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  • TehMagnus
    A lot of players feel that the User Interface is lacking a lot of additions to make it functional. What's the status on fixing the User Interface and are you planing on porting some of the most popular addons in it? What's the status of the skills/gear saving options you spoke about a couple of months ago?
  • Enodoc
    Community Ambassador
    Content Questions:
    • Do you have any timeframes for: Imperial City, Spellcrafting, Wrothgar, Murkmire, Justice System, Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood? (Quarters will do).
    • Is there any potential for Cross-Faction PvE in Neutral Zones?
    • Might we see some solo PvE dailies (writs and Cyrodiil dailies not included)?

    Lore Questions:
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  • Rune_Relic
    Akselmo wrote: »
    Would it ever be possible to play without joining any of the alliances? Those who want to play neutral characters would like this. Maybe make them able to be mercenaries?

    Mercenaries would fight for one side. They fought for money, but they were not free agents, they were paid to fight for a side, and were bound by to that side until the war was over.

    As a general rule mercenaries that changed sides were not trusted, and given the missions that would get most of them killed. Mercenaries didn't swap sides constantly, as no-one would employ fighter without some code of conduct.

    Hmm, I see. Maybe something else then than mercenary?

    .. A hired blade, perhaps? Or is that exactly the same as mercenary?

    I am confused now.

    Eh, anyway, just being able to play and go everywhere without belonging into an alliance would be neat, especially in RP sense. If you would like to PvP maybe you could go running around as a neutral..?

    EDIT: And another question! Would it be possible to add Vivec Arena in game for some 1v1, 3v3 and 5v5 PvP fun?

    Renegade would be more appropriate or Bandit.
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  • Cherryblossom
    PVP, truly we need more information on when this is going to be fixed

    What are you adding for my Max level character to do when I'm unable to get into a group. /leanbacktosscoin is not enough!
  • leandro.800ub17_ESO
    Regarding crafting and champion system.
    What is the future relation of champion level and the materials used for crafting something of that same evel
  • Audigy
    1. Can you reveal your plans for a housing system yet?

    2. Any chance that you add mantle support for ESO?

    3. Will it be possible in future to also use guild kiosks for selling while not in a guild?
  • Merlin13KAGL
    Will Sorcerers ever receive access to a healing skill line or at least burst heals? Restoration staff becomes limited at higher levels vs Templar heals.

    Will elemental damage/bonuses ever be assignable to other elements? (Frost with knockback, fire with stun, or +% damage/crit chance to elements other than fire?) Current setup favors use of certain elemental damage over others?

    Will improved resistance to one element/effect be balanced with a reduction to another/opposing effect? (Resistance to Fire makes your more susceptible to Frost) Wearing full plate takes increased damage from Lightning, etc.

    Will "too powerful for this effect" be changed to reduced effect, vice zero effect?

    Will we ever be able to throw oil 200 yards with 100% accuracy like the NPC's currently can?

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  • WolfingHour
    Will be ever able to change alliance?

    Check the link for some reasoning behind why this would be good:

    Also, PvP low population bonus. How does it work, specifically with regards to AD? Is that intended? Any chance of getting rid of it?

    Finally, is it possible to have an issue on PvP lag?
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  • Gorthax
    @ZOS_GinaBruno‌ @ZOS_JessicaFolsom‌ @ZOS_EveP‌

    Here are my questions

    1) will reflective scales ever stop reflecting stuff that makes no sense I.E. meteor (i shouldnt even have to explain why this makes no sense), crushing shock, melee attacks (the list goes on and on)

    1B ) Speaking of meteor, currently in pvp when I cast it (favorite ulti btw) On people blocking it is only doing like 56-84 damage. Sometimes when I catch people off guard with it the numbers only go up to 100-150. For a ultimate that says it deals 1056 damage to target and 500 something to those around the impact spot, the numbers I am actually seeing are off. So my question is this; Will meteor ever be non blockable? I dont see how you are able to block a hurling mass from space with a tiny shield. Also will you take a look at the damage numbers on your end?

    for the record, I know those numbers are off because when it hits their life bar barely BARELY moves which reflects the damage numbers I am seeing. No shields on. (conjured ward etc etc)

    2) Will sorcs ever be good at anything other than supporting everyone else and by everyone else I mean the over populated DK (lets face it, thats what everyone wants to play for pvp majority of the time)? In other words will our skills ever have a buff to them. currently they are all lack luster but like 3.

    3) Will AoE ever have a place outside of pve? Currently AoE damage is just laughable. IT is not enough to be a threat, to do real damage, or put up a fight with. AoE cost vs damage output is a joke. Most people stand in it and just laugh. Especially when you compare AoE like liquid lightning and wall of elements to other AoEs. The damage is just blah.

    4) What are you doing to make dungeons more appealing? The pledges was a nice shot, but I find it so hard to find a guild to do dungeons let a lone a group of people to do them. This makes it rather depressing considering I want a specific head piece that only drops from the last boss in a dungeon. See the vicious cycle here? I have only ever completed TWO pledges since they were released. Extremely hard to find a group. I shout in zone chat for 2+ hours. by the time I find one I have to go to sleep for work.

    5) Will velocious curse ever work properly? Currently it is only good in a 1v1 scenario because as soon as you go into more and there are a couple sorcs on your side, if you VC someone and they do it to the same person, the first one gets negated and removed. Is this intentional? If so it seems really pointless and it needs to be addressed.

    6) will mage light, pets, and other two slotted skills ever be just ONE slot? bound armor, mage light, BOTH pathetic pets, etc etc?

    7) Will you EVER fix batswarm? It is spammed non stop one after another BY THE SAME PERSON, and they are immune to damage (yea yea negate I know) but you cant build ulti as fast as bat swarm to counter it. And you cant move out of it when they freaking teleport into you.

    8) Will you ever make it so you can CC break the vampire feeding? That is so broke it isnt even funny........

    9) I seriously hope 1.6 has some GOOD balance in it. If not it might be the last nail in the coffin for me. What are you doing about bows? The range on them versus the damage they put out is just nonsense. Nothing can hit a bow user except another bow (from range). Not even magical staff attacks can. Plus if you try there is no point since the bow would win anyways. Do you guys even test some of this stuff lol

    Those are the only things I am concerned with. If I remember others I will edit and put them in
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  • MornaBaine
    As if you didn't know I was going to ask vampire questions:
    1. Has there been any further thought towards allowing vampires to have an optional mortal (the way they looked at character creation) appearance?
    2. Will the Stage timers be changed for vampires, most importantly giving us a longer Stage 1 than we currently have?
    3. Are Vampires in Stage 4 and transformed werewolves going to be KOS in city hubs when the Justice System is implemented?
    4. Are there going to be any improvements or changes to vampires at all?
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  • MornaBaine
    And of course, I have fluff questions!
    1. Will cats and dogs be available to purchase from vendors any time soon?
    2. Will there ever be a vendor from which we can buy various pets?
    3. Will you be bringing in social/cultural clothing via the costume/disguise slot?
    4. Will crafters be able to craft social/cultural clothing?
    5. Are there any further plans for introducing player housing? If so, is there even a vague ETA?
    6. Is there any ETA on a barber shop (with NEW hairstyles!) and/or appearance change functionality?
    7. Will we be able to change names?
    8. Will there be any new emotes soon?
    9. Personal Heraldry. Will we be able to design and buy individual tabbards for our characters? Will we be able to apply heraldry to shields?
    10. Will we ever be able to sit on the benches and chairs and other furniture in the game?
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  • Moyria
    Are there any plans to make 2H weapons count for two items within a set bonus or any plans to compensate for the fact that they do not?
  • diablo.brocub18_ESO
    Are there any plans to rebalance the Dawn's Wrath Templar treeline?

    To clarify:Eclipse is basically useless because it can be cleansed instantly, Blinding Flashes only affects melee targets and does not CC reliable enough even for tank builds, Solar Flare is suppose to be our AOE skill but the extremely low damage makes it useless aswell.

    The only effective spells are Backlash (for support builds) and Sun Fire for moderate damage over time, without Nova this tree would be completely ignored and I would love if the devs could address this.
  • Dissentinel
    Pre-launch, we were told that players would be able to buy name changes for their characters. Will this feature be added at some point in the future?

    Also, will we be able to change the appearance of our characters soon? At launch, there was a bug that made it impossible to zoom in on your character in the creation screen. As a roleplayer it's incredibly aggravating to have to make my character walk around in a mask all of the time because I messed up my character's face.
  • Djeriko
    SHIELD DYES?! Seriously when can we expect movement on shield dyes? Still waiting on shield dyes to complete my armor sets. Weapons dyes too would be nice but limit the crappy colors so people can't just dye a weapon any color. But Shields should have the same colors as other armor.

    Also on the armor dyes, I have noticed that several motifs have armor pieces that can be dyed only by the primary and secondary dyes. Redguard heavy armor for example once it reaches the point where we no longer get differences in armor from leveling up (around the dwarven ore level) the boots no longer have three dyes. This is a shame since that leaves a lot of space that could be set to have a third area to be dyed.

    And also can we ask why after we reach the dwarven ore level of armor do we no longer see any changes in our armor? I would have loved to see a change in armor at every tier including every vet tier where we have to change our ore/wood/and clothing levels. Right now the only change we have is the color of the dye which is irrelevant because we all use dyes on the armor. Just a future idea.

    And what about dyeing the gear that we earn on our horses? wouldn't it be cool to have our horse to have armor that matched ours?

    So to recap I just want to know when.
    Once again, Good Night and SHIELD DYES.
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  • Sacadon
    Why are significant class changes reactive to forum posts vs. proactive? :smile:

    night's silence, bolt escape, reflective scales, chains etc...

    btw, I'm feeling compelled to say something about shield dyes even though it's so low priority for me, oh wait... )
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  • Merrak
    With the UI changes that were made for the Console version of ESO, this means the PC version has a stand alone UI. Are there any plans to allow multiple menu windows open, possibly movable, and able to be resize them for the PC version?
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  • kevlarto_ESO
    Has the provision's overhaul been moved past 1.6 now I did not see it mentioned in the road ahead.
  • Sindala
    After the recent Atlas Addon issue (yes you know what I mean)
    Can we get an official stance on what happens if your gear/gold is removed from your account without you knowing due to 3rd party software.
    Do you refund it like some on the forums say or is it a case of 'Buyer Beware'.
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  • sirston
    (question for on camera staff)
    When was the last time you sat down and had an ale?
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    Eh I quit the game again but ill always will love tormenting the forums.
    Fingers crossed for a great ESO Live tomorrow. I think it is really important that you guys show us previews of things we haven't seen yet to keep us excited and engaged while we wait a full month for the next update to hit PTS.
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  • Sindala
    Will we ever get a Mobile Authenticator in ESO for extra security? password/username is a bit dated these days.
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  • Turelus
    Community Ambassador
    Will we ever see the online store sell minipets giving everyone even access to pets without the need to buy physical items.

    This is to to many wanting the in game items but not wanting the physical ones or to pay extreme shipping costs if living outside of the US.
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  • kallistiGAD
    Are there any plans for some fun costumes around the holidays or for in game events?
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  • Tanis-Stormbinder
    Yours plans or fixes for:
    1) PVP lag issues
    2) Will we ever have paid name or race changes (personally don't care, but an issue for some players)
    3) LFG tool
    4) Barber shop ETA
    5) Shield and Weapon dyes (I know their has been some mention of shield dyes in the forums,but haven't seen anything on weapons)

  • LonePirate
    Why is the PVP community treated like a colony of lepers? The massive, game breaking problems are ignored and never fixed. Players are being robbed of their subscription fees as no new content has been delivered since the game launched. Why do you hate us, ZOS?
  • eventide03b14a_ESO
    Will there be any improvements to the PC UI, specifically the menu interface and features?

    I would like to see more detailed information on my character sheet, a filter for my inventory and more mail options, like reply, save, send to guild, etc.

    I would also like to see a way to create a custom group where I can put items aside that I don't want to show up in store windows. Some addons have this feature as "saved" items, but it would be nice to have them in it's own filtered category.
  • JD2013
    Is there going to be a continuation of the main story? You can't just tease us that we've attracted attention from other Daedric Princes then leave us hanging . . .
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  • LunaRae
    The picture shown in the most recent road ahead (The champion system graphic describing the Steed) depicts 9 points into HP, 18 into Magicka and 6 into Stamina. I originally thought the system would force you to spend 1 point into HP, then go to the next set and force you to spend 1 point into Magicka, then Stamina. You'd never get 9/18/6 with a system like that, what changes has the Champion system seen since you last updated us on this system?
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