Crown Store Item Wish List

  • Infinity6gear
    Soul Shriven
    What about the Summerset add-on. Seeing as Morrowind is on the store to buy then why is Summerset not available the same way?
  • Phaedrathallassa
    More guild slots! I would love to be able to add a raid guild to my account :)
  • Matchimus
    (Little) Wayshrine to put in my houses.

    Giving me 10% of profits will be enough thanks. Cheers
  • Unit117
    - flying witches broom mount

    - a home in both noturnal and mephalas areas

    - hair dyes with different colors. I want green hair for my plant magic warden. Dye exists. So lore wise there is no reason this can’t be a thing.

    - mounts that aren’t just reskins. (Giant frogs, snakes, wamasus, spiders, ect.)

    - more hairstyles. Are long over due

    - mephalas spider outfit with webs and spiders on it.

    Witch hats that actual keep hair instead of making females bald.
  • WalkingCodex
    Why are crown store items that can only be bought with gems not GIFTABLE!?! I want to gift the gloam wolf to a friend and can't and you can't get it in the crates. Not a reasonable restriction.
  • Banana
    Weapon dye stamps
  • TelvanniWizard
    Alts as housing special items/collectibles.
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  • kenneth.friisb16_ESO
    Something aking to the sword the orc is wielding.


    Just a simple sword with a straight blade, that isn't overly fancy. That would be nice!
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  • wishlist14
    Some of the older mounts from times past would be great and pets. Hair dyes like you do armour dyes. I'm not sure if it's possible to do but bags would be great. Cosmetic bags like the bag you get with the prophet style pages or backpacks and maybe lil bags for the ladies that wear dresses. Or hand held fans or telescopes or scrolls or books that our more scholarly characters could carry. These could be a part of a costume or if possible separate cosmetic items.

    Afcourse I'd like some of the twitch mounts and pets or just any of the rarer mounts and pets to be in crown store. But it may defeat the purpose of getting ppl,to watch streamers so I doubt that one would pass the bill 😜

    Also some walking sticks similar to staffs would be cool for us adventurers. I also love boots so any costumes with boots as part if the ensemble is popular with me.

    Onesie costumes where we can dress up as bunnies or bears or scary beasts would be fun. We had the crocodille monster helms and they were popular. I loved those. A few more eyewear would be fun also or smallish face masks like masquerade type masks, half face rather than full face masks.

    Cloaks.or even just the one cloak.
    Hand long claws or coloured finger nails. Outfits for our banker and merchant to change into. Or other fun cosmetic items for them.

    Some new musical instrument emotes please like the harp...that would be a definate buy from me.
    (I love my music boxes and will eventually collect them all). But an instrument emote is great for when we are out in the world. Harps are very relaxing too.

    Being an eso plus member I get plenty of potions and scrolls etc so not interested in those personally.

    Maybe rare recipe packs would be cool and rare furnishing recipe packs for specific styles.

    How about some more personalities like a 'conjurer personality'. A spell caster type personality and even a chef personality.

    Please note : I have an issue with players buying/selling skin runs. Unfortunately it's becomingg a thing so that shows me that super cool rare skins are in demand.

    Beggars and slave costumes would be fun along with the personalities would be lore friendly😆

    Wardrobes where we can sort out our sets into pvp gear and pve gear aswell as sort it by role like healing, damage and tanking sets. This wardrobe would need tabs we can name. This would help immensely especially new players who,are not sure what sets are viable at first and keep them just incase not to mention how much it would help raiders.

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  • Michae
    Now that I made my first Imperial after getting the upgrade on promo I'd love for Imperial City Temple Tunic and “Elder Council” Tunic and Sash to return.
    Blacksmith and Chef would also be nice, the'd go great with Tavern Maid and Drunk Personality we're about to get.
    And also as always I'm gonna mention Doeskin-and-Chamois Woods Wear. I need to show off tattoos and skins without being forced to wear flip flops.
    Edited by Michae on May 7, 2019 10:51AM
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  • Living_Ded


    Mephala's costume PLEASE

    Wiggly spider limbs ftw
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  • aqunnna
    Here are some ideas for houseing furniture i would love to see in game. Mannequin for our coustumes, lusty argonian maid readable book, actual servant in our home would ne nice as well.
    Thing i would love most would ne board with daily writ quests, and storages to hand in daily writs. Since we can have crafting stations in home it would be nice to be able to do writs in homes.
    Edited by aqunnna on May 14, 2019 10:40AM
  • TheBonesXXX
    Spider Mounts
    Warning:Incoming sarcasm and sardonicism.

    PvP just doesn't have one playstyle.

    Stop gutting Pressure & Buff it, Introduce Tertiary stats.

    DW needs tweaks Rapids/Bloodthirst needs to be viable.
  • russelmmendoza
    Gliding mounts, like gryphoon, bonedragon, dovahfly, those snake with wings.

    Theyll be gliding instead of running.
  • ZAD1ST
    I’d love to see some of the following added to the crown purchase section of the housing editor or as part of a furnishing pack.

    - All the red and burgundy trees from Auridon and Summerset
    - The bed of coals from the dark Elf houses
    - More convincing items I can build forges out of
    - Musical instruments
    - Weapon racks and weapons
    - More stables and out buildings
  • Letholdrus
    Pretty please make the Draug polymorph available when Necromancer launch for pre order.
  • SydneyGrey
    Alfiq pets.

    Also, I hope the Alfiq merchant and banker are released next month, so we can use them while we're still exploring Elsweyr. It wouldn't be any fun having them released six months from now. (Well, less fun, in any case.) :/
  • Drgnldyg
    Soul Shriven
    I think it would be awesome to have a Random "Trial" choice for those of us who have little or no experience with Trials, but would love the opportunity. Maybe a Narrated version for small groups, a walkthrough if you will.
  • Harps
    Soul Shriven
    Please can you build me a castle and sell it to me for like 16k crown points with a live dragon to feed and pet.
  • KillsAllElves
    Robes that are similar to skyrim robes and not dresses currently in game.
  • KillsAllElves
    Ashfen wrote: »
    I don't know if it was already said, but it would be really cool to have mage robes like in Skyrim :

    Dont forget the mage from winterhold college.
  • celatusp99
    Soul Shriven
    I would like to see a furnishing item like a dragon horde piles of gold, silver, gems, ornate armor and gems that you can place in your house.
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