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Crown Store Item Wish List

  • WeerW3ir
    lucifier wrote: »
    I wasnt able to get the free house(Grand Psyjic Villa) from the summerfest event, please put this in so new players can get it still!
    Thinks its called Grand Psyjic Villa.
    I would like to invest in the Crowns but I dont want to waste the cash if this isnt coming back. thanks for any response.

    You not want that mistake
    Mastercrafter. All motif, all trait.
    Weer LVL50 DK Argonian AD
    Honest-Healer LVL50 Templar Argonian AD
    Pain-Bringer LVL50 Sorc Argonian DC
    Eilinwen LVL50 NB Altmer AD
    Vadryyn LVL50 Sorc Dunmer AD
    Anianwe LVL50 DK Altmer AD
    Ja'arra LVL50 NB Bosmer AD
    Tannwen LVL50 Templar Altmer AD
    Faranwe LVL50 Warden Altmer AD
    Perma-Frost LVL50 Warden Argonian EP
    Celebrimbor LVL50 NB Altmer AD
  • HappyLittleTree
    Remains-Silents headgear

    Thuu chakkuth lod Hajhiit c’oo? Hajhiit gortsuquth gorihuth thuu gooluthduj thdeitoluu!

  • Kallykat
    Can we have a return of some hairstyles, like Adorable Assassin, Heroic Poet, Casual Rascal, and Wavy Triple Braided Updo (yes, even that one)? Maybe just as crate fillers or something?

    Oh, and the Brassy Assassin personality too...
    Kat'liss * Khajiit * Nightblade
    Katlak * Orc * Templar
    Kat-Lizard-Ken * Argonian * Sorcerer
    Katlja * Nord * Warden
    Katlandriel * Bosmer * Warden
    Katlyaanwen * Altmer * Sorcerer
    Katlyssa * Breton * Nightblade
    Katlonia * Imperial * Templar
    Katlethi * Dunmer * Dragonknight
    Katleezibah * Redguard * Dragonknight
    Kat Lo'Tun * Tiger Dragon * Dragonknight
  • HappyLittleTree
    The Bog-Blight Argonian Mask

    Thuu chakkuth lod Hajhiit c’oo? Hajhiit gortsuquth gorihuth thuu gooluthduj thdeitoluu!

  • Raltin
    One word: Hackwing.
    "Proud purveyor of Cyrodiil Pickles."
  • kenneth.friisb16_ESO
    In the style parlor: Some more, smaller beards for men?

    Like a full beard about the same length as "The Veteran" beard. I miss a more normal beard that isn't half-viking.


    Zone maps. Maps we can hang in our homes or place on tables.

    And as everyone else states, NPCs for homes! So important.
    Dastan Kingfrey - Gentleman Thief, Adventurer and Philanthropist
    Thurin Hammerhand - Northern Warden, Traveller and NOT a dwarf

  • WardenOfTheExalted
    Faction change Tokens and Class Change Tokens

  • Jadeline
    Soul Shriven
    I have been waiting Bright Moons Lunar Moth since summerset was released. It's so cute<333
  • rexagamemnon
    Been a while since we had new hairstyle options
  • Haywire30
    Gonna put in the wish for the Alinor dresses to -finally- be released.

    Alinor Twilight Dancing Dancing Dress
    Crystal Tower Sapiarch Gown
    "Ever Auridon" Sateen Gown
  • aqunnna
    Can we get straight shoulder lenght hair that is middle parted please? And please fix clips from left parted cropped hair when useing any personality. Having that hair with duchess personality really gives me cringe. Also my favorite hairstyle and i usually never wear it cuz of bad clips.

    Also having some regular skin that just adds color without markings and changeing eyes. I would really love to se chimer skin.
    Edited by aqunnna on March 5, 2019 12:39PM
  • rexagamemnon
    One imperial general’s uniform please!
    Edited by rexagamemnon on March 6, 2019 12:06PM
  • Cyhawk
    More character slots.

    I'd buy quite a few. Its free money, just sitting there waiting to be gobbled up.
  • Krainor1974
    Medium farm how with crops and barn
    Medium ranch with stables and a stream / river passing trough
  • Zurixadai
    I want any and all of the unobtainable furnishings (?) pictured here. Not the stick mounts (those are exciting too, I guess), but all the other stuff.




    I want all the maps, all the tabletop games, and all the musical instruments. And whatever that red-and-gold chest/coffer thing is.

    ... And maybe a stick mount too, I guess.

    [I would have gladly commented this in the Official Discussion Thread for Crown Store Showcase of March, 2019, but, uh, far as I can tell, there isn't one. This seemed like the next best place.]

    Gameplay Wishlist:
    -Winterhold [In all of its still-standing, pre-sunken, "rivaling Solitude" glory!]
    -Frost class/skill line [Wardens count!]
    -Unarmed/monk class/skill line
    -Polearms/spears skill line [Aedric Spear counts, I guess, but... eh.]
    -Any love for Night Mother's Gaze [You don't have to revert it, but by Zeht's tears...]

    Housing Wishlist:
    -Structure pieces, by the thousands! Walls, doors, stairs--everything from every race/architectural style
    -Boat houses--a boat for every player race! [Colossal Aldmeri Grotto counts but I, ah... I just wanted the boat...]
    -Respec/redidication shrines
    -Wayshrines [I can just port to a guildmate, I guess, but... wayshrines look cooler?]
    -Undaunted pledge billboards/Undaunted NPC's
    -Writ billboards
    -More mount/pet functionality [Anything more than standthere.gif would be nice.]
    -Guild bank/store access
    -Ability to repair my own gear in my own home [At least let Nuzhimeh sell repair kits or something.]
    -Other, smaller, fun functionality, like farming or mini-games [Hew's Bane-style dice games or Psijic-style checkers?]

    QoL Wishlist:
    -Text search boxes [Praise Tall Papa, thank you.]
    -Item conversion/transmogrification [Outfit stations absolutely count!]
    -Previewer/dressing room [Outfit stations absolutely count!]
    -Gear loadouts
    -Skill loadouts
    -Cloaks [I know you said no, but I'm not taking it off my list.]
  • Tasear
    New wedding dresses... like the one in store is so old and makes you look fater. Also nobody wants to wear same wedding dress as everyone else. There's profits here zos think about come next Feb.
    Famous Healer, Loving Guild Master, Support Theory Crater
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    Trial History: Magic Society Core Healer, Rolling Cliff Hangers Core Healer, Kongpanions Core Healer, Moonlight Core Healer
  • kenneth.friisb16_ESO
    Non alliance specific Rider costumes.

    Maybe with some pouches or something added, just to make it stand out a bit more :)
    Dastan Kingfrey - Gentleman Thief, Adventurer and Philanthropist
    Thurin Hammerhand - Northern Warden, Traveller and NOT a dwarf

  • MagnusP
    Soul Shriven
    Dark Brotherhood Collectors edition upgrade
    Thieves Guild Collectors edition upgrade

    Right now , if someone already have these 2 DLC and wants to get the collectors edition as to buy again the normal editions.
    That is not right. I will never buy those like they are now.

    Pls fix this
  • ArchMikem
    For Elsweyr coming, some cultural Khajiiti hairstyles and costumes with a traditional or ritualistic theme.

    I really want to make a Khajiit Tribal Dancer. And i dont mean Reachman tribal, no bones or torn leather please.
    CP1,000+ Master Explorer - AvA Brigadier - Console Peasant
  • tinythinker
    How bout this?

    Maybe not this exact thing, but personalities or emotes that can interact with each other
    Fifth anniversary year for ESO - share your best memories! :-)

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    "Light and darkness?

    "Whose light? The muted, sterile glow of Coldharbor? The ominous, deep shades pulsing like menacing glares in the depths of the Ashpit? The jarring kaleidoscope of the Shivering Isles?

    "Whose darkness? The shade cast by Mara's robes as she watches over her children? The cloak of Stendarr covering those in dire peril? The occult pathways of Arkay? Light and darkness, indeed."
  • JiDul
    I really liked that yall came up with the Chrysamere outfit style for the weapon. I think making more Tamrielic artifacts as outfit styles would be pretty cool. They don't even have to be just Daedric artifacts. They could be things like Sunder/Keening, Chillrend, Debaser, Thornblade etc. I think making these along with Daedric artifacts people would definitely buy them. They don't alter game stats and don't give any kind of advantage so it would be purely cosmetic which keeps from being P2W. I think this was a great idea and you should keep doing this.

    Another thing I'd like to touch on is Daedric statues lol. Collectors like me are all wondering when the missing Daedric statues are going to be released. We are still missing:Vaermina, Sanguine, Namira, Meridia, Mehrunes Dagon, Boethia, and Hermaeus Mora. With the Wrathstone DLC having something to do with Meridia could we possibly get that statue?
    Edited by JiDul on March 25, 2019 6:46PM
  • SydneyGrey
    For this year's New Life Festival, I'd love an elk mount that has garlands and bells on it like the Winter Garland Dapple Gray horse.
    I'd also like a new color for the Winter Garland horse, maybe bay (brown with black mane and tail).
  • HappyLittleTree
    This Hairstyle


    Thuu chakkuth lod Hajhiit c’oo? Hajhiit gortsuquth gorihuth thuu gooluthduj thdeitoluu!

  • elantaura
    A bunny rabbit pet,
    I want a little rabbit that bounces around perches preening doing what rabbits do
    Magic NB DC Breton, Templar DC Breton healer, Dragon knight DC Imperial Tank, Sorcerer DC high Elf, DC Kajhit Stamblade,
    DC Dunmer Stamsorc
    The young characters (under 300 skill points) I’m not going to mention.
    PS4 EU 1000+ cp
  • Eshja
    Alfiq merchant/banker! Please!
    @Eshja (PC EU) Master crafter | Roleplayer | Trial scrub | Love healing ♥
    My characters: Nimpys Elenmir| Narielle Telvanni | Moans-Loudly | Vivienne The Zookeeper | Zamiatająca-Ogonem | Kha'mathre | Irgret Soul-Breaker
  • silentxotech
    Soul Shriven
    @ConnieCatt here! I'd like to see perhaps a "class" change token! I know creating a new character is encouraged but after spending so much time getting achievements on one character it is very difficult for me to just create another! This is how I feel and maybe other might feel just the same..? But I'd absolutely purchase a "class" change token even if it were pricey if it meant being able to enjoy other classes without the loss of quest progress and achievements! ^^
  • Silaf
    Skeleton pets return for our necromancers!
  • AngelFires333

    Please bring back the Doom wolf.

    I will pay whatever the hell you want for it.
    I just really need that wolf.

    Please and thank you. <333
  • Wrathmane
    A large Statue of Almalexia..... so I can finish off my shrine to the Tribunal....... We have Sotha Sil.... We have Vivec....... just need the last one.......
    Sha'ria Wrathmane - Belora Wrathmane - Leora Wrathmane
    Former Head of Recruitment for Vokundein
  • The_Last_Titan
    Echatere mounts... like really thought when we got the dwarven spider it was headed this way..

    we gotta get started on these cause its gunna take another year after for glowey/animated cool ones to come after..

    also more variaties of bears, camels, guars, etc.. with visual effects (more glowing eyes, spectral, so on) the raidant apexs are nice but not only hard to get but also always senche,wolf, horse
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