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U21 launch day load times and how you can help

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Next Monday with the PC launch of Update 21, we’ll be implementing some code related to ESO’s database that will allow us greater flexibility with updates and maintenance as it continues to grow over time. Due to this change, after downloading the patch on Monday, you are likely to encounter a very long load screen upon first logging into the game. This will only occur the first time you log in after character select, and it will not affect subsequent logins. That said, the length of the load screen could vary anywhere between 5-10 minutes to a couple hours. We understand this is far from ideal and is frustrating on launch day, but it’s a necessary evil just this one time.

Now, this loading is actually directly tied to the total number of bank items, inventory items, and mail attachments everyone has. This means if you’re able to clear out excess items in your inventory and attachments before maintenance begins Monday morning (or even just reduce them), this will greatly help the amount of loading the client will need to do! Additionally, once you’re at the load screen, please just wait until you’ve made it into the game; closing the client will not speed things up.

Thanks for your understanding, everyone, and we look forward to Wrathstone and Update 21 launch in just a few days!

Edit: This may occur during console launch as well.
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  • JobooAGS
    Joyful. Would logging into a toon with essentially nothing on it for the 1st time on monday help avoid as big of a load screen as when I log off such toon and log into my main?

    That is I log into my toon with a small inventory, I suffer the load screen from that, then I log off and log in to my main and not suffer the load screen of death?
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  • Starlock
    Thanks for the clarification! Gives us on console side a bit more time to prepare. :)
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  • croakie
    Soul Shriven
    Does inventory include crown chests or just what your characters have on them?
  • mommadani907
    I'm going to have to set a reminder to login with one of my name holding "characters" instead a real one Monday lol, they have nothing on them of interest at all. I am so going to forget and kick myself, I already know it lol
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  • Nando70
    How is this any different from normal log in? Apart from the possible prolonged loading screen up to a couple of hours? And as usual no kind of compensation to the community for losing maybe 1 day login reward. That is a loss for everyone that uses eso+.
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  • AndrejLeo
  • Hiruda
    What about players having the game on a SSD ? my loading screen are usually a few seconds
    How much i should expect with this patch ?
  • Marcusorion1
    Soul Shriven
    Thanks for the head's up :)

    So, all those alts serving as bank mules...looks like a long wait for many of us ( interested in the storage chest answer too, although not sure what I can do about that anyway! )

    And....2 words : craft bag - ouch
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  • JamieAubrey
    I get the long load times every patch anyway, I leave it 5 mins, force quit the game and log back in
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  • Grynnyl
    My load time for the first play after a patch is already 10-15 minutes normally. Shudder to think about what this will be.

    Not an ultra-important item, but they may want to offset the daily rewards schedule to compensate. This month is pretty lackluster anyway, but some people are still wound fairly tight about those types of issues.
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