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ESO Live - Ask Us Anything!

  • HippieTheGreat
    Is there any news on addition zones being added to the game?

    Now that the justice system and Champion system are slated for release, what is up with Spellcrafting?

    Are there any plans to retool the crafting system, to make it a little more involved?
  • rophez_ESO
    Hello! Thank you for the opportunity to ask a question. Recently, on the official forums, you announced that you plan to reduce the effectiveness of the Dragon Knight's ability "reflective scales." You stated that you plan to only allow 4 projectiles per cast to be reflected.

    Q: In light of this change are you planning to furnish Dragon Knights with any new abilities that increase their ranged effectiveness or their ability to leave combat when confronted with ranged attackers (i.e., something like Sorc's bolt escape or NB's ability to vanish)?
  • MornaBaine
    LonePirate wrote: »
    Why is the PVP community treated like a colony of lepers? The massive, game breaking problems are ignored and never fixed. Players are being robbed of their subscription fees as no new content has been delivered since the game launched. Why do you hate us, ZOS?

    Hail from the OTHER leper colony, the roleplayers! Sucks, don't it? LOL I was really pretty shocked when I read the latest Road Ahead though and saw how badly the PvPers are getting shafted on the next Update. Justice Sysytem....but no PvP aspect to it. And "because the next update is already so big" they are holding back on City of Ash to boot and "saving" it for a later update. I'm not a huge PvPer but even I was a little appalled over that one. I get that they want to make sure the Justice System completely works from the PvE side before adding PvP to the mix. But really what is PROBABLY holding it up is that they are still trying to figure out a way to implement it that does not force PvP on the strictly PvErs. That's a legit concern but man, I thought you guys would get City of Ash and be all over that for awhile. Then...nope.
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  • Sindala
    Oh and to prove i'm not always negative here's a fun question for the show.

    What is Zenimax's Christmas wish? ;)
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  • ers101284b14_ESO
    2 things which where probably already asked but here goes.

    1. When can people start doing a free trial? Open up a weekend or give a few days free for people that want to check it out. I don't want botters and goldsellers either but free trials are a good thing.

    2. Can we start having more PTS time and be allowed to test patches also? I know that 1.6 is coming to PTS in January but that it won't be live in January which is a good idea. But I don't think the every 4-6 weeks thing is working. So can we keep on a every 10-12 week schedule instead?
    LunaRae wrote: »
    The picture shown in the most recent road ahead (The champion system graphic describing the Steed) depicts 9 points into HP, 18 into Magicka and 6 into Stamina. I originally thought the system would force you to spend 1 point into HP, then go to the next set and force you to spend 1 point into Magicka, then Stamina. You'd never get 9/18/6 with a system like that, what changes has the Champion system seen since you last updated us on this system?

    I was wondering the same thing.
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  • Ruben
    This might be a weird question:

    Would it be possible to add more detail to the client crashes? Right now it shows us a dump of the state of the client and some hardware info, but we can't see exactly what made the game crash. A stack trace or something might seem useless for most users, but sometimes it could help us.

    I'm currently playing on my laptop because my >$2000 PC has something in it that makes the game crash even when I disable all addons or lower the quality of the game. I can still play on ultra, but it's not the same :(

    Now some other random questions:

    Will there be any new good crafted sets? Twice born has a 5 piece bonus that's just OK, but the rest make no sense for any role (stamina DPS don't need much magicka, magicka DPS laugh at the stamina, healers just want magicka...)
    How about legendary crafted sets with amazing bonuses? Make it necessary to add 10 yellow improvement mats for every created item and add the crafting station at the end of something hard (sanctum, city of ash vet, imperial city...).
    Will we ever be able to craft disguises and/or create a disguise from items and styles we know? Examples: Craft the red rook disguise after you loot it once, create a new disguise with a Daedric helmet and the rest of the body pieces all dwemer.
    Have you guys considered the option to change an item's trait after it has been created? It could again be a premium service needing something like having all traits known for that piece or an expensive payment.
    I think you can tell I'm a crafter.
    How cool would it be to be a siege crafter? Let us create new, different siege engines and maybe add skill passives for faster wall and door repairs.
    Are there any plans to improve Alchemy?
    Will you give any specific details about the provisioning changes? New recipes, new effects...

    Something not related to crafting:

    With the Champion System you're going to introduce "seasonal gear", which I think means new hard to get items that are better than almost anything else in the game, until the new season starts and the old ones are a bit easier to get and the new shiny toy is the new set that's just released. Here's the question: What will be the requirements for the future post-veteran system top tier items? Will I be able to get on my main, complete the hardest trial and give the loot to my just leveled to 50 char to help him defeat Molag Bal?
    What are the plans for all our current VR14 gear when the Champion System is complete?
    Will we be able to see somewhere all the possible bonuses in the Champion System before we start spending Champion Points?
    With the release of this next patch, we will get access to a lot of bonuses in the CS even before the Veteran Ranks are removed from the game. Will characters become weaker at VR1 to compensate or will VR14 chars become much stronger than before?

    I think I'm forgetting a question or two...
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  • eventide03b14a_ESO
    Will you ever include children NPCs? It's a little weird that there are none in the game. Even Skyrim had them. I keep seeing these bassinets in houses but I never see any babies or children.
  • Darkeus
    1. any plans to remake/ improve vampires? from skins to skills.
    2. i saw some champion skill trees and i saw there some passives that increase fire def/ dmg, lightning def/dmg, but for non elemental classes like NB and Templar what you have? maybe some shadow/light def/dmg passives?
    3. any plans for balancing classes , improve / remake some skills?
    4. what exactly can we expect after combat animations improvement?
    5. when can we expect an barber shop in game and new tattoos, haircuts?
  • guybrushtb16_ESO
    Will we ever be able to customize dropped items? Right now, equipment customization theoretically works while levelling but then practically stops for pve endgame because dropped sets can't be changed. Similarly, junk traits keep diluting loottables, will this maybe change in the future?
  • Sublime
    Audigy wrote: »
    2. Any chance that you add mantle support for ESO?

    They already tried to implement mantles, I.e. they created some models, but they had to realize that mantles of sufficent graphical quality take up far too much prossecing power, (they managed to have a total of two mantles on-screen at once). They'd love to do it but it's currently not technically possible.

    Staed by one of the devs at the guild summit.

    3. any plans for balancing classes , improve / remake some skills?

    They will be taking a closer look at a bunch of class abilities in order to make them ready for the champion system.
    Guys, please remember that many of our abilities are getting reworked for Update 6, so please give this a try on the PTS once it's available to see how it feels with all the other changes. Thanks!
  • kijima
    Been here since Feb 2014 - You'd think I'd be half reasonable at this game by now...

    Gumtree - Aussie Guild Leader
  • Mortuum
    Hey @ZOS_GinaBruno :)

    Had no time to read all questions so apologize if it was asked before. With Champion System being released, what will happen to our VR12/14 gear? Will it be scaled to lvl50, or will we have to craft new sets?
    Not asking for mats refunds, gear progression is normal for MMOs, just wanted to know what will happen to our sets/what fresh vr14 should do?
    This matter has been ongoing discussion in our guild, would really love answer to it.

    Thank you in advance.

    See you Gina and/or Jess on :)
  • Milf_Hero
    Will the spell crafting system also allow people to create new weapon skills as well or maybe combine/alter/improve spells and or weapon feats you already have?

    Is it possible that just like how you change destruction staff skills and effects by changing the type of staff, can you also change weapon skills to do the same. Example, cleaving with a maul would concuss all targets hit and cleaving with a sword would cause all target effect bleed damage. Cleaving with a axe would snare all target hit by x percent.

    Just an idea for pvp to mix thing up along with the imperial city. Would it be possible to add deadra attacks on random keeps or areas with AvA activity? Random appearances of Named deadra and or non named deadra infantry attacking keeps/AvA zergs? Or the npc group could just wonder the entire map of cyrodill. The deadric prince molag bal is all about taking advantage of the chaos caused by the alliance's fighting each other. Maybe Molag bal should get into the fight.

    Final question, will you be reevaluating armor and its bonuses so that heavy armor is more useful along with the activated skills actually require you to wear x amount of that armor type to use for balance purposes?

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  • Sedare
    When you are going to take care of the horrible lag in Cyrodiil? The experience is craptastic and reminiscent of the cluster-mess Shadowbane was when big battles were impossibly laggy, crash-tastic, and just all around bad. Fix the PVP!

    Also, what are you going to do so that gaining Emperor is a bit more achievable for people who do not have every waking hour to PVP and farm points? There ought to be some kind of increased point gain volume due to quality of kills/sieges/defenses, rather than mere volume. Otherwise the jobless/no-lifers will always be emperor.
    Edited by Sedare on December 5, 2014 4:46AM
  • Darlgon
    Why did you stop restarting the NA server on Mondays and Thursdays? It has made general game lag worse.. and Cyrodiil is.. well.. lets just say my audio was a good 2 min behind my graphics last night.
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  • ginoboehm
    I have a rather complicated champion system question. Let us say I have one char of every class now i have 25 (random number) champion points per char so as champion points are account wide i have a pool of 100 champion points. But what does this mean can i use 100 points per char or if i use 100points on my templar are they used up and i have none left for my ohter chars? so are champion points gained for your account and used per char or used per account?
  • ChuckyPayne
    as if I had read somewhere that next week is an incremental path with LFG tool fix. Is that right? It will also fix the problems with party? Not always shown the crown or problems with dungeon difficulty if there is non-veteran and veteran player in the group.
  • nikolaj.lemcheb16_ESO
    When the champion system is implemented will there be a meaningful way for a solo player to gain those champion points at the endgame level?

    I was thinking about something similar to the random instances in DaoC that were implemented at the same time as champion levels.

    Edit: The current delves are not an option atm because the last solo delves end at V10 so they yield almost no xp for a v14 player.
    Edited by nikolaj.lemcheb16_ESO on December 5, 2014 8:17AM
  • Gythral
    At what point do you accept that you have a QA problem and look at ways to resolve this?

    As an example of the QA issues, even the website posts fail to work with the December road ahead page requesting the 'agegate' then returning to the main page, and every patch breaking things both new and older things that have been fixed!
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  • Qyrk
    Will siege weapons be able to stack in the future? Will crafting and provisioning materials be able to stack to 200 (as already implemented in enchanting)?
  • Milf_Hero
    With the change to reflective scales, the changes you have made to two hander, both things I use...., what other class/weapon skills will you be overhauling?

    You mentioned that skill are being tweaked for preparation of the champion system. How will champion system effect skills exactly other than boosting damage by a small percentage???
    Edited by Milf_Hero on December 5, 2014 11:37AM
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  • Gyudan
    @ZOS_GinaBruno: Since the Champion System won't be released for another 2 months, will you adjust the cap of the XP counting towards champion points accordingly?

    Many players wil probably spend a lot of time in Tamriel over the holiday season and it wouldn't be nice to have all the XP received go to waste. o:)
    Edited by Gyudan on December 5, 2014 2:08PM
  • Arioco396
    when repair combat bug?
  • Enodoc
    Community Ambassador
    Mortuum wrote: »
    Hey @ZOS_GinaBruno :)

    Had no time to read all questions so apologize if it was asked before. With Champion System being released, what will happen to our VR12/14 gear? Will it be scaled to lvl50, or will we have to craft new sets?
    Not asking for mats refunds, gear progression is normal for MMOs, just wanted to know what will happen to our sets/what fresh vr14 should do?
    This matter has been ongoing discussion in our guild, would really love answer to it.

    Thank you in advance.

    See you Gina and/or Jess on :)
    The more times it's asked, the more likely they are to notice it :)
    I too would like to know what is going to happen to VR gear, of any rank, once VRs are removed. My theory is that VR1-5 gear will become "Season 1" gear, VR6-10 gear will become "Season 2" gear, and VR11-14 gear will become "Season 3" gear, but I have no foundation for that suggestion. It's also dependent on how they handle the Veteran content in general:

    I'd like to know what is going to happen to Veteran progression, since Cadwell's Silver is designed for VR1-5, Gold is VR6-10, Craglorn is VR11-14, and to be viable in Cyrodiil you really have to be VR14 (or just very good at PvP). Ideally I hope they all become parallel rather than sequential, so they can be done viably in any order, but I don't know how they would retain the concept of progressing through the content if they do that.

    (For the record, these changes aren't happening in 1.6. Update 6 is just bringing in the Champion System; it'll be a later update when they remove the Veteran Ranks and hopefully set everything back to 50.)
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  • Gravord
    When we will finally get pvp arenas? 4vs4 or 4vs4vs4 for group queue and 8 per side for solo queue.

    And when op batspam will be balanced to match other ultimates?
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  • Sindala
    Are Skyshards being removed when the Champ system is introduced since they are sort of gonna not work with each other?
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  • BBSooner
    Sindala wrote: »
    Are Skyshards being removed when the Champ system is introduced since they are sort of gonna not work with each other?

    How would they not work with each other? Skill points from skyshards are for skill lines, champion points are for the constellations.
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