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Someone should have said it. The Daggerfall Paladin Costume is terrible.

Yes, I am not a professional concept artist. And no, I am not a fan of everything shining and pretentious. But this costume is an event award of the whole season, and it looks like it was taken from somewhere from canceled models. Dragonguard berserk is better. Dufort's new armor looks better. Yes, anything looks better. And this suit is too flat, completely unsightly in terms of design. I don't know how to put it, sorry.
  • Soarora
    I think it looks okay but I’m not sure how it dyes. Still confused why they went with hot pink/red of all colors… gold would’ve made far more sense. Personally I think it’d look a lot better if:
    - it was not an unnatural color
    - it had a different helmet completely
    - the chestplate gave more of a “snatched waist” look like the Ascendent Lord has in the cinematics, since we don’t have many armor in-game that gives that effect, let alone an armor costume
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  • Grandchamp1989
    Hmm.. How many tickets will it cost to get the costume?
  • Aisleyne
    Hmm.. How many tickets will it cost to get the costume?

    Should be 45. 15 for the pet, 30 for the costume parts to morph it.
  • SkaraMinoc
    Is it red or pink?


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  • OolongSnakeTea
    For a costume that is the reward for participating in multiple events, it looks kinda bad - at least on a 1st glance. Maybe it is animated or has some cool visual effect or something. It is kinda hard to judge just by seeing a static picture from one side.

    Also - even if it looks cool after dying - it is a costume, so it requires either ESO+ to be able to dye it, or a preset from crown store - bottom line - rl cash to make it look good.

    Btw. Is this the top - tier reward for this year's events ? If so, then it is kinda um... "meh" as last year we got a house - Doomchar Plateau.

    No this is in replacement of the Presonaility from last year. Winter Holiday will be our 'House' reward, or whatever they decide to go with.
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  • chessalavakia_ESO
    SkadiMZ wrote: »
    My general impression is that PvP players enjoy wearing outfits that attract lots of attention and might otherwise not be very appealing.

    It works nicely for PvP events as it provides something PvP players may want and it allows other people to skip.

    The way this is phrased suggests to me that you are not a PVPer and I just wanted to say how nice your take was. PVP and the costume may not be your thing but you're happy for others who might like it.

    Good job by you!

    Yeah, only PvP I do anymore is to get my 450 monthly transmutes. I used to do BG's where I noticed the appearance of my team tended to correlate with performance.
  • Mesite
    I saw it and thought, I don't usually like PvP but I'm going to have to do it to get that costume.

    Luckily no one can hear my thoughts.
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