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Vampires shouldn't get stronger the more they feed.

  • The_Drop_Bear
    ShadowHvo wrote: »

    Yeah when ever we fight over what is canon its wise to understand what they have meant it to be. Its more then just them. That is what makes Elder scrolls so unique. It is what makes its different from many fantasy settings.

    It's a cute fairy tale, and yet lets not delude ourselves enough to actually believe that is the case.

    When a player tells you that every dragon, in fact, is Dwarven the Tank Engines, then we know he is factually incorrect, and clearly smitten by Sheogorath's madness.

    Elder Scrolls means a lot to many people, and we certainly don't always see eye to eye, this thread is a very testament to it. But that doesn't change that the only canon we have, is what we see and experience ourselves.

    That is why this thread is here, and why I'm fighting dearly for the TES Vampire Experience, that I've grown to love and care in the past many games. Because the news of the rework, from what Leamon explained on stage, is clearly not it.

    Well there is the zenimax/bethesda canon and the player canon. The player canon is however players want it to be. If there is dwarven train engines replacing dragons and all flying around through a mod that is canon to them. That is the players canon. But yes I agree that it does seem like something more of Sheogoraths madness. But does not mean it isn't canon to someones personal experience.

    Player canon doesn't exist, it's just fanfics that delusional people wish to be real
  • Coatmagic

    will give all my vamps something to do besides be pretty candles

    depending on how much they add in the way of effects (unless SNIP)
    it may cause some *cough* lag problems xD

    then again, has there ever been a poll done on how many enjoy the *murder cam* when using blade of woe?
    cuz i love it, but know a lot of people who turn it off as soon as they realise they can xD

    anyhoo.. wouldn't a nice warm-n-fuzzy vamp feed cutaway be nice tho...? xD

    give us a choice dep on what type of fiend we wish to be that would be entertaining!
  • Varana
    FierceSam wrote: »
    O_LYKOS wrote: »
    Why would they be stronger if they don't feed? That doesnt make sense.

    More crucially, why would they feed if it only makes them weaker?

    Hence why almost no vampire players (outside full on role play ones) bother to feed at all.

    ShadowHvo did answer that, to be fair - they (in theory, not implemented in ESO) would need to feed when they wanted to interact with normal people.
    It's a bit like with werewolves - being fully wolf is your stronger form, but you'd better not try shopping in town in that form. You'd drop it, making you weaker but able to go to the pub or something.
    It would be a similar idea for vampires.
  • jazsper77
    People acting like Vampires are real 😂😭🤣
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