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PTS Patch Notes v2.4.0

  • Trenia
    It is disgusting how many poison morphs DKs get compared to sorcs. That thundering presence "buff" is a joke. Why did every class get respectable Stam buffs except for sorc?
  • dylanjaygrobbelaarb16_ESO
    LearnThis wrote: »
    There are some really great changes, but some changes I am very much against as of right now. Why is my DRAGONknight dealing poison damage instead of flame damage? -_-

    its obviously for stamina builds and the way the cp system works. same with some nb abilities doing disease. the changes will greatly improve damage for stamina builds
  • Pirsius
    Combat & Gameplay
    [*]Dawnbreaker: This ability and its morphs no longer deal bonus damage to Undead and Daedra, and now deals Physical Damage instead of Magic Damage.
    [*]Flawless Dawnbreaker (Dawnbreaker morph): In addition to the changes made to the base ability, we reduced the amount of Weapon Damage this morph increases while slotted to 2/3/4/5% at Ranks I/II/III/IV from 5/6/7/8%.
    [*]Expert Hunter: Redesigned this ability and its morphs so they no longer grant a small chance to deal additional bonus damage; instead, they can be activated to reveal hidden or invisible enemies in a 6 meter radius for 5 seconds, and prevents revealed enemies from returning to stealth for 3 seconds.
    [*]Camouflaged Hunter (Expert Hunter morph): In addition to the changes made to the base ability, this morph now also grants the Minor Berserk buff for 5/6/7/8 seconds after dealing a Critical Hit from crouch at Ranks I/II/III/IV.
    [*]Evil Hunter (Expert Hunter morph): In addition to the changes made to the base ability, this morph now also reduces the Stamina cost of Fighters Guild abilities by 25% while active.
    [*]Slayer: Redesigned this passive ability so it now increases your Weapon Damage by 1/2/3% for each Fighters Guild ability slotted at Ranks I/II/III respectively, instead of increasing your Weapon and Spell Damage by 3/6/9% against Undead and Daedra.
    [*]Skilled Tracker: Redesigned this passive ability so it now increases all damage dealt with Fighters Guild abilities by 20% against Undead, Daedra, and Werewolves. Fighters Guild abilities no longer innately have a bonus to Undead, Daedra, and Werewolves without this passive ability.

    I'm not sure I'm a fan of these proposed Fighter's Guild changes.

    Flawless Dawnbreaker gets a huge nerf. Loses its 60% bonus to Daedra, and weapon damage boost gets 3% nerf. Skilled Tracker makes up for 20%, that's still a huge decrease.

    I do not particularly like the changes to Expert Hunter and its morphs, both from a offensive and defensive perspective. Seems like these changes will limit Nightblades in PVP by helping to combat sneaking, and across the board by taking away the small damage bonus. Nightblades already get Minor Berserk from Grim Focus, so Camo Hunter now seems obselete.

    The Slayer passive nerf kinda explains itself. Especially since other Fighter's Guild skills are no longer worth as much to take. As right now the only skill that I will still slot is Rearming Trap (Trap Beast)
    Edited by Pirsius on April 25, 2016 11:16PM
  • f4naticb16_ESO
    Stamina DDs finally have equal chances to Mag DDs !
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  • Khenzy
    Can you sprint during mist form now?
  • SpAEkus
    I just checked and you can craft directly from the Craft Bag.

    Haven't checked Enchanting Hirelings for Potency Runes yet though
  • Van_0S
    For item locking.
    Give us an option or a lock icon above our character gear set as lock/unlock all.
  • bhlegit
    also why change dawnbreaker? :(
  • Blacksheepart
    Vamps can't move in stealth now unless they're stage 4? Pretty stupid if you ask me, a vampire is a vampire is a vampire; they should move in stealth however I can understand taking damage with less cost of vamp abilities.

    Why ZOS, why?

    You said in another post and got us all excited for changes to vamp but this nerf isn't helping, buff not nerf....
    Same with my templar, another nerf to my healing?


    Yet you don't balance Jebus Beams, but you nerf healing AGAIN?!! Nerf my Jebus Beam, make it like all the other executes and give me back my damned heals.

    PTS DB
    -.- really? The DB costume, the neck is all exposed and it has front flaps and butt flaps... why have dangly handing things on an assassins costume? I vote for the removal of buttflaps!
    Edited by Blacksheepart on April 25, 2016 11:37PM
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  • Gonza
    THANKS <3
    Play for fun!
  • zuto40
    bracing was actually good for heavy armor, there was no need to change it, resolve is one that reallly needed to be changed, and a nerf to flawless dawnbreaker, you guys said this was the stamina dlc, i dont see my buffs here
    Edited by zuto40 on April 25, 2016 11:38PM
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  • Paul_DA
    Give me my race change, I'm waiting for 2 years now ffs!
    You said it will come "soon" !!!!
    Stuck in PvP ? Bring 10 friends to be OP!
  • NewBlacksmurf
    [*]Nirnhoned: This trait now increases the damage of the weapon.

    Why would you do this? There is already a weapon damage enchant when there isn't a spell damage one. Who thought it was a good idea to get rid of one of the few magicka user traits to replace it with more weapon damage?

    Doesn't the poison make this matter cause now u can have the trait and enchant but poison would disable the enchant? (Asking as that's how I read it)

    -PC (PTS)/Xbox One: NewBlacksmurf
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  • Strider_Roshin
    These notes are amazing!
  • Wollust
    Overall some pretty good changes..

    However, please tell me I am blind and just didn't read it, but what about Blazing Shield, Fragmented Shield and Green Dragonblood? Are they finally being adjusted to the battlespirit reduction? GDB has been useless since September 2015 when BS was upped. Same goes for the shield strength of the other two abilities.

    @ZOS_GinaBruno, @Wrobel

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  • Rilmarshim
    And Vicous Death still procs by AoE spells -_-.
  • Eiagra
    - Runeboxes: Opening a Runebox will bind it to your account; however, you can only open a Runebox if you do not already own the Collectible contained inside.

    I'm missing something here... If the box is not used, it's Unbound. If the box is used, but you already have the collectible, it won't open and it remains Unbound. If you don't have the collectible, the box is Consumed. There is no possibility here for the Runebox to ever become Bound to Account.

    - Templates: You will receive a new item, “The Ultimate Crafting Crate”

    The users and contributors of the ESO Fashion website give you a grand and heart-felt thank you!

    There's no excuses now, people! GET THAT SITE'S DATABASE FULLY COMPLETE! :)

    - Various Nightblade Morphs and Disease damage

    This strikes me as a little odd for the archetype. Perhaps instead this should be Caustic damage? Or, alternatively, switch the Dragonknight morphs to Caustic and the Nightblade morphs to Poison. You would have to add Caustic as an elemental type to the Champion system as well, though.
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  • DisgracefulMind
    lol @ a stam shield.
    Unfortunate magicka warden main.
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  • AdamBourke
    Why Get Rid of the Exploration Trait? While behind the scenes, you may have simply renamed it,what you've actually gone and done there is created a new trait, and removed an old one. Why not just leave the old one?

    I quite liked exploration - exploring is my favourite part of ESO, and getting an XP boost was good for me when I was levelling to Lvl50.

    Also... Six second wards? Why not just remove them completely?
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    Please put the Eyevea/EarthForge wayshrines back on the map?
  • LiquidSchwartz
    holy moly theres gonna be a lot of changes to builds
    May the Schwartz be with you.

  • Aerem
    So Magicka DK don't get any cheap ults now that Dawnbreaker is physical.... Leap is still physical, so I basically have standard as my "cheap" ult unless I go vamp. This is going to force Dk's to either go monster sustain low damage or go vamp.

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  • Xsorus
    Wards need to be placed on your main bar now; and you'll have to manage them better. This means you can't just spam 2 shields on your back bar and absorb 20k to 30k magical damage while going full offense.
  • Alarra
    So, is it going to still be possible to unlock the costumes that were previously available at veteran ranks some other way?
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  • Xsorus
    Aerem wrote: »
    So Magicka DK don't get any cheap ults now that Dawnbreaker is physical.... Leap is still physical, so I basically have standard as my "cheap" ult unless I go vamp. This is going to force Dk's to either go monster sustain low damage or go vamp.

    Let's be honest; you're going to want to go vampire anyway just for the escape which magicka dks need
  • Nic727
    What's the surprise?
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