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Upcoming Changes to Battleground Queues

  • Alchimiste1
    Exactly, why are we catering to the people know can't follow the rules of the game and be part of a group? If they can't follow the objectives just ban em don't take away options from everyone else.

  • Amottica

    If those that queue for a random BG are used to fill DM groups then the data that needs to be reviewed is how many players or groups queued for DM vs how many queued for randoms. If the number of players queuing for DMs is low but the number of DM matches is high then the system is designed to pander to the minority at the expense of the majority.

    Another way to test this is to have the DM queue exclusive to those queueing for DM. However, if that queue is slow to pop then DM players may just queue for a random and keep on doing DM.

    It is good to test and see where the numbers lay.
  • MaxJrFTW
    Nice! At least I'll have something to play from the 20th to the 28th.
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  • kilroy5250
    I hate deathmatch. I like all the others. I'm sure I won't be missed, but there is a part of the game I won't be able to enjoy for a while.

    Too bad. Thanks for the heads up though. At least I get to skip what is a grind for me.
  • Hexquisite
    I mostly solo que for BGS, as such, I get many players on my team who really want to play the objectives. I rarely get grouped with the same people. So there are a lot of people out there who like Flag Games.

    To those that hate Deathmatch, they aren't that bad IMHO--I'm guessing maybe it is the killing and how toxic some people can be, BUT most of my death matches actually have very few kills from any teams, it is not like when you see Crazy King Matches with players who have 35 kills because they ignore the objectives.
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  • VixxVexx
    Finally, now make it no proc or give us rulesets.

    Give the objective gamers the possibilty to queue for fungrounds (no dm), so they can get their participation reward for playing tag.
  • tomofhyrule
    I understand it. Not thrilled about it, but then again I don't really play BGs outside of MYM. But when I do, Deathmatch is by far my least favorite mode - I favor playing more tanky and don't really have the damage or burst to match, so I usually end up with a bunch of assists and very few actual kills. DM games do tend to leave support players hanging. If this holds, I can't really see myself doing battlegrounds. At least in Cyrodiil and the IC there are quests that go beyond "kill other people."

    My big question would be the achievements and collectibles - with this test (change?), pretty well every achievement that requires one of the other modes, and all of the dyes/outfit styles that drop from the other modes, will be unobtainable. Does that mean they will be moved to DM games? Will they just be wholesale deleted? At least I'm glad I already got my firedrake styles, but pity that I don't have those dyes yet (though at 100 relics, I don't think I'll ever get them... Hey ZOS, these are the only three perfectly matte dyes - can you make more? They are surprisingly good on certain things, but so hard to get)

    If the BG modes were up to me, I'd think that making the group be objective and the solo be DM would be a good way to help. I know a lot of BG players would like to keep DM groups, but that also seems to be where the toxicity is coming from. I know when I've been in premades with my friends, we didn't do much strategizing in DM games beyond "purple is squishy, go for them," whereas in the other modes, we're constantly on comms trying to figure out who'll guard base or which flag to go for or the like. DM always ended up turning into a bit of a free-for-all, usually where one team would just wipe the floor with the others. It may not be the most favored option for the elite BG players if it were solo DM/group objective, but that might end up making it more fair to all players and then still allow for people to play the objectives.

    Pity. I did really like Chaosball/Crazy King modes. Capture the Relic though? Won't really miss it (but I wish I could get that dye...)

    Although here's a thought - a lot of players go for DM (and turn the other modes into DM) because they just want to kill other players. What about adding ranked duelling arenas or free-for-alls? I know a lot of PvPers talk about how IC is just a gankfest and Cyrodiil is too big, while they're looking for more small-scale PvP. Adding a ranked 1v1 duel probably won't take away from the population too much, but it would still be giving the PvP population something they want.
  • Zabagad
    OK - it looks like ZOS is open to do something with BG.
    So maybe it's not 100% a waste of time to give you my input?

    I am playing PvP in cyro for ~2 years now and I never entered a BG so far.
    Why? Because I would be totaly lost what I have to do in a non deathmatch mode.
    Maybe it's my age, or my personality, but I don't like to do something without knowing what to do.
    And maybe there are other ppl like me?

    If you would create a tutorial (like you did for Volendrung) where I can explore one map - and it shows me what I have to do and where I have to go and so on, I have had played BG for sure.
    But so I was many times close to enter (events), but every time I descided at the end that it's to much stress for me.

    So I would like to use the chance to enter the BGs during your test, because I would at least know that I only have to kill.
    But this point is true for me too:
    I don't like that I can't use my Cyrodiil setups in BGs, because you removed proc sets from Ravenwatch.

    Maybe I try it with one of my pre U31 builds...?
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  • Andyhunter21
    rbfrgsp wrote: »
    Further dumbing down and pandering to the toxic elements of the playerbase? Strong leadership, GG.

    Exactly! What are they thinking? They can't be this desperate or maybe they can I guess.
  • Treeshka
    So basically all the achievements that can only be completed in other modes can not be completed for this period of time i guess.
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