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  • Corysia
    This is gonna be an EXCELLENT update. You all should be very happy. I've been playing since early access and words can't describe how bad I have wanted to do delves or what ever in previous zones that I loved. NOW I CAN. I have Real friends I play with. We made new toons the other day to play together, WE STILL haven't played together and he's in the 40's already! Now we won't have a problem. Plus I can play on my main when we do play together, perfect. For all those worried about too many people causing frame drop, the devs already clarified that there WILL be instances, not EVERYONE in the zone is gonna be in the same instance. That's not even possible anyway. Some towns are under your alliances control only AFTER you secure it

    Yep, that's the great part! That's what I'm looking forward to, too. I just fear that the world is going to be too small and too crowded. I hope I'm wrong.

    I love playing in a MMO where there are thousands of other players. I just don't want the wilderness to not feel like the Wilderness.
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  • Elsonso
    Corysia wrote: »
    gard wrote: »
    You guys act like there aren't already zone instances with player caps. This won't affect performance.

    Obviously you've never been to Cyrodiil.

    It's not even just Cyrodiil. I was in Auridon at the blacksmithing station and crashed 5 times in a row because of SO MANY PLAYERS crowding around the anvil. The moment I tried to turn and move, the game locked up. I had to wait until everyone and their brother and two sisters weren't crushing together to decon.

    Egad. What are you playing this game on? Mournhold frequently has 100-150 people just milling around the wayshrine and a lot of them are at the crafting stations.
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