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12 person group limit? Whaaaaaat?

  • zaria
    beadabow wrote: »
    I read about the group size limit reduction in the change notes and immediately thought: "There goes the guild meetings and dueling tournaments in player homes". I think the only work around is making multiple smaller groups - which doesn't work well for discord users. Is it really going to improve performance? I appreciate the effort, but this is not a good sacrifice. Find performance somewhere else.
    Server performance is not an issue overland,
    See this as an because 12 is limit in trials and also in Cyrodil but it did not helped performance there but we keep it because.

    Mansions has an pop limit of 24 and some are probably so large say don't cover it. Zone include the zone its in.
    Well can we get our crowns back :smiley:
    Grinding just make you go in circles.
    Asking ZoS for nerfs is as stupid as asking for close air support from the death star.
  • Anonx31st
    I just don't see this affecting the majority of ESO players?
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  • stefj68
    i do miss 72 man raid in EverQuest
  • jssriot
    Other than trials that were designed for 12-person groups, I really think this is a bad change, for Cyro or for non-trial PVE. It's bad for social events and it's bad for group leading/management.

    Please don't do this, ZOS.
    Unfortunately we are operating in a vacuum here. I would really love it if @ZOS_GinaBruno could provide or arrange for provision of the reasoning behind the change. It's probably something the Devs see a need for, but it would be far easier to swallow if we knew why.

    Or not. ZOS' general lack of transparency aside, changes like this are usually because of other upcoming changes, and if they aren't telling us, it's likely either because those upcoming changes are not finalized (and thus may never happen) or won't be popular, understood or well-received. But between ZOS aggressively trying to grow the playerbase, plus companions and other features that will really change the game performance-wise, and the megaserver hardware upgrade (probably) later this year (if it happens), I suspect they are trying to reduce things that tax performance at cost of what we current players expect from the game.
    PC-NA since 2015. Tired and unimpressed.
  • anvilbert
    Yep yep gotta give everyone and everything a good nerfing!! Can’t address the real problem on yet another performance issue, the servers. It is past time to upgrade the servers. But oh I’ m beating a dead horse here.
  • ZOS_GregoryV
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  • JoeCapricorn
    The developers are busy with working from home. So don't expect a response for a while. I hope to see one soon, considering how many pages this discussion has got already.
    I simp for vampire lords and Glemyos Wildhorn
  • tyran404_ESO
    Going to suggest feedbacking this as a terrible idea on the PTS every day at this rate.
  • JoeCapricorn
    It's a terrible idea. I hope ZOS is reading this feedback and is planning on at least addressing the reason why they are making this change.
    I simp for vampire lords and Glemyos Wildhorn
  • Jazraena
    To add my voice to the pool:

    I roleplay. Usually, our groups are below 12, yes. Usually. But far from always. Just the other week we came to the end of a major story arc that, for reasons of plot, would have made splitting up not really possible, and we exceeded 12 people. 14 or 15 I believe. And that's just for the events of a reasonably small mercenary group. Actual community events, such as the Night of Lights in Solitude, or the Orsinium Crun Krazak tournament? Always more than 12 except once it's already dying down. More than once, even a size 24 group wasn't enough.

    Limiting the size to 12 will just add extra workload to event organizers, slow things down, and require additional manpower for organization and crossposting. If you're going to do such, I strongly suggest to at least consider replacement solutions - social group, custom chat channels people can join - which is long overdue anyway - or similar matters.

    Or, you know, don't reduce group size.
  • JoeCapricorn
    Over 70% of players are against this change. Surely that means ZOS will listen and not let this change go live! I hope!
    I simp for vampire lords and Glemyos Wildhorn
  • k9mouse
    I enjoy playing in large groups -- the social aspect, share loot, and the XP. I hate the 12 person limit. Even the 24 person group limit is to small IMHO.
  • Viana
    Soul Shriven
    This is an MMO - massive multiplayer. So if I am not allowed to play with a larger group of other people, why bother and not just play a single player game in the first place?
    The opportunity to play in the Elder Scrolls world together with friends and guildmates is what makes this game great. But reducing the group size basically punishes having too many fellow players. Also getting into an existing group as a new player gets significantly harder when they have to worry not to grow their events too large.
    The reduced group size complicates events both in guilds and especially between players which are not in the same guild (there are only five guild slots, after all).
    Of course, every group activity happening now is still possible - but when things get more complicated there are less people willing to handle the organization. Therefore, this change will significantly impact group activities of all kinds in the long run, and hence prevent players to come together and join in the game.
    Since this is what an MMORPG is meant for, I fear this change will diminish the community of active guilds and groups in the game and therefore harm the game itself.
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