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Crown Store Item Wish List

  • SantieClaws
    Community Ambassador
    Khajiit is pleased to report that one of the brass topped walls does do what is required on the side of the tower to turn it into a room.

    Yours with paws
    Santie Claws

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  • Magenpie
    I'm certain these are asked for all the time but I'd love a return of the leopard or clouded-leopard senche mounts.

    I'd also love some more 'everyday' costumes, themed to the capital cities.

    And finally, I'd love headgear showing the character's hair - it would be great to have some hair tendrils showing underneath hats and hoods. Also some hoods which are somewhere between the full-faced masks and the ones which sit back further on the head - I'm thinking 'Strider in the Prancing Pony' kind of look? ;)

  • patents

    Frostcaster style pls, else i have to wait until end of the year during New Life Event, can it come back sometime in this or next mth? :p


  • lulose
    Soul Shriven
    1) Rabbit Pets
    2) Visible Backpacks (Options to hide for performance)
  • KwarcPL
    Skin - “Pure-blooded vampire”
    Why? To hide the appearance of high stages of vampirism and keep looking like a regular men, mer or beastfolk. Existing skins have too exotic guise to provide this.

    Sorry for nitpicking, but that name is reserved for Harkon's Line. Vampires that can blend in with mortals you can meet in Cyrodiil Vampyrum Order blessed by Clavicus Vile and I believe name of skin should reflect this. That's why I suggested 'Cyrodiilic Bloodline'.
    KwarcPL wrote: »
    Weapon Polymorph - We can alter our body and clothes, but not weapon? Why?

    Maybe I'll gave here exemplary usage? As you know ZOS made plot decision that they won't gave players Daedric (and Aedric) Artifacts (with small exeption of Books and Quest Items), but what if I really want to wield Goldbrand? Well I believe I have the answer: Polymorphs. Let gamers hold old and boring Barbaric Maple Shield, but an illusion on it to make it look like Spellbreaker. That compromise would make players happy and don't harm lore by introducing ten thousands wielders of Wabbajack. How do you say it? To kill two birds with one stone.
    Edited by KwarcPL on May 21, 2018 1:38PM
  • bloodthirstyvampire
    @AbyssDragon @KwarcPL Can't get anymore pure then the first vampire unless you want molag to ravage you personally of course
    Edited by bloodthirstyvampire on May 19, 2018 5:43PM
    Hello There
    @ZOS_GinaBruno A Bloodthorn zombie skin (with the vines) would be really awesome, especially around Halloween as the pumpkin and thicketmen polymorphs are already thorny/viney. It would be nice to have a new crown store skin as the newest one is the one from the 'Horns of The Reach' DLC.

    Many Thanks
  • KwarcPL
    And one more list for household:
    • Mannequin - to show your costumes.
    • Racks - to hold your weapons.
    • Display case - to exhibit your trinckets.

    As for Mounts:
    • Echatere
    • Duneracer
    • Boar
    • Mastiff
    • Moose

    And pets:
    • Durzog
    • Serpent
    • Fellrunner
    • Duneripper
    • Gargoyle
    • Chicken
    Edited by KwarcPL on May 21, 2018 1:42PM
  • Naksia
    Soul Shriven
    Bit of an odd want for the game.

    Some kind of item that lets me move over crafting related things to another character. The motif, skill level, and traits. The new character should need the skill points from the normal gameplay of course. The old crafter would lose the stuff that is moved and get the skill points back.

    Edited by Naksia on May 23, 2018 1:26AM
  • kinguardian
    I hope you make the gryphon mount. And then that it moves like a senche or wolf because the bears and camels are horrible.

    And that when you speed up and jump that you float a bit just like the pet one.
    That would be so cool.

    I asked this before but can we get more interaction with our mounts and pets that we can play with the pets and pet the pets.
    And pet and brush the mounts and give them a treat.
    If you place them in you're house that they walk around etc.

    Maybe the pets can all get a power that when you fight they do something. I know we have the warden bear and the purple deadra from the sorcerer but it would be so much fun if the pets were a bit more involved.

    And can we have some choises in back for the mounts, and maybe collars for the pets?
    Something we can craft would be cool.

    Can we have more people in our houses? A chef, someone that cleans, a stablehand a bard etc. Then it feels a bit more alive.

    Maybe this is asked before but why are there no children in the game?
    Just make them green then you can't kill them and let them have some lines so we can interact with them.

    Can the frostmare pretty please come back? I never had the chance to get it and I would really love if it came back. It's together with the dro mathra senche my favourite mount.

    Well this was my wish list I keep hoping
  • AbyssDragon_2115
    @KwarcPL Thank you for vampire clans lore info.
    KwarcPL wrote: »
    Sorry for nitpicking, but that name is reserved for Harkon's Line. Vampires that can blend in with mortals you can meet in Cyrodiil Vampyrum Order blessed by Clavicus Vile and I believe name of skin should reflect this. That's why I suggested 'Cyrodiilic Bloodline'.
    I'm not a lore expert and name is not the principal for me. Main thing is that it has to be implemented in the such way as I described.
    Giraffon wrote: »
    Still waiting for a guild banking from an assistant...
    Still waiting for repairs from an assistant...
    Still waiting for in home teleport... I can port in, why can't I port out?
    1. Thumbs up. ZoS can make one more assistant for a guild banking - some khajiit from trade caravan.
    2. IMO it never gonna happen - cause repair kits, you know.
    3. Nice idea. Teleport wayshrine collectible that you can place in every your home. It can be in different styles - coldharbour, morrowind, summerset.
    Which side of a raven has the most feathers?
    The outside.
  • maryriv
    Flying Gryphon Mount. Meow preeze.
  • Andauril
    Gryphon Mount. It doesn't have to fly, just have it glide a bit as part of the jumping animation or sth.

    Also some of the outfits NPCs wear in Summerset are absolutely nice, I'd love to see them as costumes, like the Outfit that Kinlady Avinisse wears for example? Some high elven themed costumes would be nice!

    Maybe a long curly hairstyle with like side parting?

    Hair dyes!
  • SalixSepulcralis
    A Hovering "Mount"...

    I'd like for my vampire character to be able to hover (I realise flying is out due to game mechanics, so I won't ask for that), though any character could use this.

    I propose a hovering ability that activates like a mount. It allows you to hover a short distance above the ground and travel that way at your maximum mount speed. I realise this wouldn't work indoors, but something is better than nothing.

    If there's some other way of achieving a hovering travel action (aside from the brief momentos) that allows you to travel, I welcome it as well.

    Aside from various hovering creatures, I remember seeing a NPC at a festival that is able to hover while she moves along her path. I'd like my character to be able to hover as well.

    And to iterate past suggestions, I'd still love to have a Small Bat Pet, a full-sized Gloam Wolf (or any wolf) Pet, a proper Vampire Manor/Castle/Notable Home (complete with delve-like underground catacombs), a Home in an Evergloam Realm, and a Dark/Menacing/Somber Personality (the angry one is a little too tantrum-y).

    Thank you.
  • Andauril
    I'd love to see masks in the crownstores.

    And I agree with the person above me, more long hairstyles would be great!!!
  • DamenAJ
    A Gothic Lolita hairstyle... Alike....


    Edit: Make sure it's unisex, I have a male character who needs it. He's... Complicated.
    Edited by DamenAJ on May 27, 2018 7:07AM
  • bloodthirstyvampire
    DamenAJ wrote: »
    A Gothic Lolita hairstyle... Alike....


    I hate you I love you I adore this Idea and would assassinate people in the name of zos
    I adore crimson lolita vampire outfits as well @DamenAJ
    Edited by bloodthirstyvampire on May 26, 2018 2:18PM
    Hello There
  • bloodthirstyvampire
    I would kill for more vampire like dresses, I use the coin ball gown at the moment
    Hello There
  • Merrien
    Since Summerset, I have learned that I must have the following as pets:
    Bright Moons Lunar Moth -- exactly as they are in Summerset. Pls Pls Pls.
    Alinor Ringtail <3
    Still, repeat from ages ago, a Torchbug.
    Agree on the fellrunner
    And just a plain ole rabbit. <3
    Also probably a chicken.

    Since Summerset came out, I have discovered that all these high elves have been holding out on us and have some intensely awesome dresses and outfits. Please can we have some of the dresses, robes, and various outfits the NPCs are prancing around in? Also, Razum-dar's outfit is amazing. So are pretty much all of the dresses on the females.

    Thanks for the time and effort.
  • Krainor1974
    I want smaller notable sized version of the Sea Keep

  • Merrien
    I have been dying for the treethane ceremonial dress costume. I didn't know it was available in 2016, that was right before I started playing. Any chance of bringing it back in a crown crate or something?

  • Lady_of_Tamarah
    Better colours combinations for dying. More Normal townspeople costumes. Combat pets and finally better selection of horse colouring's
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