U23 Combat Q&A

  • Heatnix90
    NBrookus wrote: »
    I have no particular problem with the mini cast time on ultimates; you can adapt to timing and like that you can see them even if they kill you, but they are atrocious in lag -- which in Cyrodiil is always.

    This is all fine and dandy until you realize that the so-called "uninterruptible cast time" can in fact be interrupted by way of crushing shock or CC abilities. I've lost track of how many times I've been CC'd through Soul Siphon and Incap while in BGs, where latency shouldn't be an issue.

    Nice "counterplay"
  • SirAxen
    Liam12548 wrote: »
    Lol, "Ultimates are too powerful" yet players can spec as a healer or tank and be COMPLETELY UNKILLABLE 1v1 REGARDLESS OF WHAT ULT THE DAMAGE BUILD USES.

    Bunch of clueless roleplayers over at zenimax. Get your heads out of your asses and seek out some proper PVP feedback from people that have THOUSANDS of hours into it.

    Hey! I roleplay and get down in PVP with a lot of success in both. Heh.
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  • MaskedHuman
    There's a lot of things I don't agree with here, but I assure you there is way more questions that people have tried to get answers from out of ZoS.

    I'm going to completely ignore the statement regarding the ultimate cast time, and talk about another question that pvp players have always wondered.

    Will there be ANY new changes to battlegrounds instead of just adding new maps? we want deathmatches with different team sizes and player sizes. for example, a lot of pvpers want to see a 12 player free-for-all battleground, some want deathmatches with only 2 teams, and some want deathmatches with duos.

    I would love to see some sort of statement regarding battlegrounds.

    also plz fix dots
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  • goldenarcher1
    When do you expect to start reworking/auditing the Champion Point system?
    We’re actually working on it internally right now, but in terms of when we’re going to get something out publicly, that’s not anytime soon.

    This has to be the hottest potato in town.
  • ESO_Nightingale
    Focusing on class identity?

    One can only hope that they make frost more attractive for Magden. For me personally, Buffing Glacial Presence, and changing Expansive Frost Cloak, Winter's Revenge, Arctic Blast (And adding old Arctic Blast's AoE to Polar Wind), Crystallized Slab and Frozen Retreat to all be more attractive Magdps morphs would be something I'd love to see. We do need more dps skills on this class, along with changes to make existing Normal DPS skills more appealing.
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  • No_Division
    I love how my question regarding class design intent was defaulted to the tri role blanket intent.

    Well how do you see each class fulfill these roles? Is one better than the other? What about mechanics that don't really translate into the tri roles, like Templar stand your ground mechanics don't translate well into highly mobile combat or DK self healing only works for tanks/PvP solo builds.

    I kinda expected a larger bullet point and I don't think this Q and A will help the community give proper feedback. I hope the devs can dive further.
  • Daedric_NB_187
    Well. That was disappointing. Pretty much the same stuff they put out in the PTS patch notes explanations. But I wasn't really expecting much anyways. Just was hopeful for more. Oh well.
  • BahometZ
    Thank you Gina, your efforts are appreciated.

    A lot to unpack here, based on what is said and more importantly what isn't said.

    Any public statements from the developers is clearly, and understandably, as much about PR as anything else. But also bear in mind this is just the combat team, they aren't going to talk about things that aren't in their purview. So while performance issues affect combat, the combat team themselves aren't in charge of it, just like the art team aren't in charge of the crown store.

    It is hugely telling that changes to healing were done with server performance in mind. The game can't cope with people spamming skills? Good thing that doesn't happen too often in every aspect of the game...

    And they feel ok with healing changes because some people are still able to do the hardest content on PC. I mean, how many teams we talking here? And how narrow are the new tactics? And how will these changes translate to console? Because some elite minority is coping with reduced healing abilities it's all good? If you make healing harder, or spread the onus, that just limits the variety of options available to people, and results in restrictive trial composition. I've been in a bunch of progression teams that have all sorts, and it's great, but there's a fair chance people will be turned away if they don't meet certain requirements. I mean, why use anything but warden/templar healer or dk tank if it's just going to get harder? How does a healer keep people alive when they must spread out, which happens in plenty of trials?

    I must emphasise, there are players and teams who have this all covered, but for every one person at the top end, there are many who aren't there and may never be if we make it restrictively difficult and unenjoyable. There are currently progression teams who are about to be kicked back down the mountain. Sympathise or don't, that's your call.

    I'm glad to hear that class identity is next on the list, because it is desperately needed. Not just identity, but utility and viability needs a hard look. Stamsorcs have no identity. Sorcs in general have been tinkered with so much they are all over the shop. Magblades seem banished to the shadow realm, Magdens have flavour, but that's it. There are classes that have no point in being specced into healer or tank for any challenging content. I understand it's a fine line between every class doing the same thing with a different skin, and every class bringing something different but equally useful to each role.

    The current class agnostic DoT meta looks hideous, and obviously so. I'm a little flabbergasted they are content for us to sit with it for however many months it takes to do whatever it is they are going to do to classes that somehow brings class abilities back on to our bars.

    I don't particular like the responses or intentions behind many of the answers but I understand that some of them are either in progress, not entirely up to the combat team to decide, or the best of a bad set of options.

    For instance, cast time on ultis is frustrating, but to be honest animation cancelling such a blockbuster prestige ability so that your opponent can barely react is not skillful. It's like king hitting someone, or if you aren't familiar with the term, punching someone who is unable to see or react. Stam builds used to deleting people are going to have to adjust. I get why they did it, and I get why people don't like it.

    Overall, the first time in a while that I'm just not looking forward to a patch at all.
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  • Sandman929
    Hmm...sounds like a direction to me, even if it's one some won't like. I'm curious to see where it's going with the class identity audit, but it seems like generic is outperforming class specific at the moment, so hopefully that's considered.
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  • Shokasegambit1
    Can somebody please direct me to the performance question and answer ?

    I would presume somebody did ask this, as its an issue across all platforms for a long time now.

    Or did this community of potatoes get bamboozled again for the 3 straight year. 😂
  • KillsAllElves

    Do you have any plans to create a more diverse healer platform for other classes?
    Yes, we do want to have more classes be able to effectively heal within their class kit.

    ^this right here is a problem, this is something that should not be implemented where all classes can be able to have role options of healer, dps or tank- "class identity" becomes irrelevant!

    What’s the design intent for all the classes?
    Classes should have the tools in their class lines to be able to fill any role (Tank, DPS or Healer) with the other skill lines helping to broaden the toolset.

    ^All classes should not have the tools in their class line to be able to fill any role.
    One of the worst things this game has are the "abilities" for any class to fulfill any role.- once more "class identity" is irrelevant.
    One class should be designed for tank role, one class designed for healer role, and have your stamina brawler/archer and magical dps classes. This would ensure class identity which is very diverse from one to another.

    One class trying to be identical at doing the same thing/role as the other class is not the same as "class identity"....

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  • KillsAllElves

    I am not impressed with the changes and I do not like the new all DOT no class meta one bit. I am also not willing to slog through relearning and repracticsing a new build on a new class every patch while you all learn to do your job. It is new content I want to spend my time learning and practicing, not the completely retooled basics of combat every patch.[/quote]

    Zo$ keeps talking about "class identity" yet is buffing DOT damage sources unrelated to classes, this throws their search for "classy identity" out the window.

  • Hotdog_23
    Thanks for the info and communication.

    My thoughts

    Healer Changes
    Healing changes were done more for performance then audit to fit standards. Not saying that is a bad thing but still a change. Can’t wait to see the improved performance.

    Future plans
    My thinking is I would have wanted to see class identity decided upon first then the skills audit. To help make each class a little different but what do I know I am not a developer.
    Looking forward seeing what you decide upon for class identity as it relates to how each class will perform all three roles.
    Did not see anything about passives being audit or looked at. Hopeful this will be part of the class identity.
    Champion point system, boy I do not envy whoever is tackling that subject.

    Stamina & Magicka
    Little concerned about the comment of ranged and melee playstyles. I hope you are talking about both skills being available to all build types and not just making say a magicka sorc really only a ranged option and DK really only a melee option. I kind of like both styles to be open to both styles.

    Classes & Skills
    Nice to see Necromancer tether being improved and working on giving blast bones some brains.
    The passive Searing Heat explanation did really answer the original question of why it needs a passive just to get up to standards but hey at least you tried to give a run around answer so half credit.
    Surge, I can see why the change but the loss of major sorcery for a sorcerer makes little sense. Not everyone wants to play the farm game to make pots to play the game.
    Werewolf, more of a role play than anything else.

    Cast time on ultimate’s. I would have hoped by now we the community would have made it clear that we do not like cast times. Just in case you missed it we don’t at all. In fact, we hate them almost as much as we hate permeant pets like flappy.
    The reduction in AOE vs single target makes sense on paper but when a target moves out of AOE it becomes useless. In other words, I think they need a little more damage added to them on the front half of the skill times vs evenly spread out of over the entire cast time.

    ….. got to go finish later.
  • VaranisArano
    Can somebody please direct me to the performance question and answer ?

    I would presume somebody did ask this, as its an issue across all platforms for a long time now.

    Or did this community of potatoes get bamboozled again for the 3 straight year. 😂

    People asked, but the combat team didn't answer because here's the official word on performance: https://www.elderscrollsonline.com/en-us/news/post/56681
  • Flubbles
    Wait...classes? This game actually has classes? Never noticed it. They feel pretty much samey to me...floaty and awkward, so may have failed to notice "classes" in the first place.
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