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Upcoming Changes to Battleground Queues

  • Lordtalon90
    Soul Shriven
    That's cool, we like to be able to select deathwatch only. But can we please get some more battlegrounds maps? We haven't had any since either Morrowind or Summerset I believe. Private queues for tournaments would be nice too but I'm not asking for too much
  • Merforum
    Elyox wrote: »
    Welp, it's not like I was playing BGs anyway... *because* people treat every game like a Deathmatch. Which has ALWAYS been the case.

    It was marginally ok during "all solo can pick game mode". Honestly tho, there isn't a simple solution to this problem.

    Well, I have a solution but no one will like it:

    Group only Deathmatch queue.
    Solo for all other game modes.


    Group only bad modes and solo only deathmatch :D

    Yes but you have that backwards, group/solo for deathmatch, and solo only for random (and making sure random solos are NOT backfilling deathamatch queue). Then everyone is happy.
  • moo_2021
    Well, I have a solution but no one will like it:

    Group only Deathmatch queue.
    Solo for all other game modes.

    I like deathmatch and all, but this is the wrong approach. First Zos forces all the DMers into the war games and ruins the experience for those who like them. Now they're just flat out removing war games to appease the DMers. Removing 80% of BG content is not an improvement.

    They should have made a solo and group DM queue and a solo war games queue.

    Totally agree. If any group joins solo they could be guaranteed to join the same game together but the group should be split randomly across 3 teams.
  • jaws343
    I'll definitely be playing BGs more with this update. The non Deathmatch modes are horribly balanced towards avoidance of conflict, especially tankier characters. And without being able to decide the match type you wanted, the imbalance in some of the game modes was staggering at times. Nothing like being able to do almost no damage to the chaos ball carrier, or being completely unable to kill the tank sitting in front of the relic for 15 straight minutes.
  • clearly

    You will also no longer be able to choose a game type; this is to reduce the risk of further splintering the queue on top of the Group or Solo options. We look forward to seeing you all back in groups in the Battlegrounds, and we will continue to monitor the feedback and participation after this change goes up with U28.

    only took one full year to realize [snip]

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  • method__01
    about damn time
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  • SirLeeMinion
    Hmm... I liked the other modes, but oh well. I don't expect this change will add to BG interest, but we'll see.

    What I'd really like to see is the solo queue placed as default and the group queue the one you switch to enter. I've been amazed how few guildies know a solo option exists. I generally exit the solo queue after about five minutes and join the team queue solo just to get a match. As a result, I've mostly given up on BGs.
  • Anyammis
    Decimus wrote: »
    A big problem with the existing game modes is that they actively discourage PvP.

    Fighting for a flag is always going to be worse than going for an empty flag and avoiding PvP.

    Why? Because the respawn times are too fast and people you killed will just move on to an empty flag on the other side of the map.

    The 3-way format also efficiently kills the PvP element when it comes to objective games - while you are fighting for the objective in one of the Capture the Relic spawns (infinitely, because of the fast respawn times - you can wipe an entire team only to have a respawner interrupt you), the 3rd team will just walk to your empty relic and cap it. This is not "strategic" nor fun, and just discourages people from engaging in PvP

    These game modes need a complete revamp, and this game still needs a 2v2/3v3 arena format with proper performance based leaderboard (i.e. not how much one plays but how well they play).

    I agree a lot with this as well which is why I feel them rethinking objectives is important. Making objectives interactive and requiring a mix of strategy and pvp power is important, not just blindly fighting or objectives that can be won by playing avoid the mob. I know comparable games/game modes to eso often have games like relic cap be more like both teams have a cart going from point a to point b, the teams have to strategize to stop/slow the enemy cart while also pushing theirs along, both require teams to fight eachother to win but it also requires the strategy of not having too many defend (meaning your cart never moves) or too many go aggro (meaning the enemy team can speed their cart along uncontested). Giving objectives battle buffs also helps, maybe even a objective where npcs interfere or carry their own buffs if slain forcing teams to fight eachother for the last hit of the mob. They have a lot of options out there and I hope they find good feedback in this thread.
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  • xDeusEJRx
    Update is whatever. Either way I get kills because I just kill anyone who comes near the objective. This just makes it easier for me. I'm just happy there's gonna be no more 40k-50k health block tanks joining games being annoying since they won't be able to actually contribute to TDM. It's annoying getting hit with 20k hrothgars because of block tank builds in BGS
    Solo PvP'er, GM of Holy Grail Seekers. PS4 NA player
  • SkaraMinoc
    Thank you for listening and taking a step in the right direction with this experiment.
    RIP Deathmatch Queue, September 2021 - March 2022, You Will Be Remembered
  • vesselwiththepestle
    I don't like that I can't use my Cyrodiil setups in BGs, because you removed proc sets from Ravenwatch. Either remove proc sets from Battle Grounds, too, or, well, I guess I won't play BGs anymore whatever queue modes you add or remove.
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  • Taggund
    The problem with BGs is the solo queue can take forever, so you have to choose the group queue to get anything. Solo should be the default option, and groups should be able to take the drop down for that queue.

    However as a objective based pvp player, deathmatch only just does not offer a good alternative. Lately I've been leveling my alts in BGs, and now if deathmatch is the only option, i'll most likely avoid that till the "test" is over. It is OK to be an option, but not the only option.
  • Rittings
    Hmmm a few things will go missing with this change though...

    Achievements & Titles & Dyes
    Style Pages that are connected to their respective game modes

    What is to become of these? Are they going to be possible to attain in Deathmatch modes??

    Why not make it a "fuzzy" queue? So... you can basically queue for multiple modes at the same time (so if I wanted to avoid Deathmatch, I just queue for Flag and Land grab games... a bit like the option when queuing for specific dungeons :)
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