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Crown Store Item Wish List

  • Silaf
    1 A token to increase the furnishing slots for your non eso plus members.
    2 Storm atronach crates return.
    3 Sithis staue return
    4 Skeletral pets return
    5 Grand topal hideaway house return

    A new furnishing schematics for beehive.
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  • sadlythebest
    Voriplasm mount and pet to go with the upcoming voriplasm dummy.

    1k+ CP Club
    vMA Flawless/vHRC HM/vAA HM/vSO HM/vMoL HM/vHoF HM/vAS +2/vCR
  • JTChance
    Soul Shriven
    Baby goats! I want a baby goat for a pet...
  • AbyssDragon_2115
    Continuing collection of daedric princes statues we have now - Peryite, Malacath, Hircine, Sheogorath, Statue of Molag Bal, Nocturnal and Mephala. Maybe miss some one...
    Especially I want statues of Hermaeus Mora and Mehrunes Dagon
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    The outside.
  • Inhuman003
    On the wish list I would like
    1. to see is Wisp for a pet, Ghost Deer Mount.
    2. Tree House and Lava River Cave mine House, Lighthouse.
    3. A Music Box as a Trial or Dungeon, Sheogorath Dungeons or Trials, Ship or Boat Trial or Dungeon, Dark Forest Dungeon or Trial with Hollowjack .
  • rexagamemnon
    HourEnemy wrote: »
    Hey, happy new year.

    I would personally like to see a lot more hairstyles in the Crown Store or Crates or what have you. I don't think we've had a selection of new hairstyles for a while now.

    For example, something like the image attached would be awesome.



  • Banana
    Ya forgot to add the midyear mayhem dye stamps to the store
  • ThePedge
    Race Change Tokens sale once the changes are announced and not for only 2 days, which is before we have any information.
    We may be down but we will never be out.
  • Covokson
    There two things i would like see
    1. Ebonheart orc theme stronghold (lore related)
    2. Alder dominion orc theme stronghold (lore related)
    Need these for orc that fight for red and yellow so that guild have proper housing instead of useing the ones on daggerfall side. Orc guilds new a place to call home thx
    Frensiflr lvl 50 cp 810 ebonheart pact
    Watches-has-you-die lvl 50 cp 810 ebonheart pact

    And other cp character
    " In order to reach the top of the mountain, you must reach the bottom of it first"
  • babyhippo740
    Soul Shriven
    I frankly wished ESO wouldn't charge so much on crowns. Don't get me wrong, I love this game. This is my favorite MMORPG. But, the price on crowns really gets at me. 8 dollars for 750 crowns is kind of expensive. That can get you 1 cosmetic (Or Pack, depending on the prices in the crown store) in the crowns store. Is 1 cosmetic really worth $8.00? Here's what I think, you should either lower the prices of crowns so that people can pay their money's worth, or you could lower the prices of the items in the crown shop. That way people can get more stuff with 750 crowns instead of 1 cosmetic.
  • HappyLittleTree
    The Elder personality
    Thuu chakkuth lod Hajhiit c’oo? Hajhiit gortsuquth gorihuth thuu gooluthduj thdeitoluu!

  • rexagamemnon
    Covokson wrote: »
    1. Weapon racks furnishing
    2.armor racks furnishings
    Fishable holes for large house with water (note: I know this would be nice have it to wear you can only fish out so many times a day have it reset just like the dailies or something.)
    3. A traveling fisherman costume
    4. Daedric summoning circle furnishing
    5. Npc characters furnishing (note: Chef, blacksmith, man or female servant, battlemaster, villager, etc.)
    6. Reset skills and attributes shrine furnishing (note: Much needed for guild house)
    7. War battleship faction related furnishings
    cool6654 wrote: »
    1. House NPC's such as maid, cook, butler, gardener, stable boy, smith, armorer, priest, and multiple guard packs with race, armor style, and faction as options. Ya'll could make a killing in crown sales at like 5 to 600 crowns each.
    2. Our toons that are offline as housing NPC's.
    3. Increased housing slots for pets, mounts, assistants/npcs. And place them in separate categories.
    4. Variety of Imperial pennants, banners, tents, siege weapons, and colovian furniture for housing.
    5. A steel armored imperial warhorse as opposed to the gold armored one.
    6. Colovian style fort or castle player home.
    7. Small imperial apartments in anvil, kvatch, or anywhere imperials live or have invaded such as Lilmoth.

    The house npc idea is pretty cool, ive pushed for a marriage system similar to TES 5: Skyrim
  • KnightsMentor
    I would like to see more unique personalities or the option to make a personalized one.
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  • KnightsMentor
    The ability to make our characters into NPCs for housing would be welcome, I think.

    I second that

    I thrice that!
    CPU: Intel Core i7 6700K GPU: Asus 2070 Geforce RTX Strix 8GB) RAM: Corsair Vengeance DDR4 2666MHz 16GB OS: Windows 10. Server: EU. Guilds: School of Julianos and Knights Mentor.
  • Raltin
    Wormmouth peeeeet.

    "Proud purveyor of Cyrodiil Pickles."
  • Grandesdar
    I'd pay a thousand for more facial hair style for males! (As if I had to emphasize it being for males, but female facial hair is welcome as well)
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    Side: A Handsome Warden Healer
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  • VerboseQuips
    Now that we're getting the Dwemer House, I would love to have the Dwarven Pipes pack back in the Crown Store. It is, to my knowledge, the only source for some furnishing, like the Guide to Dwemer Megastructures.
    My characters:
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    Alt 4: A Nord werewolf/dragonknight named Sigurd Hurlevent
    Alt 5: A Breton sorcerer named Gilian Sorril (he's Erwann's younger brother)
    Alt 6: A Khajiit nightblade named Jolan-dar
    Alt 7: A Nord warden named Sigurmar Hurlevent (he's Sigurd's younger brother)
    Alt 8: An Altmer templar named Oioriel
    Alt 9: An Argonian stamina Warden named Danse-avec-les-Rainettes
    Alt 10: A Redguard templar named Neemokh af-Corelanya
    Alt 11: A Nord stamina sorcerer named Olga Écoute-Vent
    Alt 12: A Breton magicka Warden named Ian Sorril
    Alt 13: A Dunmer magicka necromancer named Ilmoran Dren
    Alt 14: An Orc stamina necromancer named Norgol gro-Borziel
    Main in NA (For collaborative events): A Breton magicka nightblade named Titouan Sorril (long-lost brother of Erwann and Gilian)
  • InvictusApollo
    "Mortal's Mask" skin that would hide vampirism making the char look like it never contracted vampirism. I'm waiting for this since I've noticed how ugly my vampires are.
  • Sheyta
    Npc bellydancers I know you have the clothes for it

    More item slots I play on pc

    Npc gardner

    Oh in aoc we hade pleasure girls /males ( hrm the game is still 18 right?)

    Npc trader

    Create more life into homestead maybe?

    In another mmorpg you can gardning herbs and soo on and raise cattle and ...

    Edited by Sheyta on January 22, 2019 3:54PM
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    Thats why there may come critical post or comments from me becouse I think...
    'hint on'_its not illegal to think_ 'hint off'
  • TrinityBreaker
    Can we get the drunk personality on3 more time please?
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    Khajiit StamBlade - Ri'artharr Ak'nir
    Fat Khajiit Stamden - Dro'hani Warbreaker
    Argonian Stam DK - Tiberius Demetros
    Khajiit Stamplar - Diëgo Ri'jhad
    Fat Khajiit Stam DK - Drö'hani Ak'nir/Dances-With-Alkosh
    Khajiit Magden - Arctic Mayhem

  • CMDR_Un1k0rn
    Invisible shoulder pieces for outfits.

    I have a Breton themed costume planned but the shoulders being visible ruin the look.
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