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EU Server Performance - Update from Matt Firor

  • Merlight
    Hyzock wrote: »
    Fourth: Longer term, we are in the beginning stages of combat system performance improvements that should improve overall game performance in Cyrodiil and Trials. Stay tuned for updates on this.

    You're in the "beginning stages" of fixing an issue of something that has been a major issue for about 5 years? Matt is telling us they've been doing literally nothing about cyro performance for the past 5 years? CP pvp has been unplayable during prime time for the past 5 years 4 years and 2 months and only now they're in the "beginning stages"? I don't even know what to say anymore.

    FTFY. Other than that, on spot!
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  • jircris11
    [removed quote]

    Adding a change to a core feature is not as easy as most people on here think. They. Need to make sure the game does not implode on its self. Honestly most the people made about it taking so long will be the same ppl complaining they should have tested it.
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  • fred4
    First, server capacity ... we can now support the concurrency demand we are seeing.
    Extremely worrying to read that this is what you think. Why all this talk about the client? You're working on irrelevant stuff, as far as I can see. I guess the real problems are too tough to tackle. The last couple of months have been really bad. In no way is server capacity truly fixed nor was it ever truly capable of coping with prime-time Cyrodiil on PC EU.
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  • Gnozo
    Fourth: Longer term, we are in the beginning stages of combat system performance improvements that should improve overall game performance in Cyrodiil and Trials. Stay tuned for updates on this

    So, Cyro Performance is one of the hottest topics since Launch (5 years ago btw) and you are NOW in the BEGINNING of improvements for cyro Performance?????????????????

    This is a joke right?
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  • Tasear
    casparian wrote: »
    We will be better messengers in the future keeping everyone up to date on longer-term fixes and updates.
    I hope so, but if I had a nickel for every time y'all have said this, I would be able to subscribe to Plus for the remaining lifetime of the game.

    ^ this is scary true.
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  • Knootewoot
    Oh, it's one of those auto generated: "we are working on it" posts to keep pvp people on a leash.

    We heard this before and after that years of silence. Every update, every patch performance went downhill (at least on PC-EU, I don't play the others)

    Remove deers? Yes, we also reduced performance while doing that.

    How long will it take before people snap. I mean I did after elsewyr dropped. I did like the changes, but the performance was so sad in pvp.
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  • twev
    Takanami wrote: »
    TL;DR: "we might fix things in 2020 :) "

    "we might fix (some)thing(s) in 2020 :)"

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