101 Suggestions to make Cyrodiil PvP great again

Gear & General PvP Mechanics
1. Only one instant-damage proc set functions.
2. The Shieldbreaker set and resource draining poisons are acknowledged as well-intentioned but unsatisfying attempts to ameliorate specific PvP problems from another era of ESO and thus are disabled in Cyrodiil.
3. Skillful play and player abilities have more of an impact on combat than gear like Vipers, Vicious Death, and Red Mountain.
4. As much as I’d love to say “Bring back Ground Oils,” I know that won’t happen. Instead offer consumable trap/mine items to somewhat replicate their old function and to help defend keeps against the Power Creep and destro/negate bomb groups that all but ignore the single ground snare placed on a breech and the occasional oil catapult shot landing on it.
5. Blocking is too prohibitively expensive for people who do not abuse it, yet “permablocking” remains a thing.
6. The next time a proposal comes up to make an ability ignore traditional counters such as interrupt, dodge, reflect, etc., someone with authority in ZoS says, “No.”
7. Following up on the last point, gear will never be thought of as a counter to general balance issues again.
8. Group size reduced to 18. 24 made sense when there were many hardcore guilds and pop cap was in the thousands. Neither is the case anymore.

9. End of campaign rewards have a chance to drop Master weapons.
10. The prosperous trait is either removed from all PvP drops or changed such that is awards bonus AP since that is the relevant currency in Cyrodiil. Actually I prefer it removed entirely from the game.
11. Rewards for the worthy are not just outdated gear. Alliance war heroes are sometimes awarded with alchemy mats, Alliance motif stones, lumps of gold, (very rarely) an Alliance motif chapter, a new collectible set that can only be attained via PvP (but can be sold I guild stores, like the Morrowind spider), etc.
12. I just made General, what did I get? A title. And some house accessories I can buy. How did I get more from a DLC I finished in two weeks than a PvP rank that took more than two years?
13. How about a squire to help carry siege, camps, repair kits, etc., (increase bag space)?
14. Or a scepter collectible that I can use in Cyrodiil?
15. Speaking of which, why can’t I use my collectibles in Cyrodiil? That change gets reverted.
16. Capturing an Elder Scroll grants an achievement.
17. Upon reaching the Alliance ranks Tyro, Sergeant, Captain, Tribune, Prefect, August Palatine, Warlord, and Grand Overlord, players are awarded an Alliance motif.

Scoring, AP & Alliance-wide Mechanics
18. Sorry, no more 6K AP for PvDooring an undefended keep.
19. Or 1.5K for building ultimate from resource guards.
20. Elder Scrolls are worth more Alliance points than Chalman Mine.
21. The Empress’s buffs are tied to how many home keeps she controls. Having all six makes her stronger than currently, having less makes her progressively weaker. If the Empress loses a home scroll she is disgraced and is removed from her throne. (now there are two dethrone mechanics to help alleviate the last empress keep lag. She is stronger initially because it’s a lot harder to defend).
22. The scroll tick region for North High Rock needs to extend beyond the gate like the other 5 (it currently does not even encompass the gate entrance).
23. Defense ticks are awarded on every 10 minutes on a temporary basis. Upon the successful completed defense of a keep/resource (i.e. when a normal defense tick would be awarded in the current system), these Alliance Points become permanent. If the keep is lost, so are the temporary defense ticks. This way the people actually responsible for the defense are always justly rewarded rather than the leeches.
24. There are capture nodes all over Cyrodiil that flip about as quickly as the “domination” flags in Battlegrounds. These control a small region around them which is turned red, yellow, or blue on players Alliance war maps depending on which alliance controls them. Each are worth ½ Alliance point and serve to make it such that an alliance that “faction stacks” is guaranteed to lose a campaign.
25. Scroll & Keep bonuses are turned off if a faction has two more population bars than both of its opponents.
26. The Elder Scroll system needs to be reworked as the game is called “Elder Scrolls Online” and currently it is (correctly, I think) perceived as a disadvantage to actually capture one. The bonuses and Alliance score they provided should be tied to population disparity at the time of the scroll gates open (they give larger bonuses if the side that loses them has the highest population; they give tiny bonuses if the side that loses them has the lowest population).

Map improvements
27. Objectives such as supply dumps, strategic resources, transportation nodes, etc. are added through the 85% of the map that nobody goes to. Some of these objectives do not affect AvA scoring, but do provide Alliance-wide boons for control and personal loot for players who capture them. Some specific suggestions:
28. Supply wagons traveling in-between each enemy keep. Let me loot columbine, mats, fun stuff.
29. The Alyied Wells are a nice idea, however 10 minutes is not worth the bother for such a small bonus.
30. Strategic resources in random places on the map. If I liberate them, I get some raw mats. These count on scoreboard and have minor Alliance wide combat effects.
31. NPCs encampments / supply dumps. Put a boss NPC here (that’s actually mildly threatening). Make this give the God of War AP buff bonus (the same one for defeating delve NPC bosses).
32. In random spawning spots over Cyrodiil are ancient relics of the Dwemer/Alyieds/Akaviri that function as either consumables and deployables and, get this, collectibles, skins, stuff to hang in my house that I can sell to PVE players. One of these is a “dwemer ground oil”. I absolutely will go out of my way to get these.
33. Have things (resources, NPCs, daedric stuff, the usual fantasy plot items, etc) away from the Emperor ring that are harvestable at marked and known locations that players can go get and bring back to the Alliance base. I get a small pocket share of this stuff and AP for doing this. Have flags at these. The more an Alliance controls, the sturdier their castle walls are, the stronger their NPC are, and more effective their siege is.
34. Also, a new quest board awards bounties for some of these out-of-the-way objectives.
35. The other two bridges that span the Upper Niben River are objectives that each provide a continuous 3% bonus to resource recovery for the AD or EP alliance that controls them to represent the military logistic value controlling them would provide.
36. The Western two gates between Castle Brindle and Fort Rayles provide a similar function for DC and AD.
37. The town of Bruma likewise serves as the hub between DC and EP (the northern gates are too close and thus advantageous for EP).

Keeps & Siege
38. The castle wall extension from the corner towers serve little useful purpose for defenders. Each should at least provide an additional siege weapon slot.
39. It is paradoxically disadvantageous for a castle to have a Postern House as it prevents countersiege placement and disrupts defender’s line of sight. The “house” part should allow for elevated ranged defenders to better do their job as it an upgrade.
40. The “tri” keeps of Farragut/Kingscrest/Arrius and their DC and AD equivalents have a capture flag on the Third Floor (I would put it in the behind the arch facing the rear). These keeps should be more difficult to actually capture rather than just being bigger.
41. The keep upgrades from mines, farms, and mills are significant and actually make a perceptible difference.
42. Dragonclaw, Brindle, and Drakelowe provide an Alliance wide boon if controlled by home alliance as befitting of their importance in controlling flanking positions rather than just being nuisances that are annoying to travel to.
43. The Scattershot Catapult is reformed to perform a useful function (suggest a ground AoE caltrops-like effect)
44. The Ice Trebuchet takes up so much space, is so long in reloading, and travels so slowly that it should have a devastating effect when hitting enemy players.
45. In the CP campaignS (yes), the keep and resource guards are given CP such that they serve a purpose beyond building ultimate for enemy players.
46. The NPCs’ heal ability actually heals other NPCs (currently it’s imperceptible).
47. The Tower Guard Eclipse spell is converted to the current Templar ability so I am not painfully reminded how interesting my class used to be.
48. The Honor Guards should get the chain ability back to deal with ranged players who can kill them all with impunity.
49. Dumping flaming oil from the grate over the keep front door does zero damage. This needs to be fixed.

Class stuff
50. Templar Spear Shards (base ability) stuns one enemy.
51. Templar Sun Shield is reworked such that it is useful on all Templar builds rather than niche Blazing Shield troll builds.
52. DK Leap range nerf is reverted.
53. The DK cinderstorm morph returns to its original design function granting the DK minor protection and minor evasion.
54. Cauterize can heal the casting DK.
55. Sorcerer Crystal Fragment nerf is reverted. Wrong nerf as that’s the one sorc ability I can easily counter.
56. The sorcerer bolt escape spell no longer abruptly stops forward momentum giving its user whiplash
57. Concealed weapon is reformed into something that does more than make a cloaked NB quick; melee “mageblade” is really tough.
58. The NB agony skill is redesigned such that it siphons an opponent’s defenses while augmenting the NB’s (I think one morph should be a lesser AoE version to help the NB’s group).
59. Warden Artic Wind needs rethinking.
60. The “cool” and more interesting Warden skills Frozen Gate and Nature’s Grasp need help/versatility/more reward for using because they are situational and difficult to execute properly.
61. Each class has a skill that promotes smaller and skillful group sustain upon successfully defeating larger groups. Specifically:
61a. Templars: Repentance is unnerfed.
61b. Dragonknights: Shifting Standard awards ultimate for every enemy that dies in it.
61c. Nightblades: A kill with a siphoning power temporarily gives a minor boost to allies’ spell and weapon damage.
61d. Wardens: An ally under the effect of a Green Balance skill who deals a killing blow receives a temporary boost to their resistance bonuses.
61e. Sorcerers: Should be able to reanimate the dead!
62. The following class ultimates need reconsideration for competitive use in PvP:
62a. Sorcerer – Strom Atronach (only effective in duels)
62b. Templar – Nova (even my PvE raid leader wants me using Warhorn instead)
62c. Nightblade – Veil of Blades (Warden’s mitigation is larger and moves).
62d. Warden – Bear (I dunno how a single pet can be good in AvAvA setting)
62e. Dragonknight – Standard (can’t compete with destro ultimate and players can move away).

Quality of Life
63. If you get disconnected while in Cyordiil, you don’t not lose your spot for 10 minutes (i.e. the old system please).
64. After 10 seconds of having zero interaction with another player (i.e., not healing, damaging, or taking damage), you are able to mount regardless of what the game thinks is your current combat status.
65. Synergies to be made just as responsive as the sorcerer execute (it’s super frustrating how finicky these are).
66. Same with the open-door mechanic.
67. If the server receives multiple door inputs from a player and that player is taking damage, under half health, or there are 30 enemies just outside the door, the game prompts a dialogue box “The system apologizes for the lag that prevented a quick entry into the safety this keep. We believe the second door interaction command received by the system was unintended. Do you really wish to go back outside?”
68. A player who sieges a postern door gets a huge notification across their UI (not that little message in the upper-right hand corner) to hit the wall beside it instead.
69. When someone takes a siege weapon from another player, if the original owner clicks on the player, there is an option to prompt a huge “please get off my siege weapon, I was using it” notice on the thief’s user interface. If this request is ignored, after 10 seconds, the original owner gets an additional option to launch the thief miles in the air (much like the giant club attack in Skyrim).
70. When I go to burn a forward camp of a siege weapon, the torch icon clearly displays so I don’t have to guess if my command went through.
71. Also, taking damage does not stop me from burning a camp/siege, only an interrupt skill or bash does. (I really dislike these burn changes).
72. Unfortunately, the welcome progress with lag before Morrowind has taken a step backward this update. Anyone who PvPs regularly will say that if this game’s performance was on point it would be the preeminent PvP game and steal a huge number of gamers from ESO’s competition.
73. The next time a forum poster suggests something needs to be nerfed, ESO’s servers take over the forum user’s computer and keeps replaying over and over cached footage of how the user survived and defeated another opponent using the allegedly OP thing or how the user died because of L2P issues. The user is not able to resume access of their computer until they take a test proving they watched and understood said footage.
74. Engineer and bug testing team #1 priority: FIX. THE. FIVE. MINUTE. LOADSCREENS.

Cyrodiil Mechanics
75. If you rez someone while having another resurrection pending, it is the original rez request that fails and is overwritten by the new one. This way one AFK grabbing a beer does not disrupt everyone else’s experience.
76. Placing caltrops on an Elder Scroll does not impede my ability to take it.
77. I don’t know if the interaction/taking of an Elder Scroll can be interrupted, but it should be.
78. Players (and horses) travel faster along roads and consume less stamina.
79. I’d love to make a dynamic ultimate system that was connected to how often players got hit (i.e. help smaller groups vs. overwhelming numbers), but what will happen is perma shield ultimate tanks and perma restoration ultimate light armor shield builds.
80. Instead, I’d like to see the minor heroism buff awarded for the original idea of “skillful” play (i.e., interrupting opponents, activating synergies, healing an ally [not yourself] under 10% health, doing more than 50% damage to an opponent but not getting a killing blow, etc.).
81. A no AoE cap week experiment is tried just to see what happens.
82. If a player is under the effect of a specific movement speed or no snare/root buff, then that player is immune to gap-closer snares.
83. Purge prioritizes group members, but it no longer restricted to cleansing just group members because the current system heavily favors “ball groups.”
84. More thought into how to make fights between groups consist of more than just “bombs” and avoidance of said bombs.
85. An honest assessment of how every skill and game mechanic was before and after the 1.6 changes; not everything was changed for the better.
86. More Alliance war skills like Guard that require actual coordination between players to be effective.
87. Less Alliance war skills like Proximity Detonation that require just massing of numbers to be effective.
88. Rapid Maneuver and Purge are necessary skills, but the current mechanics are too “easy” (player in large group equips high regen gear and spams).
89. Not let the combat development team go home until they found a way to make the Blood Altar skill legitimately interesting and useful.
90. Alliance war skill dedicated for magicka mobility; #humanlivesmatter. So do Argonians and Dunmmer I suppose as they sided with the correct alliance.
91. The animation for getting knocked of your horse is long enough and no need for a prolonged period when you cannot CC break.
92. Speaking of CC break, that should have priority over every other action or input the server calculates.
93. Rezzing at a Forward Camp does not automatically give you full resources.
94. Capturing a keep or resource does not automatically destroy an enemy Forward Camp.

Returning to Roots (Not Nostalgia!)
95. Look at what a Launch Templar can do. Look at what it can’t do now. Each class has had much of its soul sacrificed to Champion system, generic buffs/debuffs, and gear.
96. Health as a desirable attribute help make group fights more interesting than bomb-counterbomb and alleviated issues regarding proc sets and one-shots.
97. I occasionally ran into a NB that was a tank as opposed to gank and an occasional solo magicka DK. Gone but not forgotten.
98. More player friendly as each player preference had a place. Raids of 24 focused on map control. Smaller groups had mechanics that worked against disorganized mobs and reinforced success. Solo players didn’t have to be a super maneuverable sorcerer or nightblade to survive in the open world. Large player base ensured there were always training guilds on for newer players and larger population cap ensured action was always somewhere for players to find their niche. This game would be such a cash cow if ZoS invested in server performance.
99. Hybrid friendly mechanics made for more interesting variety and gameplay.
100. You cast Dragonfire Scales to reflect my projectile. I cast Eclipse so that reflected projectile hits you in the face. RIP play-counterplay.

Before getting to the final (and what I think is the most important) suggestion, I want to acknowledge ten changes that I think improved PvP.
1. Removing the doors from Resource Towers worked. They can be defended without killing attackers stuck in the door animation.
2. I can live with Forward Camps under the current system. Good compromise. 5 minutes is an acceptable cooldown, though I don’t think players should rez with full resources.
3. Adding Transit to Outposts has improved Cyrodiil.
4. The current milegate setup with the stairs on the side and multiple floors has made these strategic locations more interesting.
5. The Golden Vendor is a good idea. It would be better if the gear it offered was regularly appealing (there are too many ‘bad’ sets diluting the loot table).
6. I do appreciate the steps taken in weakening AoE caps. I still think they ought to be removed altogether, but at least we have moved in the right direction.
7. While there are certain specs and builds that are very strong, in my estimation each class can at least compete in PvP.
8. I do appreciate the upcoming holiday event centered on PvP; 4 PvE themes to 1 PvP is about the right ratio.
9. I very much enjoyed the double AP week. It was great to see so many people and new faces in Cyrodiil. Please have more special-themed weeks in the future (but please open another CP campaign as the queues are already in excess of 100 for EP NA PC on the weekend).
10. Decreasing the Vigor grind, which once required I think Alliance rank 23, was best for the game.

And finally …
101. Unify the PvP (and PvE) communities by living up to the standard ZoS themselves aspires to:
ZoS wrote:
“We know there’s some apprehension that we’re balancing PvE and PvP gameplay simultaneously without separating the two. We are 100% committed to supporting a single unified game where mechanics and abilities work consistently, with the goal being for players to learn how play efficiently and be able to transfer those skills to other environments.”
Mechanics and abilities do not work consistently across the three different systems ZoS is trying to juggle (Regular base-game PvE, standard Cyrodiil CP campaigns governed by Battlespirit, non-CP campaigns & Battlegrounds). The proc sets that work fine in PvE and is annoying but survivable in standard Cyrodiil has now become a scourge that instant-kills in no CP. It’s not just proc sets. Remember this in the Morrowind Patch notes:
ZoS wrote:
“Combat in ESO is, and has always been, about fast-paced action where resource management plays a large part in performing effectively. Player abilities in ESO specifically do not have cooldowns for this very reason - resource management is key and is a core pillar of the system. Due to the number of balance changes we have made over time, this core pillar of resource management has become somewhat trivial; it’s become easier than ever to have nearly infinite sustainability while still being fully maximized for damage.”
That was not the case at all for the old Azura’s Star campaign. Which brings up a relevant point that Rich Lambert on ESO Live himself talked about the problems with balancing different systems (he was asked why doesn’t ZoS balance PvE and PvP separately):
“When you separate the two you have multiple sets of data. When you have multiple sets of data and you have to fix an ability, you have to fix it twice or three times or four times. And if you make a fix in one area and not in the other, you just have problems. So it’s really hard to wrangle all that data, and the more moving parts, the potential to make mistakes is increased exponentially.

ZoS for the love of the 8 divines please follow your own advice! No CP and CP PvP are fundamentally different; they require different builds, different philosophies, different gameplay – the very fact they are so different is why most players have a strong preference for one over the other (and why people sit in queues over 100!). Multiple sets of data, more and more moving parts in different rule systems that you are trying to balance simultaneously. This is an untenable course and, yes, you have made mistakes and will continue to make more and more of them as the gap between CP and no CP widens with every update.

Get rid of the Champion System. Return the power stolen from classes and the base game that went into the Champion System back to the players (thus we aren’t just nerfed). Come up with a new end-game progression system that is not full of dramatic and generic flat percentage boosts. Instead offer players choices of feats/powers/perks – whatever you want to call them – that allow us to customize our characters that offer minor and interesting things they can do beyond our classes, i.e., more than just spellpower, stats, and % damage increase/decrease. That way we have the motivation to continue to progress our characters, a system that allows my templar to play differently than generic cookie-cutter meta templar, without acquiring so much power that you have to nerf us every 6 months.
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  • PsNES
    Here. You at least deserve this image.

    Also, edit: I feel like I was reading the *** Martin Luther posted on the church doors. Very well written and clearly thought out! All the awesome points for you!
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  • Ishammael
    Sign me up, baby!

    PS. Interestingly, I agree with 101/101.

    PPS. What is the upcoming holiday PvP event?
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  • Kilandros
    Can we get this stickied please?
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    Short answer is DKs likely won't be seeing a ton of changes before we go live; this class is still quite powerful (as it should be being a tank), even after some of the adjustments we've made to other classes and abilities.

  • Jitterbug
    Best post in a long, long time.
    On the internet, that is.
  • Karivaa
    Yes yes yes!!! I have mainly done pvp since the game came out. Ask us Zos. Many of the pvpers have left due to frustration. Please! Address the lag and dcs and cue times before more leave.
  • Karivaa
    Let's Crown this guy! Best emp ever lol.
  • bikerangelo
    Yep, yep, yep, #73 YEP, and yep.

    Reasonable, logical proposals? 101.
    Accurate information based on experience in game? Check.
    Informed accounts from experience with each class? A 5 of them.

    Using ZOS' words to hold them accountable to their own standards of where the game should be? Priceless.
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  • Rickter
    yeah, Joy, you nailed it man.
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  • Rickter
    Yep, yep, yep, #73 YEP, and yep.

    except by this logic, the OP would be banned for stating proc sets are overperforming.
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  • bikerangelo
    Rickter wrote: »
    Yep, yep, yep, #73 YEP, and yep.

    except by this logic, the OP would be banned for stating proc sets are overperforming.

    Banned? He'd have to take a test IF he was actually proposing a nerf, and his explanation on procs falls under his observation that sets and gear do not ameliorate balance issues, nor do they promote the ability of the player. I think the OP was referring to blind nerf accusations from players who don't fully understand how something works. Joy would write the freaking tests that those people would have to take so they can use their PC again.
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  • Avaglaor
    I hope that devs will read this.
  • Dasovaruilos
    There used to be a time when I was surprised how good Joy's posts were.

    That time is in the past.

    Extremely thoughtful and intelligent post.

    I really hope this gets passed around ZOS and even becomes the subject of a meeting between those responsible for PvP.
  • Docmandu
    You DO realize that the only PvP changes we'll see in a very very long time are adding/deleting and renaming Campaigns, right?!

    Reading between the lines on ESO stuff... 10+ mil sold copies... and unfortunately maybe 0.01% goes to Cyrodiil.. scks to be us :( Fact that they let the servers crash for months on end without even having the decency to inform their playerbase about actions taken, says enough.
  • Malamar1229
    Also @Joy_Division

    If certain spells like Healing Springs only affected group members instead of ANYONE in the circle....wouldn't that improve performance or hurt it?
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  • Eirella
    stop reading about halfway through and realized you should just be in charge as you clearly have put more thought into it than the current dev team.

    ^^^^^^^ Except I read the whole thing! :D
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  • SwampRaider
    @ZOS_GinaBruno Please sticky this thread on ZOS bathroom stalls and cubicles
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  • Mazbt
    You deserve many insightfuls for that. Everything in great detail and thoughtful.
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  • MisterBigglesworth
    Not one single mention of "crown", "store", or "crate" in this whole post.
    Not actionable.
    Really we do it without like, the musical instruments. This is the only musical: the mouth. And hopefully the brain attached to the mouth. Right? The brain, more important than the mouth, is the brain. The brain is much more important.
  • Izanagi.Xiiib16_ESO
    I agree with almost every point you raised, great post.

    I personally would add 2 others:

    a) Make forward camps have no range limit. Death porting was a far better way of spreading fights because when fights were going on somewhere and you died you could res at a different fight rather than either running back to that 1 place (think chal to bleaks or sej to alessia) or taking the camp at that location, thus prolonging the fight.
    The cooldown would stay (or even increase)

    b) Make resurection by soul gem apply a cooldown too. you shouldn't be able to die, res, die, res ad infinitum. Sould gems should apply at least a 3m cooldown where you should res at a keep or camp otherwise.

    oh and bring back ground oil!
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  • Sharee
    Read through it all. Mostly good suggestions, so i'm not gonna nitpick. Instead lets add:

    - freshly placed forward camps remain inactive (cannot be used to rez) but visible (can be burned) for X seconds. This ensures a single surviving nightblade can not instantly rez the whole raid that took you an hour to finally kill, while there is nothing you can do to prevent that(and again. and again. and...).

    - keeps are immune to damage until all resources have fallen to the enemy. This will ensure keep battles are actually fought against players, and not just keep doors/guards because the keep fell before anyone could ride halfway to it (relatively fast caps are still possible if the attacking force synchronizes all 3 resources to be capped at the same time).
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  • leeux
    Also @Joy_Division

    If certain spells like Healing Springs only affected group members instead of ANYONE in the circle....wouldn't that improve performance or hurt it?

    But why, though? Why the push to hurt solo players more than they're already screwed by the system? WHY should I have to get in a group to be able to HEAL my allies?

    I, speaking as a mostly solo player in PvP, was already screwed enough by the repentance nerf (I can't help my allies anymore using it, and in fact, I harm them if I use it, because I don't NEED the stamina 95% of the time) and the rapids maneuvers nerfs to only affecting group members... and all for what? It changed nothing... blob groups are still only counterable by other coordinated blob groups, or by overwhelming numbers alone.

    EDIT: Well, since I posted here, I should also say that I completely and wholeheartedly agree with all that was proposed by the OP here.
    +9000 from me :)

    Sharee wrote: »
    Read through it all. Mostly good suggestions, so i'm not gonna nitpick. Instead lets add:
    - keeps are immune to damage until all resources have fallen to the enemy. This will ensure keep battles are actually fought against players, and not just keep doors/guards because the keep fell before anyone could ride halfway to it (relatively fast caps are still possible if the attacking force synchronizes all 3 resources to be capped at the same time).

    Agree with that too! It's one of my pet-peeves of the current state of PvP currently... the fact that a group of ~12 people can siege and take a keep in less than a minute (from the defenders PoV, here... if you see it flagged, it's already lost most of the time) without having a chance to ride there and help defense, unless there was already people in the keep holding the line.

    But... it has to be balanced too, because if it swings too much to the other side, the only way of taking keeps would be by bringing really HIGH numbers or really good coordination.

    I mean, it should still be a sound strategy move to take and control a keep and hold it as much as you can, to try to distract people from other objectives, but it shouldn't be like that for ALL keeps every time.
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    I only PvP on AD chars

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  • Satiar
    Joy awesome farming again, ZoS pls nerf.
    Vehemence -- Raid Lead -- Tri-faction PvP

  • Morgul667
    Nice post, that'd be great :)
  • Derra
    Easy rapid change: Give it a stacking cost increase on a 8s timer.

    Please make harness/dampen magica overwrite hardened ward and vice versa.

    I don´t like the mounting change. People already chase you outnumbered 10:1 and mount up. It´s asinine gameplay.

    Don´t allow people to release in emp keeps.
    You may only release in your alliances scrollkeeps (rayles, warden, glademist and the EP AD equivalents) and outer keeps (dragonclaw, drakelowe, brindle) and the capturable cities - otherwise you have to use the porter system.
    Edited by Derra on July 6, 2017 7:21AM
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  • Elong
    Joy using forum Cheat Engine confirmed.
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