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Crash to desktop

  • linlilia
    Hey all, thanks for these reports. We are looking into this. If you play on PC and crashed without the send report option popping up, it would be helpful for us to get more information from you so we can investigate further. If you happen to remember where you were on the map (or in the dungeon, trial, etc.) or what you were doing please let us know.

    PC/NA I was doing a Harrowstorm in Northern Skyrim and in PVP in a very heavy keep battle...................
  • Austinseph1
    I was in vWayrest II on Garron and literally all 4 of us crashed to desktop at the same time. It was quite ridiculous
  • karliahquinn
    I was in vWayrest II on Garron and literally all 4 of us crashed to desktop at the same time. It was quite ridiculous

    That boss is a guaranteed crash for at least 2 ppl every time I have done it since Markarth came out
  • Ezhh
    PC EU again.

    Icereach HM attempt. Usually easy to clear with this group.

    No trouble until the actual HM boss at end.

    We pull, and all three other members of the group crash at the same time. Next try I crash. Next try couple of the others crash. And so on.

    Patience is fading... Plus has been zero value for money since Markarth update. Please give us an update about when this will be fixed.
  • Umbro100
    Ezhh wrote: »
    PC EU again.

    Patience is fading... Plus has been zero value for money since Markarth update. Please give us an update about when this will be fixed.

    PC EU as well, we were going for the weekly VHRC, HM. did 4 runs. in each run at least 2 -3 random people disconnected.
    once a dd froze for about 10 sec , but he got back without dc. the boss was desinced all along , people getting notification that they are in stone form when they are not, people dying from the bosses ha when they are far away , tank dying to mechanics that already had their animation a few sec ago... kudos to my trial group, they were all joking and laughing and saying this is the new hm off the hm mode. when you think of it, it is funny in a weird way, thay after so many years a game can be this broken and no one from the company cares to communicate about it. how resilient we player are , how much we love this game :)

  • pleximus
    Game just crashed to home screen with no error message of any kind. It just crashed. I play on PC NA-server. What the hell is going on??
  • Curious_Death
    Imagine that u hold 65k tel var stones and u get crash ... when u try to log in - Error - account already logged in...
  • WySoSirius
    You can add Unhallowed Grave Lich boss to the list of Crash to Desktop
  • blackpool9
    PC EU. Last boss in Volenfell, AOEs all over the ground, PC locked up. Unable to alt-tab out of game, ALT-CTRL-DEL does not work. Forced to hard reboot PC. Was unable to reboot and log back in before instance closed. Lost all progress towards RND and dungeon quest completion.
  • Cruxanero
    Game froze during BG, literally 10 seconds before the end of the game. We were comfortable in first place, I would have completed the daily BG and a BG quest with this. Got a deserter penalty on top and don't have time for another BG today. This is by far not the first time this happened, but it's the BG that kicked the bucket for me. GG Zos.
  • s_ch_kb16_ESO
    I tried to do Wayrest Sewers 2 today, but gave up after crashing at least 15 times (if not more) on the lich boss. Most of the times the whole group crashed or everyone except one. Tried for at least 2 hours until I gave up.
    PC NA
  • Jaraal
    ccfeeling wrote: »
    pamichic wrote: »
    @ZOS_SarahHecker How can console submit reports to help? We are on a consistent crash in trials as well. We will all gladly provide any information to get this fixed ASAP

    Normally we get crash data from consoles automatically, but if there is something that is always causing you to crash (such as a specific boss or mechanic) feel free to post here or do a bug report so we can look into it further.

    When will we have the next real patch?

    Be careful what you wish for!
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  • Miswar
    What the information when game is going get fixes?

    ZoS staff updating blackfriday info and eso cooking streams.

    It is not important enough to keep this crash meltdown updated?

    Pretty much shows where the priorities are with this developer.

    It seems that stickied Game performance thread is now "deleted". Somewhat amusing that too.
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  • madrab73
    Blue screen crash after 3 minutes. Year of performance going well.
  • ZOS_SarahHecker
    Thank you for the information everyone. Just wanted to confirm that we are continuing to work on fixes for these issues.
    Staff Post
  • Cirantille
    To be honest, mine is not even crash I think

    It just freezes and I force computer to turn it off :s
  • aurorable
    Everyone in my group crashed and then got an over 30 minute queue cooldown... :( This really needs to be fixed.

    Crazy Cat Lady
    PC/NA CP2600+
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    Warden Healer (Crafter)
    Sorc Healer (Crafter)
    And last.. but not least another crafter!
    My two cents:
    PC EU
    vSS HM run on Thuesday primetime (20:00-23:00 CET) about 4-5 crashes before/during Lokke fight, another 4-5 crashes during Nahvi fight, I myself only experienced crashing maybe a couple of times during random pledges (don't recall which ones) few weeks ago, but a lot of people from my raid groups constantly crash, with no obvious pattern, neither of them ran some insane number/outdated addons, drivers and other stuff up to date.

    Also one of my friends has insane FPS drops specifically on Lokke and Relequen fights, everything else is fine, but in those 2 fights she gets 8-10 FPS, Lokke - whenever boss is on ground/beaming, Relequen - only when killed in a side arena, no problems when he spawns in +3 runs.
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  • yurimodin
    PC NA, has not happened to me in a while but had several guildies get DC'ed multiple times the other night in trial, then the minor buffs nonsense of having to take the armor off and on to fix every time you die was my last straw......cancelled my $15 craft bag until they fix their crap.
  • virtus753
    aurorable wrote: »
    Everyone in my group crashed and then got an over 30 minute queue cooldown... :( This really needs to be fixed.


    How did that even happen? Isn’t the queue penalty 15 minutes?

    Do we get ramping queue penalties for crashing out now? And the $64,000 question: will that improve performance in Cyrodiil?
  • Rylanda
    I have lost count the number of times I have crashed to desktop, just POOF game gone - no error message, nothing. It's happened a lot in Cyrodiil but also in other areas. It is extremely frustrating mid-fight and poof gone.
  • azjuwelz
    Xbox NA here

    Since Tuesday's patch my game is constantly freezing and crashing everywhere--Overland, while traveling, even when standing still near a Wayshrine. Couldn't even load my main character for 4 hours yesterday because the game would instantly crash.

    Guildmaster of Nightmothers Deadly Deals

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    PVE Magcro: Dorian Fey
    PVE Magblade: Arivssa Thaoral
    PVE Magsorc: Eldara Birchwood
  • Baumlaus
    Summary of the 1 Raid I did in basically 2 weeks now

    1 crash leading to first boss
    3 crashes on 1st boss spread over 4 tries
    2 crashes on way to 2nd boss
    16 crashes on 2nd boss spread over 10+ tries including a try where 4 people disconnected in the same milisecond
    At that point we started having about 15min where we didn't manage to have 12 people online because as soon as somone logged back in, someone else crashed
    2 more crashes towards Falgraven
    couple more crashes on falgraven till we called the raid basically

    As somoene else already mentioned aswell. No clear pattern as to who. While mostly the same 2-6 people it was widely spread between people with low/good graphic settings, next to none addons and a lot of them, good pc's and bad pc's, various classes
    Unchained Animals - EU - @Baumlaus
  • Aiphaton
    Crashed 3 times during Wayrest Sewers :cold_sweat:
    Crashing is since the Fix even worse
  • synnerman
    Having random crashes in cyro. Have we got a memory leak again as I checked mem usage at crash and I was using 3.5gb , I then restarted game and it was back to 2gb. I am in cyrodiil now and I am at 4.5gb . I have never seen it so high.
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