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ESO Live - Ask Us Anything!

  • Gogog Bloodthroat
    Gogog Bloodthroat
    Are there any plans to add more guild store kiosks?Maybe add 1 or 2 more at each of the off the road spots and 1 or 2 at the starting gates in cyrodiil for each alliance.
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  • kallistiGAD
    Are there any plans to implement a dueling system? If so, will there be an option to disable duel requests for players who might not be interested?

    Have you considered an in game way to change minor aspects of your character's appearance (such as a barbershop)?
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  • GamerzElite
    Suggestion & Question:
    With Update 5 you introduced Sanctum Ophidia but Sorry to say you this is most hated/ignored Trial in ESO.

    Is that any plan to add Sanctum Ophida Title after completing this Trial like "Dragonstar Champion"?

    Why I am asking this: My character is Ebonheart Pact and I am trying to gather people to finish Sanctum but I Always failed to bring people in this Trial. Some came and leave after couple of try. Some are felt, Its waste of time.

    If ZOS add some Title as Reward then People will start trying to earn this Title like other.
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  • Natjur
    We know that long term plans are hard to predict but can you give us a ball park layout of what major patches are 'aimed' to have.

    1.6 Provisioning revamp, Champion system live (but vet system still in place)
    1.7 Vet levels removed, session armor/weapons added
    1.8 Dark brotherhood added
    1.9 Spellcrafting

    Nothing fixed in stone, but just to know what major patches to look out for.
    Also a basic timeframe

    1.6 Jan 2015
    1.7 March 2015
    1.8 May 2015
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  • Layenem
    1. -- Are you guys going to work on releasing guides to your new systems before they are released? --

    2. -- Why, so close to releasing new content, do you guys remain so tight lipped about it? -- (No one wants to feel like it's a chore to go and find out if you've upped our soft/hard caps, or if you've nerfed our stats... Just tell us, THEN we can test it with the knowledge of what's going on and give you far greater feedback...)

    3. -- How are you going to be approaching the open world zones (50+ and 50++) with the Champion System coming out? Will mobs be providing valid EXP? -- There is a lot of grey area for this and we'd like to know if it's worth going back and killing mobs there for exp or if we will all be cluttered in Craglorn killing ONE boss over and over to no end. (As per the most recent update I already know that clearing all of those areas of their quests for the achievements is going to put me far behind the power curve when it comes to those who haven't and will be obtaining EXP from quests and achievements... I'll leave it at that, since it's a pretty frustrating concept you guys are going with.)

    4. -- Will you be adding in more drop specific gear like the helmets from the Undaunted update? -- These were amazing! Though your "shoulders from chest" idea was plain lazy and poorly considered.

    5. -- Will you be hiring actual gamers to test your systems internally before you release the ideas to PTS? -- It seems you have continued to make the same mistake that all developers make: Let the developers test the systems internally. Spoiler Alert: Developers MAKE the game, they don't fully understand the game the way the gamer does. You have your minds made up on how skills and abilities work and that's the only way you see them; gamers have no preconceived functionality and that allows us to use them in ways you could never see. This isn't bad, it just needs to be properly countered... the way a writer uses an editor BEFORE going to beta readers.
  • Dmorton1134b14_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    What is the status of the console release and what is the reasoning behind the absolute silence on the topic over the last 6 months? I believe something more than the generic answer that is given on social media would go a long way with the community that is becoming increasingly impatient with the lack of communication on the topic.
  • Layenem
    What is the status of the console release and what is the reasoning behind the absolute silence on the topic over the last 6 months? I believe something more than the generic answer that is given on social media would go a long way with the community that is becoming increasingly impatient with the lack of communication on the topic.

    Didn't they just say that they are currently having an issue mapping the UI keybinds with the controllers? Pretty sure I read that... I'll see if I can find it. But since I suck at interweb searching, don't hold your breath on me coming back and giving a link lol... sorry... we all have weaknesses!
    Do you have any plans to add in daedric artifacts? They have always been a part of the TES games and it would be awesome if they were added into ESO and only obtained through competitive gameplay; Ex. Trials/PvP.
  • kijima
    Three questions:

    1. Have you Identified the reason for Lag in PvP ?
    2. If yes to Question 1. what are you actively doing about it and when will we get a fix for it?
    3. When will you turn attention to both PvP and Solo Content?
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  • redspecter23
    At what point will I be able to disable trial notifications without having to use an addon?

    Addon support is fantastic for the PC format, but issues like this have to be resolved for your console release where addons are not likely to be an option.
  • ChuckyPayne
    Deliberately left out from the game the treasure map achievements or just a coincidence?

    I do not think I'd be the only one who would like these achievements: Find all treasure maps in Glenumbra, ..., Collect all treasure maps in Covenant, ....
    Reward: Dyes and maybe a Title.

    I like to look for and open the chests, very entertaining "treasure hunt". Is there a chance that the treasure chests rewards do it a little more interesting? (Rare materials, minipets, quest note = new group quests for very big exp reward, etc.)

    The survey map is a really cool idea. I like that treause hunt "minigame". Pretty easy to find and fun, never need an add-on to find, it is very good! Are there any plans in the future we see more treasure maps in the game, different but like treasure maps and survey report?

    The mini games can be very entertaining, if it holds interest. Are there any plans to bring more mini games in the future? We had heard rumors about the horse race. It would be very cool. Or others maybe: dice poker, barroom fight (knock-down), target shooting, etc?

    This is very interesting mini game:
  • Quintal
    Have you ever considered adding system to the game, that'll allow us to re-craft equipment to different styles?

    When can we look forward to see a new animated login screen or maybe a different UI in the menu?
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  • Chrlynsch
    Love the new abilities you added to werewolf, but are you every going to remove the timer or at the very least extend the transformation time? Thank you for your time!
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    PC NA
    1. When are we going to get training dummies to practice our DPS rotations and whatnot?

    2. What news do you have for the endgame PVE players in regards to the next trial? I havent heard a peep about what comes next in that department.
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  • Jitterbug
    How will vr9-14 armor, accessories, and weapons be converted to the champion system?
  • biodragon
    1. Why Pack Leader looks like vampire on high hunger stage?

    2. What exactly prevents you from remove werewolf timer?
  • AshySamurai
    I have a few questions.
    1. I know, ZOS won't share any information about number of players. Ok, but maybe ZOS can provide information about most popular class and most popular skill in every class.
    2. I want to see ZOS's characters. What you use, which armor and skills? Maybe a little explain why you use it. Are you vampire/werewolf?
    I hope ZOS will answer at least on one of this questions.
  • dreadlaxb16_ESO
    What's the ETA for the barber shop?

    Are you planning some in-game events?
  • Mandragora
    I would like to know why Lion guards are not joinable fraction :)
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  • Tanis-Stormbinder
    Any plans to scale content to number of party members as well as group leader. This way more people can have access. Say two plus members, this could apply to everything but trials.
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  • Blockz888

    I am a little obsessed with the idea of Werewolves vs Vampires. It seems to be popular to be a vampire in Cyrodiil because of the benefits, obviously there cons to it.

    My question is this, what is ZOS thoughts on depth of Werewolf and Vampire progression development. Will ZOS be creating more freedom for challenging but rewarding skill tree development for these forms? Really want to emphasis on this skill tree development and not the cost of ultimate to transform.Having this "double life" opportunity in ESO is quite fun I must say.. so this also why I am asking.

    Please note I am still new, haven't touched the vampire skill tree yet but I have been playing with the werewolf for a while. He is Pack leader and I feel after almost a week of playing I've finished building that skill tree.So my thoughts on including Vampire into this could be wrong.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. :)
    Leader of The Werewolf Legion, DC WW PVP Guild for Azura, we either pvping or training for pvp. If interested in joining send me an invite, brutiss.
  • AlexDougherty
    kijima wrote: »
    1. When are Shields going to be dyable?
    2. Also can we have metallic style dyes for our weapons, some of the colours we get are off-putting, and we would like to dye them colours we can live with?
    3. When can we craft jewellery?
    4. Will we ever get a barbershop, so we can change hairstyles and maybe tatoos and scars.

    you don't see jewelry on your character, so why would you want to have jewelry dying??? ;) lol

    Is English your first Language?

    He asks about dying Shields and Weapons, then asks about crafting Jewelry.

    It was a simple misread, he was scanning it, and just transposed dyes onto jewellery, easy to do.
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  • Izanagi.Xiiib16_ESO
    1. Please explain why it is acceptable to award a faction 900 points an hour as a low pop bonus and how this bonus is calculated. (See EU Thornblade rage)
    2. Have you experienced Thornblade lag in your own playtime?
    3. Please give us more information on PVP updates other than imperial city.
    4. PTS PVP with the Devs - when is the next one?


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  • Turelus
    Community Ambassador
    What's happening in regards to the PVP low population bonus?

    There have only been two (three if you include duplicate) developer responses to this and both have simply stated that it's working as intended and ZOS will continue to look into it.
    There has been a lot of backlash from angry players about this mechanic and wondering if it will be addressed to not help factions win campaigns.
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