Crown Store Item Wish List

  • Versispellis
    I've come back after another break and was tickled to see the unicorn barding I suggested featured on a mount. Awesome, ZOS!

    My current wishlist (growing steadily smaller as my wishes are fulfilled):
    • Still wanting for a massive black stallion, like a Friesian or something with the size and proportions of a draft horse, like a Percheron. Something with simple or customizable barding. I see you've been releasing some more variety of horses lately, which is fantastic!
    • On the note of barding, I'd still like to see a customization system for that, maybe a few different models of stamina faceplates, bags and speed upgrades to choose from, and perhaps color dying. I know this would take a lot of work to implement and it isn't a high priority.
    • More hats! (Which don't override/hide your hair.) I'd like to see more hats with wide brims, like vampire hunting style hats or witch hats.
    • More hair! Hair with fluffy, face-framing fringes for both women and men.
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  • Faulgor
    ZOS, there is no excuse anymore.
    Even TES:Legends now has a Telvanni Cephalopod Helmet.


    Get on it.
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  • Yzalirk
    Still waiting for Jorunn’s hair and beard as well as Sai Sahan’s beard...

    Also some more braided hair and beards with sort of Dwarven inspiration from World of Warcraft would be awesome too.
  • TelvanniWizard
    Faulgor wrote: »
    ZOS, there is no excuse anymore.
    Even TES:Legends now has a Telvanni Cephalopod Helmet.


    Get on it.

    Wait. What? Why is a high elf wearing a cephalopod helmet?
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  • QuebraRegra
    Amaylia wrote: »
    I know it's been said before, but.... More songs for the existing instruments, and/or more instruments, please. ^-^

    and let that just segway right into a new "bard class"
  • QuebraRegra
    gonna need some goat mounts.

    also pls convert ALL disguises into dyeable costumes (and I mean ALL.. including hollow moon, etc.). Sell em' in a pack of individually if you have to.

    Also, appearance head horns of various kinds for other races (ex. Breton, etc.).
  • kinguardian
    I absolutely love the pets and I would really like that they would have a more active role. So I had some ideas regarding the animals.

    1 - It would be great if the pets have an ability to fight.
    One thing they can do a bit like a pokemon that you can push a button to make them spit fire, shake the ground, bite or slash etc. But at the same time you can attack.
    But if you choose to activate this on your pet then the warden cant have the bear and the sorc cant have those 2 pink creatures.

    2 - Also when you place the pets and or mounts in your house it would be nice that they would be more active walk around play etc etc.

    3 - And I would like it if you could interact with animals in game petting them give them a treat or brush them. And also that you can be more interactive with your own pet, again the same things and then also play with them throw a ball or something.

    4 - As said before it would be really nice if we could change the tack of the animals different bridles, saddles, saddle bags, leg bandages etc etc.

    The mounts and pets are a big thing and I really hope you give them a more active role in the game, for me the game would be even better then.

    For our characters I would like that we can change our hair colours when we want.
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  • QuebraRegra
    likely been covered before, but summons appearance change options (ie, turn bear to wolf, clanfear to guar, etc.). PROFIT.
  • playerkiller247
    Bard NPCs you can place in your home! One that plays music on an instrument, you could do one for each type of instrument in the game, and one that actually sings. Hell I'd love to buy some of those! Homes are too quiet, you need to liven things up with that.
  • Necronhex
    Not sure if this has been asked for but could we have something like the Faction horse that displays what faction your in ,in pvp.
    But also one that shows what guild your in on your horse!!!!!!
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  • Rokh

    Firstly, thank you ZoS for all the magnificent mounts and costumes in the Crown Store.

    I would very very much like to see a Camel mount inspired by the band Tinariwen's camel that carries the band's musical instruments.
    The camel has also been used as a symbol and a metaphor for the band itself.




    A Tamriel version of this with some of the stringed and percussion instruments already seen in the game :D

    The bouncing Tea cups and Kettle in kinda important xD



    Tinariwen is a group of Grammy Award winning musicians from the Sahara Desert. Formed in 1979 the band has been described as, "Rock and roll's real outlaws", "music's true rebels," "a grassroots voice of rebellion," and "rock 'n' roll rebels whose rebellion, for once, wasn't just metaphorical." Check them out!

    Thank you.
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  • TheBalance
    I would love to see the following items reintroduced: (And would Absolutely pay for!)
    - Grim Harlequin Motif
    - Nocturnal Shrike's Frock
    - High Collared Coin Ball Gown
    - Stalhrim Frostcaster Motif
    - Welwa pet

    Things I would like to see brought into the game in general:
    - Being able to change your class (I know not likely.)
    - More long hairstyles (For women)
    - Durzog (Preferably like the one in Wrothgar but I’d buy the normal variation as well.)
    - Lunch robe motif or costume.(The Lich armor you get from Crypt of Hearts.)
    - A smaller home in coldharbour. I like the Surreal Estate but it’s just not practical for me to furnish and go to all the time. Which leads me to my last wish.
    - Give assistants more permissions! No point in having them in my home if I just have to go into town anyways.
    - Piano as furniture. Doesn’t even need to be playable.

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  • TheBalance
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  • ktdotexe
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  • BretonMage
    Hi, fwiw, my wishlist for the game:

    I'd love to see more dresses and/or robes.

    Small townhouses in the bigger cities would be very useful - like Captain Margaux's House but in Alinor or Wayrest. I like the idea of apartments but am not a fan of the seedy atmosphere (and constant reminders of said seedy atmosphere via the loading screens).

    Also, please bring the Bantam Guar pet back. The moth priests were correct in saying that they are the cutest animals in all of Tamriel :)

  • TheBalance
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  • Thunderknuckles
    @ZOS_BillE and @ZOS_GinaBruno , my humble wish is for the Doom Wolf mount to be purchasable again. *bows humbly but proudly*.
  • Iluvrien
    Faulgor wrote: »
    ZOS, there is no excuse anymore.
    Even TES:Legends now has a Telvanni Cephalopod Helmet.


    Get on it.

    Wait. What? Why is a high elf wearing a cephalopod helmet?

    Because they’ve worked out that Telvanni stuff is the best stuff?
  • Stewart1874
    What about an undaunted pack? So you can wear undaunted helmets with outfits ?
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  • Aela_Dragonrider
    @ZOS_BillE and @ZOS_GinaBruno , my humble wish is for the Doom Wolf mount to be purchasable again. *bows humbly but proudly*.

    I am totally in agreement

    Also, more costume variety. Virtually all of the available costumes right now are civilian clothes or exotic high fashion. Maybe bring back or create some rugged-looking/armor costumes like the various Scouts Packs or Dragon Warrior
  • Horowonnoe
    An eyepatch for all races, please please pelase. MY HEALER NEEDS AN EYE PATCH, she is called "False Eye"for a reason. Please and thank youuuuu
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  • Krainor1974
    Ships for homes and the smaller boats as furnishings to be brought and placed homes such as hundings.

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  • tinythinker
    Upgradable skins/costumes/mounts/etc.

    1. We already have both in-game rewards and cash shops items like costumes, skins, mounts, etc. Add more for NPC-guilds like Undaunted, Mages Guild, etc for PvE. For PvP we already have an Alliance-specific mount, costume, tattoos, etc. but they could add something like skins.

    2. Add a system whereby ranking up "unlocks" different versions of costumes, mounts, etc. associated with your Alliance, Undaunted, Mages Guild, etc. Buy the Alliance mount and costume in the Crown Store for example, then as you gain a new rank set (from stripes to diamonds, from diamonds to moons, etc), you can go to the outfit station and choose the new appearances you've unlocked. Dye them as you like. Same for ranking up with Undaunted etc. for their costume, mounts, etc (once those are added).

    This offers:

    - more customization options
    - a way to show off achievements in-game (complimentary to dyes) while adding more things to earn in-game as well as to buy in the cash shop
    - more value to particular cash shop items unlocked by playing the game

    It is both a revenue enhancer for ZOS and also encouragement to do more types of content in the game and pursue goals with others.

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  • SydneyGrey
    Please bring back the Dapple Gray Palfrey horse and the Gray Yokudan Charger, even if it's in crown crates. Thanks.
  • RGvolterra
    Bring back the Doom wolf , the polar bear and the night frost atronach steed mounts pls as well as Malacath statue , the one which was sold on the furnishing pack.
  • Anethum
    NPC, who can go and loot items and resourses from Crafting and Tresure maps instead player. Idk, Treasure Hunter, clone of Indiana Jones, Drug Dog or some girl with long black hair, big brest and 2 guns
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  • KTLeander
    Soul Shriven
    I only need two things more to make this game perfect for myself:

    A prober beards like medium stubble. Not too short or not too long.

    Capes, something like a ranger cape to wear with my rogue. Something that actually looks like a normal robes used to cover the armor from going over shoulders etc. not just hanging in the back without any actual use.

    Those are the ones I need to make myself immerse to the game perfectly.
  • TheBalance
    Lastly... please make the durzog a purchasable pet in the crown store! Why has this not been done! We love the durzog!
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