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Additional Context on U23 Combat Changes

PvP & Combat Lead
Heyo gang!

We wanted to quickly provide some additional context for many of the combat changes in this update so that everyone has a better idea of our goals.

In Update 23 our main focus was to ensure there was an ultimate point of reference for abilities to properly match up against one another in their respective categories. This provides us with a solid baseline, where all abilities fit within a set of standards/power levels and allows future balancing passes to be much easier and timely.

We're aware that some content has been designed around old functionality of abilities that existed beyond our standards and might need some sort of compromise in regards to how you engage with it and/or how we balance it. This is something we will be watching closely, however we are not averse to the idea that players might need to adjust their current builds such as running more defensive Ultimates rather than offensive ones, or running more survival enhancing sets, rather than pure damage or buff oriented ones. Please also remember that we've introduced some new abilities to help offset the loss of things such as Healing Springs stacking, with abilities like Ring of Preservation, or the large increase to Cleansing Ritual.

As always, we will be monitoring feedback about all the balance changes during this PTS cycle, however we wanted to let everyone know that in a future PTS patch, the synergy from Orbs will not cause the Orb to vanish and can be activated multiple times by anyone not on synergy cool down.
ESO PVP Lead & Combat Lead
Staff Post
  • Lord_Eomer
    As Orb will not vanish after activating but will it stay around for specific duration or number of times synergy activation?
  • patch
    code65536 wrote: »
    So for those classes without Cleansing Ritual...


    Vigor doesn't heal others anymore though...?
  • Sordidfairytale
    patch wrote: »
    code65536 wrote: »
    So for those classes without Cleansing Ritual...


    Vigor doesn't heal others anymore though...?

    One of the morphs does.
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