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Bank Account Being Charged?

Community Manager
Upon setting up your subscription plan you may see an initial transaction against your account however this transaction is only temporary. The charge represents an authorization check against the account provided and will be removed once the authorization check is complete.

Exceptions to this general rule are Webmoney, ideal, PaySafeCard, and Giropay.

We want everyone who purchased ESO to have immediate access to the included 30 days of ESO game time. In the event that you enter your payment information for authorization and the transaction cancels due to lack of funds in your account, please contact our Support Team. We’ll work with you to ensure you have access to your included 30 days of game time.

Please ensure that you have attempted to enter payment information and had the transaction fail due to lack of funds before submitting a help request. We will get you into the game and playing as soon as possible.

We require you to choose a subscription option and enter valid payment information. For credit cards, debit cards and PayPal there is no charge made until after your included 30 days of game time has expired. For these payment methods, there is an authorization check performed to ensure the payment method is valid. You may see a temporary account authorization hold put on funds in your account while the verification completes. Usually this authorization hold lasts a short period of time before being removed. It can vary from bank to bank.

If you prefer to use one of the following payment methods, payment is processed at the time of selecting your preferred subscription plan.
  • Game Time Cards [via Retailer]
  • GiroPay
  • iDeal
  • Paysafe Card
  • WebMoney
Jessica Folsom
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Staff Post
  • RingobloodtheOld
    Kortak wrote: »
    Why do i need to insert a game card code already. I still have 30 days left bought with the game.

    So why do i need to insert a code to continue to play before 6 april??????

    You dont. it is to set up ur payment plan to start in May.
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  • meaghs
    neither does LOTRO... or any other that i've gamed. Normally on activating you choose which option, cc or game card, however you don't need to register a game card until the first 30 days is up. Can anyone confirm that you get your game time plus the thirty days included in the initial purchase?
  • Bragauk
    I would love to know the same thing as everyone else here. I did not see anywhere that it was going to charge me now for something that does not start for 30 days. I also am seeing that I have 29 days left which goes against what they said for the extension for early release. I think we need to see an official response on this please.
  • wllstrt75b14_ESO
    The concept of people liking their game and paying based on that is too foreign for them, and with their idea of customer service I can understand that ideology.

    They want your money now :) but wait they will give it back to you in a few days..cause that makes a whole lot of sense! yes you have the money now cool play and we will just assume that you will have the money when it is time to pay.

    The whole idea is to verify if the account is valid, the that's why most companies that do this use $.01
    However Zenimax is too lazy to change payment schedules or prices in their automated process for a weekend so the keep it at the full price.

    It is either there too lazy or they are too scared they will break it if the change it :)

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