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Lassi's Rock Collection - "why would llothis do this?" meme run feat. world record cone damage

Congrats to the rocks, minerals, and [email protected]$e$ of LRC (#1 guild NA, EU, Antarctica) for world first 35 minute long Saint Llothis enrage (38 minutes with Llothis alive in vAS +2)! To achieve this glorious feat we used an extremely in-meta roster of mostly rezplars and tanks with CS as spammable. We have discovered some important information for the endgame raiding community to use, including the probable maximum number of Llothis enrage stacks (we believe it is 20). Shimmering shield is also scientifically confirmed god-tier skill, and DK magma shell is the real MVP of completely cheesing death (a full raid of DKs with magma shell could probably tank Llothis near-indefinitely). Our most greatest and truly incredible achievement is the world record damage number taken from a defiled blast (472k). While we do not have definitive proof that this is the true world record, we seriously doubt anyone else is good enough to do this poorly in a raid. We did attempt to kill Llothis at around 30 minutes for fun and probably would have but we had to clear out of a spot-limited teamspeak that we were using as discord was down (whoever owned it, ty for letting us use it as long as we did!). We plan to finish this monumental task of killing 20 stack Llothis at a later date. Enjoy some screenshots from the run below!
Timestamp of our wipe:

World record defiled blast:

Incoming damage on our primary Llothis tank:

The power of shimmering shield:

Death tally:

Shame tally:

Action Shots:

For those who haven't heard of us (we are fairly famous from our 18 axes vAA, LRC is a rock-themed housing and ERP guild that does weekly meme runs and other events for fun. Our motto is "Why Not." We accept all prospective members who possess a sufficiently low meta content and high manco quotient. If you wish to join, send me @lassitershawn a mail ingame PC NA.
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William Thorne - EP Breton Sorcerer
Astrid Winterborn - EP Breton Warden
Erik Ironskin - EP Nord Dragonknight
Venasa Viri - EP Dunmer Nightblade

IR x8, GH x5, TTT x2
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