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Crown Store Item Wish List

  • Krainor1974
    let`s add echatere as a mount.

    - it is unusual as elk

    - it is the Reachman`s mount

    - It is easy to add

    I been wanting one of those since orsinium cane out and I have the baby pet one already from orsinium’s release.
  • Hunterka71
    Probably been asked several times already but I will add my voice:
    siamese cat and grey tabby cat !!!!!

    I recently discovered they were datamined as early as 2016 and still not there . I have nothing against the new mage guild model (except it's a fennec cat :wink: ) but do give us , cat collectors, a chance for those two, please.
  • Stewart1874
    You guys are money grabbing wallet leaches yet haven't started selling 1-50 instantly yet which is utterly insane. Levelling up after you've already done it once is one of the least rewarding depressing grindfests i've every subjected myself to.

    Please just let folk who don't want to subject themselves to that just purchase 1-50 instead. It makes sense!
    PS4 - Europe - Aldmeri Dominion
  • Yzalirk
    Please add more facial hair! I cannot stress this enough. I am talking about long and braided beards, like Sai Sahan and Jorunn the Skald-King. Hell, even beards you see in Dwaves have. More fantasy style beards would be instant purchases from me because I love the hide helmet option.
  • SirGabenOfSteamia
    Dab emote for 100k crowns
    And so, Akatosh revealed himself to a young Gaben, and granted him purpose.
    "Grant them Steam sales," he commanded.
    And obey, he did.
  • Nordic_Pirate
    Crimson and regular Nirnroot Conservatory plants
    Yes, I do heartily repent. I repent I had not done more mischief; and that we did not cut the throats of them that took us, and I am extremely sorry that you aren't hanged as well as we.

    — Anonymous pirate, asked on the gallows if he repented.
  • ProfesseurFreder
    In the housing dept., you've been focussing on big, bigger and biggest -- huge expansive estates and castles and caves and certainly there's a place for that , but we need more practical mid-size homes: the upper end of the lower tier so to speak, or the mid to lower end of the middle tier.

    A home in Rivenspire's vampire town would be cool, but the capitol of Shornhelm is crying out for a home.

    The larger homes are great if you have friends, I suppose. But the rest of us like homes that are more in proportion to our needs!
    "Nothing by which all human passion and hope and folly can be mirrored and then proved ever was just a game."
    -- William Faulkner.
  • Krainor1974
    Nocturnal statue and furnishing set in CS.
    A small, medium and large ship for housing.
    Some wooden doors, gated doors for doorways.
    A farm house.
    A ranch house.
    More daedric, vampire and ww themed furniture.
  • Shadowfell
    Still a Mammoth Mount please!

    With turrets :smiley:
    Nine Trait Crafting Argonian Templar!

    PSN James2908
    Guild: Stinkhorn Ridge Hoppers
  • dovakiin5574
    I posted some months back but I still don't have what I need. WAMASU!!! Please give us a WAMASU. Mount or pet or BOTH... PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE
    PAPSMEAR - Positively Against Paws SMEAR campaign - Say YES to crown crates
  • Cortanacamo
    Silt Strider mount.
    Atronach pets? (Flame, Ice, Storm, Air)
    One of those beautiful birds from Auridon (don't know what they're called) as a pet?
    Air Atronach mounts?
    Xbox One, NA Server.
    Current CP: 993
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    Zevrana Fen'Ris- Orsimer Stamina Nightblade DPS PvE
    Just Another Stereotype- Breton Magicka Templar Healer PvE
    Arainai Sulah'Nehn- Breton Magicka Templar DPS PvE
    Necromina- Breton Magicka Necromancer Healer PvE
    -Hot- Breton Magicka Dragonknight PvP
    -Cute- Orsimer Stamina Necromancer DPS PvE
  • ktdotexe
    Edited by ktdotexe on July 11, 2019 4:46PM
    AD • PS4 • EU
  • playerkiller247
    Please. PLEASE. Bring back "Song of the Night" Ensemble!!! I've been wanting it for months and months but missed it when it was in the crown store!
  • anadandy
    Another voice for more modest/neutral style homes. All those towers dotting Tamriel would make spectacular homes for mages, alchemists, scholars, etc.

    I'd like to see the price reduced on the Adventurer Pack. Since One Tamriel, the only useful part of it is the Any Race, Any Alliance ability and the current 1900 crown price isn't worth it. Or just sell that part separately for less.
    I wish the free Pledge of Mara Memento for those who had married - altar, levitation and sparkles, as it was when partners were blessed first time.

    I never knew I needed this until now.
  • Karius_Imalthar
    I was thinking recently of some emotes that I wish were in the game:

    /flourish : Perform a very deep bow. Maybe one hand across front and one behind back with one foot forward and one back like Regency or Georgian court.
    /balance: One foot slightly out to side with arms out to sides. Imagine a tightrope walker.
    /losebalanceforward: You try to keep your balance with your arms flailing but then fall over face first. I was thinking this would be a fun emote when I was in Vaults of Madness the other day.
    /losebalanceback: Very similar to /losebalanceforward.
    /trustfall: Cross your arms then slowly fall backwards.

    /coverears: Cover your ears. That noise is terrible! Use this when there's that one person who is spamming on some skill or when you just don't want to listen.

    Some others that might be a little less plausible are:
    /cartwheel: Perform a cartwheel. If stationary then the cartwheel is done in position. If while running then you perform cartwheel without losing speed.
    /handstand: Perform a handstand. Maybe allow a walk pace forward and backwards.

    That's all I have for now. Thank you.
  • beetleklee
    Verminous Fabricant mount or pet please and thanks
    Also I want a Gondolier Hat like from the original Morrowind game please, I remade my Nerevarine in ESO and she neeeeds
    PC NA
    CP 690

    EP Dunmer MagDK Level 50, Stormproof
    EP Dunmer MagSorc Level 50, Stormproof
    EP Argonian DK Tank Level 50, Boethiah's Scythe
    EP Breton Templar Healer Level 50
    EP Khajiit StamDK Level 50, Stormproof
    EP Dunmer Magblade Level 50, Assistant Alienist
    EP Argonian Stamden Level 50, Lady of Misrule (pvp)
    EP Dunmer Stamblade Level 50
    DC Redguard Stamplar
    AD Altmer Magwarden Healer

    vMA, vDSA, vSO HM, vHRC HM, vAA, vAS+1, vMoL
  • Meliora
    After the last Sammerset trailer, I want a Gryphon mount!)
  • craigr02
    Please give us alliance change tokens! Or the ability to change alliance some way. I have several toons I can't play anymore in Cyrodil, and miss playing them, and there is no way I can delete them since they have so much more time in them.
  • ktdotexe
    Edited by ktdotexe on July 11, 2019 4:48PM
    AD • PS4 • EU
  • SydneyGrey
    A gryphon mount, please. It doesn't have to fly, but it would be lovely if it spread its wings when it jumped, so it could glide briefly.
  • Yzalirk
    I just want Jorunn the Skald-King’s hair and beard as well as Sai Sahan’s beard in the Crown Store.

    Also, new similar hair and beard styles would be welcomed too, especially those that match the Patriarch Beard in length.
  • TelvanniWizard
    Cinbri wrote: »
    Wish they sell Dark Shaman costume again. Wasn't able to catch it back in time. :(
    From other:
    1. Hat somehow monster one and maybe animated, related to Sixth House so we could combine it with same robe.
    2. Skin with red dreadfull theme, that not make your skin ugly as spiderkith, also related to Sixth House. Something like mind-shriven but with red strips and without zombie skin pattern. More like bloodforged one.
    3. Costume that imitate heavy armor, also related to Sixth House.
    4. Fiery/Ashen guar, related to Morrowind. Like Fire Kagouti was, but this time guar. Since we will have nightmare sence in addition to horse, fire guar would be fair.
    5. Pray/ritual dreadfull personality. Duable: idle 1 - "light" ritual, idle 2 - "dark" ritual.
    6. Ability to alterate symbol of block. Currently it show yellow form of glass style shield. Would be nice to be able to change it for example to embelms of Great Houses.
    7. More costumes like Dark Shaman that expose body but not look stupid, so such costume allow to show skins.

    The idea number 6 is really awesome! I´d love to have a blocking symbol with House Telvanni emblem.
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  • Stewart1874
    Snow elf crafting style.
    Alyeid crown.
    Another Telvanni robe - the one from Skyrim looks much better than the other ones ingame currently.
    Mythic Dawn motif - Oblivion, the bound armour that they use when assassinating the emperor.
    Vampire and werewolf motifs.
    Daedric god motifs? Loads of creativity to be had here!
    PS4 - Europe - Aldmeri Dominion
  • Kiyakotari
    So this may seem like a small thing, but I think it would sell well. In the pets department, I think you would have a market among the RP community (which is quite large) if you brought out some non-combat pets that were children/offspring for the various races. You could go full out, and have one of each gender (male and female) for each race, or you could just do something that was neutral enough that they could serve as a kind of variable placeholder.

    I suggest this because getting married, having kids, etc, often ends up being part of RP storylines, and many RPers end up being frustrated by the lack of a way to represent the kids. A non-combat pet of a child (anything from toddler up to around five or six years old would probably work, any bigger than that and it would probably start being too large to serve as a non-combat pet) would give RPer's who are interested in more social interactions a way to represent their kids in-character/in-game (having the kid follow them around). I've seen RPers use non-combat pets like this already, but having a wolf pup or tiger cub follow someone and have them say it's their baby doesn't work as well as having actual child pets available would.

    So, yeah. That's my suggestion. Child non-combat pets in each race. And I think they would sell.
    Edited by Kiyakotari on March 30, 2018 5:56PM
    PC/NA CP810+
    EP Myraian - Saxhleel Dragonknight - Tank ǀ Librarian ǀ Mercenary ǀ Mastercrafter ǀ
    EP Duoillaume the Hammer - Altmer Nightblade - DD ǀ Master Thief ǀ Silencer ǀ First Bitten ǀ Scion of Lamae Bal ǀ
    AD Khourilen - Bosmer Sorceress - DD ǀ Adherent of the Green Pact ǀ Vampire ǀ
    AD Khourílen - Bosmer Warden - Healer ǀ Adherent of the Green Pact ǀ Vampire ǀ
    EP Wren Llawcáe - Nord Templar - Tanky DD ǀ Werewolf ǀ
    EP Faník-Azeez-Xal-Sahtee - Saxhleel Templar - Healer ǀ Akssel'sal of the Hist ǀ Seer ǀ
    AD Maehlía - Altmer Dragonknight - DD ǀ Thief ǀ Executioner ǀ Vampire ǀ
    AD Khasabi'daro - Khajiit Nightblade - DD ǀ Alkosh's Fang ǀ Silencer ǀ
    EP Hírosvørn the Axe - Nord Dragonknight - DD & Off-Tank ǀ Werewolf ǀ Packmaster ǀ
    DC Maz'groktha - Orsimer Warden - DD ǀ Mercenary ǀ
    AD Rilmerea – Dunmer/Altmer Sorcerer - DD ǀ Thief ǀ Assassin ǀ Psijic Mage ǀ
    AD Darryl Llawcáe - Altmer Templar - DD ǀ Devotee of Akatosh & Julianos ǀ
    AD Don'jarsi Zilarra - Khajiit Warden - DD ǀ Thief ǀ Dark Brotherhood Assassin ǀ Quicksilver Mercenary ǀ
    AD Kalathihre - Altmer Templar - Tank ǀ Quicksilver Mercenary ǀ Devotee of Two Moons Dance ǀ
    EP Adshäthir Ashayr - Redguard Templar - DD & Healer ǀ ǀ
    DC Praxidike Heladren - Imperial Necromancer - Tank ǀ Quicksilver Mercenary ǀ
    DC Angharad Crowe - Breton Necromancer - Healer ǀ
    DC Venelthir - Altmer Dragonknight - DD ǀ

    PC/NA CP190+
    EP Lothakar Wulfsbane - Nord Templar - DD ǀ Ebonheart Pact Colonel ǀ
    EP Ysleishia - Maormer (Dunmer) Sorcerer - DD ǀ ǀ
    EP Holdwyn Gentle-Hands - Nord Warden - Healer ǀ ǀ
    EP Hestla Hard-Eyes - Nord Sorcerer - DD ǀ ǀ
    DC Adshäthir - Redguard Templar - DD ǀ ǀ
    AD Maehlia - Young Altmer (Bosmer) Dragonknight - DD ǀ Thief ǀ Executioner ǀ
    AD Do'Rashai - Khajiit Nightblade - DD ǀ Quicksilver Mercenary ǀ
    AD Findaelnir - Bosmer Nightblade - DD ǀ Quicksilver Mercenary ǀ
    EP Rus-Txaetli-Xajhithi-Tzel - Argonian Dragonknight - DD ǀ Quicksilver Mercenary ǀ
    EP Mota-Khaan-Keshu - Argonian Warden - Healer ǀ Quicksilver Mercenary ǀ
    EP Rilmerea Vashi – Dunmer/Altmer Nightblade - DD ǀ Escaped Dunmer Slave ǀ

    PC/NA SUB50
    EP Miss-Tanks-Were-Made - Saxhleel Dragonknight - Tank ǀ
    EP This-Is-A-Miss-Tank - Saxhleel Dragonknight - Tank ǀ
    EP Always-Miss-Tanks - Saxhleel Dragonknight - Tank ǀ
    EP Heinrik Hammerfist - Nord Sorcerer - Healer ǀ Akssel'sal of the Hist
    EP Torbjørn the Stout - Nord Warden - Healer ǀ Akssel'sal of the Hist
    EP Dalami Othren - Dunmer Nightblade - Healer ǀ Akssel'sal of the Hist
    AD Kiheh'Dra - Ohmes Nightblade - DD ǀ
    EP Llasi Faveran - Dunmer Warden - Healer ǀ Devotee of Boethiah ǀ

    PC/NA SUB50
    AD Mulimah Ashayr - Altmer Templar - DD ǀ Master Thief ǀ Hereditary Ash'abah ǀ
    DC Harauk gro-Durga - Orsimer Templar - Healer ǀ Priest of the Green ǀ
    DC Lakhim al-Hassef - Redguard Nightblade - DD ǀ Werewolf ǀ Lionguard ǀ
    EP Fanik-Azeez-Xal-Sahtee - Saxhleel Templar - Healer ǀ Akssel'sal of the Hist ǀ Seer ǀ
  • romanzr
    Soul Shriven
    Good afternoon. There is a proposal. I do not use a subscription.
    And I buy addons. But I do not have enough space to put furniture in the castle.
    You can enter into the store a scroll of one-time increase of 50 to 100 units for a home forever?
  • dannymcgr81b14_ESO
    I don't know if you've ever had this because I haven't played in a while but I would love a giant mudcrab mount.
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