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Not going back to veteran Maelstrom Arena until it is nerfed on consoles.

  • IRDeja
    Let me preface this by saying 90% of the time I'm playing a healer. It's my main role and compared to some of the DPS chars I run with, I am not very good. I only just manage to push 20K on my MagSorc.

    Anyway...I managed to finish it last week for the first time (Xbox EU), my prize was an Ice Staff...thanks....

    But seriously, it's just about learning the mechanics and taking breaks when your tunnel vision gets you killed over and over again. I remember the first time I got to Stage 5 about a month ago, and it felt impossible, then I looked up some stuff then it became easier after I knew what to prioritize.

    Then same with Stage 6, couldn't stop getting snared and keep on top of the web spinners but I just practised and practised until I got it. Stage 7 and 8 didn't give me too much trouble but I felt like I would never get those crystals down up top on Stage 9 Last Boss. I took a break for a day and came back to it and did it. No 100 deaths, no 30000000 repair bills. Probably died about 10-15 times on the last boss on my first clear.

    I went back in and immediately started running it again, and within 40 minutes and many fewer deaths (I still had lives left), I was at the last boss. He still wiped me enough to take my remaining lives, but I got it in the end and just carried on running.

    I actually ran it five times last week because I really wanted that Shock staff. By the 5th run I was on the weekly boards and ended at 92. Not majorly impressive, I know, but I am not a DPS player. I now feel I could confidently run this content and am working on getting flawless. It's laughable how easy it becomes after just a single clear. Do I still die? Sure I do, but it's usually my fault.

    Anyone whos struggling with this especially on console, you will get it. It's not easy, but if you understand where you are going wrong you will get it. Every single time I die it's because I did something dumb, or didn't pay attention to something.

    For those who care my drops were (in order): Ice staff, Bow, Greatsword, Battle Axe and then an Infused Lightning staff! I got an Inferno Staff from the weekly reward too. Was very surprised to see that they come in Gold!
    Edited by IRDeja on February 7, 2018 9:22AM
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