DB, Ebonheart Pact (I LOVE you guys)- which consists of about 5-10 players (heh), usually dominate on alliance points because they can go kill people whenever they want. We (AD) have so many people to choose from (to be killed) :P. They also do not have to worry about diminishing returns like we do.

    Edited by maholi on April 25, 2014 10:22PM
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