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Crown Store Item Wish List

    Large statue, animated or not, of Lamae Bal. I've hit a wall with my vampire guild hall by having to use Molag Bal which is kind of the opposite of where I want to go with it and making a shrine of the thing we are supposed to be against.
  • Merrien
    My crown store related post:

    Pets - I still need one of those giant moths from summerset as a pet, please!

    A pack guar, doesn't have to be functional but that would be awesome too.

    My suggestions that aren't crown store, but I couldn't figure where to post:

    Furniture items additional to paintings in treasure chests and thieves troves. Wouldn't have to be giant pieces if you want it to make sense for being in a chest, but even the pieces like vial bottles, liquor bottles, Knick knacks, etc. I get excited sometimes seeing the "treasure" pieces, but they're not actual furnishings, just sellable. Kinda like you can get seashells and Coral from fishing. It'd be great to get more furnishings from chests than paintings.
  • Merrien
    Also I would still like to be able to toggle off pet noises. It makes it better for some of us with hearing glitches.
  • Merrien
    Oh and my last for the day, please make shoulders hide able the same as you do for helms. 95% of the shoulders look terrible on females.
  • mateosalvaje
    I've been wrong before, and I'll be wrong again.
  • Gravord
    - More npcs to put in homes.
    - Banker and vendor with full options (access to guild bank, guild trader, etc) and more skins for every playable race and gender and Alfiks!
    - More animals to use as a skin for bear ulti of a warden - lion, wolf, senche, kagouti, etc. So warden of each race can use thematic animals fitting to game lore.

  • BloodLegions
    Hi Hi. I don't know if this still gets looked at or not. But I'd like ships as furniture. like actual ships not just boats. I've recently made a harbour/ dock in my Psijic villa and would love a ship to be docked there, big enough to place items in if possible. And saying that, maybe the ability to increase the furniture limit even by how the banker and bag slots work, but in increments of 25 or 50 and maybe an furniture slot merchant like the pack one and cap it to a set level also, if its not going to get an increase as a base game. and maybe useable beds. not to sleep per say, but interactable so you lay in them. and baby steps :'3 in alinor style, similar in size of the limestone ones. and the whole of the constellations tiles to be purchasable I think only three are missing now. but the remaining 3 would be awesome. and an Ayleid home would be pretty sick too :'3.

    Oh an a Maormer skin please. I need a realistic white shimmery one for both my Falmer and Maormer, as long as it doesn't alter the eyes xD
    Edited by BloodLegions on April 9, 2019 1:21PM
  • XIIICaesar
    Will the Unholy Glow Bone Dragon Construct & Ashen Fang Lair Courser be added back anytime?
  • Raltin
    Bull kagouti mount when?

    "Proud purveyor of Cyrodiil Pickles."
  • Vesper_BR
    And... It's.gonna be really cool more costumes faction based and class locked. Like some armour exclusive to dks and even some shine cloack to nightblades
    Daedric/ Necromantic/ Aedric ritual circles furnishings. Its not a huge amount of effort as they are already in-game. Also a levitationist/ Ritualist personality that allows us to do all the levitating animations we see in game (also when you walk, you would float across the ground). These would be awesome!
  • Bored_Owl
    I know it's already been mentioned somewhere on here, but a skin that makes your vamp characters look mortal would be awesome. I spent ages making my toons look pretty, and the vamp effect ruins it. And it's not like it's lore-unfriendly since some vampires were stated to be able to disguise themselves as mortal (I think it was in the Immortal Blood lorebook).
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  • SnowFeather
    I would love to have a brown elk, an actual clysdesale and snow leopard mounts <3
  • HappyLittleTree
    Thuu chakkuth lod Hajhiit c’oo? Hajhiit gortsuquth gorihuth thuu gooluthduj thdeitoluu!

  • TheEverword
    Soul Shriven
    Tattered clothes or a costume that would go well with the zombie skin and personality. So sick of having to use the Nordic bathers towel.
  • blueyonder
    I would like a wormmouth pet. So cute!!

    The scuttler I got I think as a subscription award ages ago is very cute but seems kind of bugged, he is always forever furiously scuttling in place.
  • Minyassa
    My friend came up with an idea I thought was really good...skydomes. So instead of being stuck with the default sky in whatever housing you've bought, you could swap out to a different one, like one of the special dimension skies from a dungeon or quest or zone. Like the end of the main storyline after you spoiler spoiler spoiler etc., or the end of Depths of Malatar before you use the portal, or Artaeum. My thoughts about that were why stop with a skydome, and sell atmospheres, like a weather system along with the sky so you could have meteor showers or thunderstorms. I would pay a decent amount of crowns to have actual day and night in my Psijic Villa so I could see all the pretty lights I put in, or change the eternal orange sky in my Hunter's Glade to an Artaeum sky or just a normal Stormhaven one.
  • wesly.backersb16_ESO
    Like a banker:

    a "Setkeeper"; one that only keeps all your sets in a different 'bank/bag' instead of holding them in your main bag to keep them available during a trial or so. Just takes too much space.
    For example: all sets are listed with slots (7 armour, 4 weapons, 3 jewelry) and you can drag/drop an item (only one) in a set-slot.
    When you click on a set-button, you change gear to that set.

    Or a "Chestkeeper" which holds your housing-chests with them so you can get items out of it wherever you are.
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    *Aloë Vera lvl38 - Sorcerer Mag DPS- Daggerfall Covenant*
  • SydneyGrey
    This hairstyle:
    Yes, please, for both males and females. ^^^^^
    We need way more hairstyles, for all races.

    Also, this hairstyle (below) enabled for males. It's base game hair, but has never been enabled for the guys. It's the one where the front of the hair is pulled into a tiny ponytail in the back.

    Edited by SydneyGrey on April 20, 2019 4:17AM
  • Aethereal'Golden
    A statue of Auri-El, symbols of Syrabane, Magnus, Phynaster, Xarxes.

    And a ghost training dummy. Perhaps, a spriggan. Not all characters are necromancers to use skeletons. Or dwemerologists to beat centurions. But ghosts and spriggans are common and fit any environment.
  • Asha_11_ESO
    More rp style items such as costumes, personalities, emotes, memento's, pets, and furnishings. E.g. thieves furnishings such as bullseye for wall, wanted posters, arrows to stick in wall, daggers to stick in tables, heist maps and plans.

    All stolen treasures given a furnishing form for display purposes. Maybe buy furnishing plan packs for them from the crown store?

    Different saddles and armors, and armor dyes for mounts.

    An armory to add to our homes, and separate furnishings for it like weapon racks, dummies, etc. The ability to store, organise, and display our favourite armor sets in it.

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    Vilaryu V'driszyu | Dunmer Nightblade (AD)
    Amaltheia Althaia | Altmer Templar (AD)
    Sabah Al'khir | Redguard Warden (DC)
  • Aztrias
    These two hairstyles
    Welcome Moon-and-Star to this place where destiny is made
  • Heromofo
    Items that belong in the store.

    - Give back a way to repair items on our vendor when placed in the home she costs alot. Same goes with our bank and its loss of features.

    - A placeable wayshrine in the house instead of having to go through a loading screen and small travel to get to the closest one.

    - Instead of us selling crowns for gold in game cut out the middle man and sell gold packs in the store. That way its safer , faster and easier for us and more profits for you from those that may not normally get gold for fear of the risk.

  • Wrathmane
    My Monthly Request for a large statue of Almalaxia so I can finish off my shrine to the Tribunal...... We have Vivec and Sotha Sil..... we need some love for Almalaxia now.
    Sha'ria Wrathmane - Belora Wrathmane - Leora Wrathmane
    Former Head of Recruitment for Vokundein
  • VinxTerranova
    More Personalities and skins. I really want my Necromancer personality but I don't have the friends to get it. Some stuff I'd gladly just pay for rather than grind out
  • Ilawynde
    I've noticed in Summerset a couple of places have fish swimming around........................not fishing holes but fish schooling and swimming around.

    For the houses with water this would be a nice touch for the decor.

    This could be a purchasable item or gunny sack/pyan bottle reward
  • Silaf
    Skeleton pets return and a beehive furnishing skematik.
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