Official Discussion Thread for "Matt Firor's Message from BE3"

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This is the official discussion thread for the blog article Matt Firor's Message from BE3. Read it for details about what Matt discussed at the Bethesda E3 Showcase, including OneTamriel!
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  • rhapsodious
    So... if I'm understanding this properly... there's no longer a reason to buy the "Any Race, Any Alliance" pack?
  • Tanaka_Khan
    So when is this happening?
  • Legoless
    So what's happening to Craglorn? Still Veteran-locked?
  • mrs_gibbs
    White wolf!!!
  • TheBlaziken
  • code65536
    So... if I'm understanding this properly... there's no longer a reason to buy the "Any Race, Any Alliance" pack?

    If you want to fight for blue in Cyrodiil with a Dark Elf...
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  • Glaiceana
    This really is amazing news! Very exciting indeed :) I have a specific question though. Does this now mean that people can potentially share werewolf bites with players of different factions? This is extremely important and pivotal to my werewolf guild that offers bites to people. We have always had to divide our bite services between factions, and often discussed how useful it would be if there was a zone that was truly neutral and allowed us to see each other and give our bites to any side. This will be a major improvement not only in our ability to get free bites to people who need them, but also in our meetup events due to our multi faction nature :)
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  • Rohamad_Ali
    Well ok , I guess so .

  • SleepyTroll
    There used to be shards for over flow, but a couple weeks back we witnessed the fact that they got rid of those over flow shards, maby they will bring them back to help with the increased pop in each zone.
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